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Diesel Works Serpent

Diesel Works Serpent

I was going to blog this serpent on Thursday, August 8th because that’s when it will be released, at Collabor88, however I decided to blog them today because I wanted to do the Topless Tuesday challenge by Uccello Poultry. Every Tuesday Uccello shares a topless picture on her blog, sl feeds and flickr group and I really wanted to join the fun! 😀

Diesel Works Serpent HUD

Now on to the serpent. Ever since Rogan told me he was going to be making this, I have been impatiently waiting. You can ask him, I bothered him every week, “Is it done yet? Can I have it now? When will you finish it dammit???” I mean come on, naked with a snake in a sexy pose…this has BERRY written all over it!

When he finally sent it to me, I was amazed at how well it was done. Let’s start with the HUD which you can see in the picture above. When you purchase the Diesel Works Serpent, you will receive this HUD. It’s perfect because it does not inflate your inventory number by having a bunch of snakes you must rez to pose with. You basically just attach the HUD then you click it and a window pops up where you can choose from which pose you want to use. I love all of them personally but I’m only sharing a handful with you guys in this post. To see all 10 poses, you can click over to my flickr set that I’ve made to see them all. They are set to moderate on flickr so I don’t get the boobie patrol after me so make sure to check your settings!

Once you pick a pose from the HUD, you will see a serpent rez before your eyes, it’s kind of magical actually. Then all you do is sit on that serpent. Once you sit on it, you are able to click it for another menu option (shown here) that will let you texture or adjust your pose. The poses are fully adjustable, you can rotate and position them for a perfect fit.

The serpent comes in three different textures, all beautifully done. The serpent itself is original mesh AND materials ready! Rogan really did a phenomenal job with it. Once you are done posing with the serpent, you can actually stand up and take it back into your inventory if you would like a rezzed copy of it ready to go for later or you can just delete it. It will always re-rez itself the next time you use the Diesel Works Serpent HUD.

Diesel Works Serpent 6

Diesel Works Serpent 3Diesel Works Serpent 4Diesel Works Serpent 7

All 10 poses can be seen in my flickr set. Your flickr content filters must be set so you are able to view moderated images.

The Diesel Works Serpent will be released and sold exclusively at Collabor88 for the month of August starting on the 8th. Keep an eye out, I really think it’s one of the sexiest pose props to hit the grid!

And here are ways you can follow Diesel Works new releases:
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Diesel Works Facebook
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Diesel Works Flickr Group
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Skin Body: League Aria Golden -Special Edition -Chest C by Nena Janus
Skin Face: THESKINSHOP (22) (FACE) ‘Pussy’ (bold) by TheShops
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Desert Dawn, w4) by Arkesh Baral
*Hair: ISON – Ruby by Harry Hyx
*Mesh Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual by Siddean Munro
*Mesh Feet: Slink Mesh Feet (Av) Toes S by Siddean Munro
Feet & Hands & Nails Appliers: League by Nena Janus
*Prop+Poses: Diesel Works – Serpent by Rogan Diesel (to be released on August 8th at Collabor88)
Windlights: Mirror Water


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

20 thoughts on “Diesel Works Serpent

  • Rawr! LOVE This! Great post =D

  • Considering that recently I took a snake out of my kitchen pantry — I’m not feeling so kind towards snakes right now! Though they are definitely well done.

  • That is amazing! And, of course, your pictures are top-shelf. Now that you’ve joined the Topless Tuesday trend, I’m sure it will really take off (pun intended). Thanks for joining the Topless Tuesday in SL Flickr group, too. When I saw your picture there today I thought “This is gonna be a really popular group now!”

  • Chantel Ashdene

    As an Australian, there are many things I can handle.
    Spiders bigger than my hand, Man eating sharks and crocodiles.
    No problem.
    But snakes, this is where I draw the line! Eeeek.
    Great pose idea though, for those who are more tolerable of such creatures, lol. And you look fab!

  • @ Chantel: your Ozzy men are eating Sharks? I hope they killed them first 😉 I once tried crocodile, tasted like chicken.

    @ Berry: Eeeeks!!! /me waves her arms around and runs away from this blog, screaming … swooosh …

  • Eros Deus

    All you needed in that photoshoot was an apple. Wonderful pictures as always from our fave Strawberry.

  • I’d join in with Topless Tuesday, but I rather think that blokes doing it isn’t in keeping with the original idea 😉

    Quick question about that snake (since I’m dying to get my hands on a copy) – is it something a male avatar could use? I’m assuming that it’s probably rigged, but if it’s resizable then it’s something I could definitely find a use for.

  • Rogan Diesel

    Hey Skell, Berry showed me to your query. At the moment, the snake is fitted for female shapes.

  • I am going quietly insane trying to get in there and get these.

  • Got in- hey, haven’t I seen those vendor images somewhere before…

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