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Miamai Critters Society

Miamai Critters Society

The Miamai Critters Society Plushie Avatars will be available at The Arcade SL starting September 1st.

Ever since I got my hands on these adorable little avatars, I’ve been dying of cute. I passed them to my two alts and decided to make a short video so you guys can see the AOs that come with them. Each avatar comes with a full body alpha, a shape, an AO and the mesh avatar itself that is also materials-ready!

The avatars are of course original but I was surprised to hear that so are the animations. Monica made the animations herself and they are sooooo very adorable. The unicorn skips and prances, I just can’t!!!

Miamai Critters Society Plushie Avatars

All of the pictures in this post are complete raw shots. The only thing I did was crop and resize them. The avatars will be L$75 with 20 to win and 4 of them are rare! I am wearing three of the rares in this post: the bandit fox, the panda bear and of course the adorable star unicorn!

Click over to youtube to watch the video in full HD:

The video is very simple since I don’t know how to edit videos at all. I use Camtasia to record and just slightly edit by deleting parts if I need to. What kinds of video editing programs do you guys recommend that will be easy to use for a newb like me?

*Mesh Avatars: Miamai Critters Society Plushie Avatars by Monica Outlander
(@ Arcade SL on Sept 1st)
Location: D-Lab


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

9 thoughts on “Miamai Critters Society

  • …you can run three clients at once with DoF enabled and still have it smooth enough to film?

    I don’t think I’ve ever hated you harder.

    But I love you for this post! Uniplushieeeeeee!

  • Oh, yussssss! Manberry is a FOX!

    (I don’t hate you, Berry, but I do covet your stuff :p )

  • How Adorbs! <3. Berry do you know what time the arcade starts? Tysm!
    I thought it started today. I have to wait awhole nuther day! whaaaa

  • /me died from an overdose of cute

  • Adobe has great video editing. The low end product they have is Premier Elements US$64 on Amazon. The high end version is just Premier. But, it is part of the Adobe CC subscription thing and is is way overkill for hobby video.

    I record with FRAPS.

    You can chase Drax down and ask him what he likes and recommends for video editing. He is on Facebook too.

  • Carmilla, I believe it starts at midnight, but not 100% sure.

    Nalates, thank you for the recommendations and yeah you’re right. I’ll pick Drax’s brain.

  • Oh gawd NO. JUST NO.

    I think I have to go on SL-hiatus everytime Arcade rolls around, because of coverage like this. Never needed Plushie Avatars…now I suddenly need to have them to complete my SLife. >_<

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