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SLink Avatar Enhancement for Men and Women

Before I begin this post, I just want to say that all of the images in this post are raw shots, not processed at all, just cropped and resized.

SLink Avatar Enhancement for Men and Women

Yesterday Siddean Munro released the SLink Avatar Enhancement mesh hands for men. Along with that release there was an update to the male flat barefeet as well as the female mesh hands and the female flat and mid barefeet. I am going to try and cover all of the changes in this post as well as some more information that you guys might find informative.

SLink Avatar Enhancement for Women and Men

Some changes and points about the SLink Avatar Enhancement system:

  1. The SLink OmniHUD v5 has changed and is very different from previous versions – The HUD has changed and tinting has become much easier. Siddean has put a detailed guide with full pictures and instructions to the HUD on the SLink blog. I absolutely encourage everyone to read this page thoroughly because it’s extremely helpful. She also has a very helpful step-by-step youtube video which I will embed at the bottom of this post.
  2. Update your previously bought SLink hands and feet – If you have purchased SLink mesh feet and hands before, head down to slink and hit the redelivery terminal for the update. All of the mesh feet and hands for women as well as the mesh feet for men have been updated. There are instructions on the redelivery terminal in case you don’t find the purchases in there.
  3. Two different hand gestures can be worn at the same time – I’ve seen this question come up often so I wanted to add it here. The hands are independent and interchangeable so you are able to wear two different gestures at the same time as my male alt is doing in the first picture.
  4. Updated hands now work with both appliers & tinting – Before this update, we had two separate hands in the folder. One was if your skin designer had created appliers so you can use them and the other was if you did not have appliers and needed to tint them yourself. Now it is all in one. You just put on the hands and use your appliers or use the OmniHUD to tint.
  5. Tattoo layer option is now available – Just as there was a stocking option in the previous version for the feet, now Siddean has added a tattoo option for both feet and hands. You can turn that on and off by using the Utilities HUD for the feet and hands (here is a picture of both HUDs side by side). I am really excited about this and looking forward to all of the fun hand and feet tattoos people will create. (We need more henna designs please!)
  6. Nails for the male mesh hands work the same as the female – The nail system is the same for the men as they are for the women so all of the nail polishes that have been created by different designers so far for the women, will all work on the male hands as well. I tried this with ManBerry yesterday. I went to A:S:S: because they have a HUGE selection in SLink nails and I got ManBerry their black drama set, it looks amazing on him! The men can also shorten and lengthen their nails using the utilities HUD. So now all the men can have beautifully polished nails like us.
  7. Slink Avatar Enhancement Creations Flickr Group – This is an amazing flickr group that Siddean has created. It’s just for vendors of items creators have made for the SLink hands and feet. It is NOT for blog pictures, just vendors. So if you join this group, make sure to not spam it with your blog pictures. You can add your blog pictures to the regular SLink products flickr group.
  8. Developer Information – If you are interested in creating appliers, tattoos or nailpolishes and other addons for the SLink avatar enhancement system, check out the Developers page on the SLink blog for all the details. (Plea to FRUK: please make appliers to match my male skin..pretty please, with a strawberry on top!)
  9. Available appliers and tinting system: – For a list of designers that have already created appliers for SLink or a list of codes you can use to make tinting your hands easier, you can click over to the Available Appliers or OmniHUD V5 commands page on the SLink blog.
  10. The female hands have changed – I am not sure if it’s just me, but I think the womens hands have changed quite a bit. I noticed the hands look bigger than the previous version. As you can see in the second image, my hands look bigger than my face. I think I might have to go and reduce my hand size a bit to see if that makes it more proportionate. I also noticed that some of the hand gestures are slightly different than the previous hands. But, it could just be me, not sure. So I’ve gone ahead and taken a picture and labeled each gesture for both the male and female hands. Right now there are 15 gestures for both men and women, but I have heard that Siddean has plans to release more in the future.

SLink Avatar Enhancement - Men
I don’t have appliers for my male skin yet, so I tinted these hands myself using the OmniHUD.

SLink Avatar Enhancement - Women
I used the Glam Affair appliers for these pictures.

Here is the excellent video tutorial created by Siddean Munro that will help you with any questions you may have about this system:

I think those are all the things that I wanted to mention. I didn’t notice any other changes. Did I miss anything? What changes have you guys noticed with this new system?

UPDATE: Siddean Munro has just done a blog post detailing all of the changes and updates. It’s very thorough and I think you guys should definitely give it a read: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands and Feet – Update – September 2013

What ManBerry is wearing:
Skin: Fruk – Jeremy skin shade 6 Black by Chucky Hollak
Hair: *Dura-Boy*33(Dark Brown) by chiaki Xue
*Shirt: FATEwear Shirt – Vinnie – Tundra (M) by Damien Fate
Mesh Hands: Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) M L – Splayed and Relaxed by Siddean Munro

What Strawberry Singh is wearing:
*Skin: –Glam Affair – Angelica – America 02 D by Aida Ewing
Tattoo Lipstick: [Pink Fuel] Glossy Pout Lipstick – Red by Mochi Milena
Mesh Eyelids: Slink Mesh eyelids by Siddean Munro
Hair: booN SCO052 hair chocolate by boo Nakamura
*Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual by Siddean Munro
*Nail Polish: A:S:S – SLINK avatar enhancement system nails – Matte by Photos Nikolaidis
Ring: Paper Couture – Diamonds and Pearl Ring by Cora Lu

WindLight Used: StrawberrySinghHeadshots


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

16 thoughts on “SLink Avatar Enhancement for Men and Women

  • Sivyaleah

    I don’t know. So far I’m just not finding these easy to deal with. I have not been able to figure out how to match skins, and the new instructions do not seem much easier. I’d pay more money for them if they would have them already prematched; similar to the way GOS does with their shoe system. I don’t have the time or inclination to deal with it. Is it just me or do others find these as cumbersome to use? Am I missing something glaringly obvious?

  • I have to go head down to the store today and get me the update, but I think Sivyaleah has a good point, it would be awsome, if Slink would offer an easy match system like Gos, or N-Core and some other designers for shoes, who offer a website match skin system. I am not sure how much work that would be for the creator though, but I know I would highly appreciate it. So far I am working with the appliers, which is easy to match, just the regular hands one has to tint, prior to the update, looked so much more ehrm elegant where as the enhancement hands are a bit bigger and longer imho.

    Thx for covering the update, I would have probably missed it otherwise laughs.

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  • Missymidnight Skytower

    Thanks for the heads up about the update.
    I’m seriously jumping for joy… I think the hands look so much better…or am I imagining it?
    They seem less skinny/boney and I love that they’re bigger in size. I was getting a major case of rage at constantly seeing avi’s with teeny tiny little hands.
    Heres hoping that people don’t take to resizing them too small 🙂

  • First, I could NOT do this without your help, Berry. I am a pretty smart cookie, but I can get soooooo confused with changes like these. I do appreciate updates incorporating new technologies and I very much admire creators who, like Siddean, are always looking for ways to further enhance their own work (and us!), but my Inventory is SUCH a mess! Even with my “by date” system, it’s a challenge for this shopping addict. (And let’s not even THINK about RL!)
    Thank you for the clarifications and guidance. The new hands look fantastic (congratulations, Siddean!), so I can’t wait to wear them – AND to get my Aeon in for those, um, very NICE men’s hands. Mireille giggles coyly… Thank you too, ManBerry. 🙂

  • Thank you so much Berry! I have been struggeling with Slink a lot and had it not been for you and Sassy I would have tossed those hands out without a second thought. So thank you very much for helping noobies like myself to look half decent. 🙂

  • Galilla

    First off, I love this update and I appreciate Siddean including the original versions of the mesh hands in this update. (Click the redelivery terminalsif you have the previous versions. She has changed the signs to reflect this after I asked. Thank you!)

    This is not difficult to do really. My skin did not have an applier but using the list on Slink’s website (the link on the HD – scroll down!), all I had to do was type in a simple command in chat which she had listed there for my exact skin, and my hands were perfect. She has the commands already there for you for many popular skins. The video I believe is only for if your skin is not listed there.

    Just a note on the wrist blender layers for folks without appliers – If the command is Y15, wear the Yellow wrists, R15, wear the Red, etc.

    Thanks Siddean 🙂


  • Galilla

    Typos…grrrrrrrrr………HD – HUD above

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  • You’re right about the hands being different, Strawberry, I took a comparison screenie with the original and the updated hands. Not only are the new ones larger but the poses they’re in are different as well.

    See the difference:

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  • Raven Serrurier

    I adore my Slink hands but I wish more skin creators would make appliers. Such as cStar. Because I am so bad at tinting :/ And I can’t go without my Slink hands since SL default hands just look hideous to me now..

  • I have feet and hand and my feet or flashing different colors and I don’t seem to be catching on to the tatoo part where it gives me a letter end a #

    Iris Quantell

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