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Introducing Fusion Magazine

Fusion Magazine

I was recently asked by one of my most favorite people on the grid, DanicaSaerwen, to be on the cover of a new magazine she’s involved with. Of course I couldn’t say no to her and I’m really happy I didn’t. The cover turned out absolutely stunning and it was such a pleasure to work with all of the people that are involved with Fusion magazine.

The owners of the magazine are Libby Farleigh and Brayden Thirdborn. The cover photo of me and the other two ladies was taken by the talented Polly Elan. I was interviewed by the sweet Ms Chaotic Monday. And finally, I feel incredibly honored to be on the cover with two very talented ladies, Winter Thorn and Samm Qendra.

Chaotic Monday spent about 2 hours with me one night interviewing me and asking me all sorts of questions. I think I shared a bit too much of myself, more so than I normally do. I’m glad the whole interview was not printed, lol, and I am pretty pleased the way she summarized it. I also enjoyed reading more about Winter and Samm as well. You can read the cover interviews starting on page 39, however don’t forget to go through the rest of the magazine, it’s really well put together.

I poked Libby Farleigh and asked her to share a little bit of info about the magazine and the first issue, here is what she said:

Fusion is owned by myself and Brayden Thirdborn. SL magazines have been part of my background in SL, I worked on ICON and Avenue on my original avatar. Brayden has been an enthusiastic blogger for some time now and has a background in photography also.

When starting Fusion, the primary concern was ensuring it was graphically and photographically gorgeous. Our goal for Fusion’s content is to provide fun, light-hearted and entertaining pieces covering the widest range of topics we can. We chose 3 people from such different areas of SL for our first cover for good reason, we want to appeal to as wide a range of resident as we can.

We owe major thanks to our team, and especially the three lovely girls on our first cover for agreeing to be part of such an unknown venture. Samm Qendra, whose voice is just out of this world, literally goosebumps inducing. Winter Thorn, What Next’s impresario whose original and remarkable quality creations makes me want to have a vacation inside her brain. And of course yourself, Strawberry Singh, photographer, queen of the bloggers (you can quote me on that!), one of the most recognised names in SL but remarkably humble and a true philanthropist, working to make Second Life a better place for all residents, current and future.

– Libby Farleigh

Thank you so much Libby for the kind words and for including me in your first issue. I also want to thank Polly for the stunning images, Chaotic for the fun interview as well as the rest of the Fusion magazine team. You guys did a phenomenal job and I’m looking forward to reading what you will have in store for the next issues to come.

Here’s how you can subscribe to and read Fusion Magazine:
> Subscribe Inworld
> Subscribe on
> Read the first issue of Fusion on issuu
> Cover interviews start on page 39
> Fusion Magazine on Facebook
> Fusion Magazine on SLX Connect

What I’m wearing on the cover:
Skin: Glam Affair by Aida Ewing
Hair: Liquence by Villena Swansen
Dress: Paper Couture by Ava Lu


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

18 thoughts on “Introducing Fusion Magazine

  • Woah! That covershot looks gorgeous. Guess I need to subscribe to that mag asap.
    And here I was thinking your Berry blog was the pinnacle of the publishing world in SL, of course very closely followed by the always so stylish and intelligent Harper … and by Orcablog (which tackles a totally different area of interests and isn’t pretty at all).

  • I’m embarrassed (only slightly) to admit that I’ve never actually read any of the magazines that come out of SL. For all of my enjoyment in SL shopping and doing other things, the magazines just never stick in my mind as something to look at. But then, I haven’t picked up a magazine in reality since I was in high school either. Celebrity gossip and scandals got old really fast. x:

    I /think/ I had a photo taken for one once (in SL), and it was one of the more adult-oriented ones (kind of a naughty photo too!) but I didn’t even read it when it came out, and I can’t remember the name of it for nothing.

    But woo! Magazine cover. You are a print model now. Time to start being scouted by model agencies.

  • Congratulations Berry! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer avatar! 😀

  • Awww *blushes* Thank you so much for being a part of it! It is an honor to have such beautiful people featured on the cover =D.

  • Brayden Thirdborn


    Thank you so much for posting this. It was a pleasure to work with you on this adventure Libby and I have started. Being Fresh, New, and Completely unlike the rest, we strive to cater to every walk of life in SL.

    I am so pleased to hear you loved the cover and being a part of our FIRST EVER ISSUE!

    If anyone here is interested in carrying a kiosk in their store or advertising with us, please contact myself Brayden Thirdborn in world.

  • Thank you for introducing us to the cover photographer in this post! I took a spin through her flickr, and adore how illustrative it all is. Some people choose to make their avvies as realistic as possible, and it’s fascinating and cool to see someone with a different take — avatars as almost drawn images.

    Very cool!

  • Thanks so much everyone!

    Dani, thanks for those two links, I’ve added them to my post. <3

  • This is absolutely fabulous!
    Congratulations, Berry…and Winter and Samm. Three lovely ladies indeed, just perfect for the cover of what truly looks to be a beautiful new magazine. I’ll be reading…

  • Berry,

    Thank you so much for blogging Fusion! I am so appreciative you agreed to be one of our very first cover models! Bray said everything I would’ve wanted to so I’ll just leave it with a huge thank you!


  • Thanks Berry thanks LIbby thanks Winter and SAmm ty ladies for beeing such a beauty to make pictures of you and i m really honored i was invited by Libby to do the cover picture for the magazine thanks all for your comments and great work, pleasure to read and watch it . Well done and huge favourite to all team !

  • When I followed the links back to I was unable to open either the September issue or the Advertising brochure. Both gave a “Sorry, this publication is not available” message and nothing loaded.

    I’m using Firefox v24 and have updated Flash and JAVA plug-ins, so not sure if this is a technical issue or if the links are down by design.

  • Hi Asil, I just tested the link and both mags and I was able to open them up and access them using both Chrome and Firefox. Not sure why this is happening for you. Perhaps try clearing cache and a relog?

  • Thanks for the quick response. Its working for me now as well. Maybe an issue with the platform.

    It looks great. Very nice spreads and love they are using large fonts so you could actually read it in-world.

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