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Desi Girls

Desi Girls

You may not be familiar with the word “desi” it’s basically a term used to describe the people, cultures, and products of South Asia.

Meet my friend Reema Xue, she’s desi like me. If you have Reema on your plurk timeline, then you probably already know that she is absolutely one of the sweetest people on plurk. Also, if you don’t have her as a contact on flickr, I suggest you click over and add her now, her pictures are breathtaking. As Reema and I have been getting to know each other, we’ve come to realize that we have a lot of similar interests, especially when it comes to cheesy desi music, as you can tell from this plurk. I’ve been meaning to ask her to pose with me for a while, but my schedule is sort of insane. Luckily I had some free time this labor day weekend (Happy Labor Day) and I asked her if she’d like to come dance to some cheesy desi music with me while I possibly made a fun video. I dunno what it is, I’ve been having so much fun making videos these days.

Here’s the link to the video on youtube so you can watch it in full HD:
(the quality was much better, I dunno what happened but youtube messed with it)

At first we were going to dance to the song, “Desi Girl” (since we’re both madly in love with John Abraham and adore that song). But once I saw us dancing in this setting with this lighting, I wanted to use a more meaningful song. I decided to go with the song, “Dil na kisi ka jaye” which has beautiful poetry in it and if I try and translate it, I’m pretty sure I’ll kill it. Just to summarize though, the words are basically, “you should never fall in love as I’m sure death is much less painful” and then it goes on from there and is just very beautiful.

Luckily, all this happened just in time for Zaara’s sale, so we got to bust out our old flexi lehengas by Ms. Zaara Kohime, which look phenomenal while dancing around as you can see. Zaara is currently having her annual sale which means everything in the store is 50% off, including her latest mesh releases. Reema and I are dancing at the Zaara Nasha Lounge on the Zaara sim. If you’ve never been to nasha, you should stop by some time…especially since we’re constantly playing bollywood music on the sim. I play my favorite stream from RadioTeenTaal. I love their stream as they always play the latest bollywood releases!

A big thank you to Reema for dancing with me! You’re one of the hottest and sweetest desi girls around! <3

What Reema is wearing:
Skin: Glance
Hair: Vanity Hair
Clothing & Jewels: Zaara

What I’m wearing:
*Skin: Glam Affair
*Hair: Truth
*Clothing & Jewels: Zaara

Dancing Animations: Animazoo

Location: Zaara Nasha Lounge


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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