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Second Life Facebook Share

Second Life Facebook Share Feature

A few days ago I watched Torley Linden’s recent video about the Second Life Facebook share feature, which is referred to as “SLShare” and decided to try it out for myself. Unfortunately, it’s not released on the official viewer as of yet but I found a link on Daniel Voyager’s blog to a limited release viewer that you can download from the second life wiki and that has the SLShare feature.

I decided to try it out and make a video to show you guys how easy it is to setup and also my thoughts on it. I also talked about other social networks I think this would work better on. Here is the link to the video but I’m also embedding it below:

I’m also going to type out most of the stuff I talked about in the video. Basically to access the SLShare feature, you just login to Second Life and then to go:
Me > Post to Facebook > Account > and then connect to your Facebook account.

Then when you are ready to take a picture, you just click on the facebook photo tab. You can choose to share your location (or not) and a few comments along with it. Then you can head over to Facebook to see if it posted. I have it set up so it will post all the pictures publicly, however you can change that under app settings on facebook and then just edit the Second Life app to your liking.

I think this feature is great and I am certainly very excited to use it. However, it is really only safe to use for those that have an actual facebook account using their real names because every once in a while, facebook decides to go on a deleting spree and removes the accounts of all those that are signed up using their avatar names. This feature might actually put these accounts at more of a risk. That actually happened to me quite recently so now I have ended up adding my phone number to my account and changing it so my real first name is listed and I’ve put Berry in as another name. I’ve also added a few real life friends so this account has become a mix of real and sl for me. I do wish that Linden Lab gave the option to use this feature using our Facebook Pages (like my Facebook page at this link). Facebook Pages are safer for avatar accounts and don’t get deleted. It would be so much better if LL could enable this feature to work with Facebook pages instead.

I also hope and wish that this is just the first step for Linden Lab and they have plans to expand this feature to other social networks that are more avatar friendly. For example:

  1. Plurk, which has thousands of SLers logging in every single day. I have over 2000 friends of which only about 20 are real life people and the rest are all second life avatar accounts. Plurk is very friendly towards the Second Life community and have even gone as far as adding in Second Life as a country in their profile settings.
  2. Twitter is another network which is friendly towards avatar accounts and the #SecondLife hashtag is used quite a lot on there and is one of my favorite hashtags to follow.
  3. Flickr of course which is a photo sharing community. I believe there are ways to directly share images to flickr already so perhaps this feature will not be required for it. Plus I prefer to process my images before putting them up on flickr.
  4. Google+ is probably the perfect network for this feature. I think out of all of the networks, I like the way Google+ is setup the most. The pictures are big and beautiful, they catch your attention and it also displays the text that accompanies the image well. There is also a very big Second Life community on Google+ which has over 1600 members that share all sorts of images, links and other information about second life.

I am definitely looking forward to using this feature, not only on facebook, but other networks as well. What about you? What are your thoughts on this feature? Will you be using it?

*Skin: –Glam Affair – Angelica – America 02 D by Aida Ewing
*Hair: TRUTH HAIR Bobbie – Browns01 by Truth Hawks
*Dress: Les Petits Détails – *Dama* Dress by Nevery Lorakeet (AVENUE Fashion Week-Sept 29)
*Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Relaxed – Small by Siddean Munro
Location: Memento Mori


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

12 thoughts on “Second Life Facebook Share

  • For those who don’t wish to have others pierce the veil, that is to reveal their RL identity, this is not a good idea. This fact is why the initial push for the SL to Facebook accounts link failed. Linden Lab wanted to cash in on Facebook’s success but it didn’t happen, mostly due to the conflicting clause in ToS that says that anyone who tries to pull back that veil is subject to account deletion.

  • Suff, thank you!

    Wizzy, I agree with you on that as well. For those that don’t like to mix RL and SL at all in any way, this feature will just not work and is useless for them to connect to. This is definitely a feature more for those that are comfortable mixing both lives.

  • Kurvy

    I have tried continually to use Google+ with my SL account and Google won’t let me. Both Google and You Tube refuse to accept my name because it’s not a real one. Google+ doesn’t (last time I checked) allow avatar accounts. 🙁

  • Kurvy

    Thanks Strawberry! Wanna know something funny? I was poking around Google just now and it seems they automatically created my Google+ for me. Here is what happened: YouTube kept on bugging me about making an “easier” name than my “kurvyrhode” user name and I kept telling it not to change it. Eventually it insisted I make I final choice, so assuming it wouldn’t accept “Kurvy Rhode” I stuck with the original “kurvyrhode” and apparently at that point it created my Google+ account at the same time. *shrugs* Problem solved? LOL

  • I agree, Google+ would be more appropriate. I wont use this feature as it is now…

  • You mentioned the main point, Berry: SLShare doesn’t work with Facebook Pages, only with private profils and so it is worthless for me as I do not want to spam my RL profil with my SL activities (though it’s not a secret in RL that I have an SL avatar). I guess that many of us who like blogging about their SL activities have a Facebook Page instead of an illegal avatar profil – why didn’t Linden Lab realizie this? Hopefully they will expand the feature…

  • I’d love to use this feature – if it were not rendered pointless as mentioned above by Facebook randomly deleting. Linden Labs put this announcement out there yet has failed to comment on this rather relevant aspect

  • I love how you manage to combine interesting and useful facts with visual gorgeousness. That dress is smashing! Ever so beautiful Berry .. 🙂

  • Oh and I think I ll use the google+ and flickr features most. I m not a regular facebooker I admit , neither do I use Plurk much…. yeah I know I m so diffrent from the rest.. ; ) lol. A real sl nerd …

  • I read this again today. My facebook account was blocked 2 days ago.
    2 month ago I change my SL name Mimi Juneau into my RL name, but still they blocked me.
    All gone in 1 click, even if I sent a copy of my ID , like 8 times.
    For me it was a great tool to post about new items in my store, but also about parties and interesting things. I had the maximum of 5000 friends !

    It’s time Facebook and Second Life will sit together to see what can be done.
    There must be thousands of SL accounts on Facebook.
    Anne-Marie Aerts (Mimi Juneau)

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