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Leap of Faith

Bandana Day
(click here for a raw shot)

July 28th is the last day of Hair Fair and also Bandana Day. On the last day of the fair, it has been a tradition for many years for people to remove their hair and wear one of the bandanas being sold at the fair. Bandana booths can be found on all four sims for L$50 each. 100% of the proceeds from the bandanas will go to Wigs for Kids.

I’ve picked up a few each year and wore them often, not just on Bandana day. I found they come in handy when I want to do my Ramadan pictures and they can also be styled well on other days. I love how each designer brings their own touch to the bandanas and makes them unique in their own ways.

I appreciate how this day unites the SL community and I’m happy to be apart of it. If you haven’t had a chance to go to Hair Fair yet, you only have one more day to go so take the slurl and hop on over. You can also browse through the epic Seraphim hair fair post to see all of the hairs available at the fair this year, along with all of the bandanas that can be found at that end of that post.

In other news, I recently had to make a lot of life-changing heavy decisions. I’m pretty happy with them so far and this year seems to look promising. I am a really bad decision maker as I always over-think everything. But my question to you guys is, when you make a decision and it doesn’t turn out the way you had planned which inevitably follows with regret, can you still deal with that? Would you be ok with the regret or would you have preferred not to have done it even though you would have been left with a ‘what if?’ I used to be afraid of doing a lot of things and taking chances because I didn’t want to end up regretting. But I felt I needed to change that and just take a leap of faith and let whatever happens happen.

So, what’s easier for you to live with, a regret or a what if?

*Skin: [PXL] JADE OL Bare Lips MEB C2 (FR) by Hart Larsson
Hairbase: [LeLutka]-HAIRBASE Bournville by Thora Charron
Bandana: Hair Fair Bandana – [LeLutka]-ALINA scarf by Thora Charron (for Hair Fair)
Bra: {Luxuria} Rosa Lingerie – Bra cherry blossom by Roslin Petion (for Love Donna Flora)
*Necklace: [MANDALA] TEFUTEFU Jewelryset Multi Rainbow Necklace


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

8 thoughts on “Leap of Faith

  • as always, your images inspire the rest of us to keep on keeping on, so beautifully done~

    Taking a leap of faith first off, is already courageous in of itself.. just by moving forward you’ve declared that you’re ready to do whatever it is you’ve set out to do..

    For me, I’ve always found that the difficult part is the ‘keep on keeping on’ bit. The leap is exhilarating, daring and exciting, its the walking step by step that bogs me down. It is here, in this part of the journey where we learn what/who/where our greatest strength lies. It is here where our faith truly shines.

    And this is what keeps us going, face forward and accepting each ‘bump’ in the road as opportunities to grow, rather than questioning the path. That faith we rely on becomes our strength and encouragement. I’ve had to change my perspective many times over, so that when I see the past choices I’ve made, they weren’t ones I’ve regretted, but rather opportunities for my faith to grow and show its strength.

    Best wishes to you Strawberry in your walk of faith~

  • That s a tough question to answer. At some point in my biography I had to make a big decision as well that affected not only my life but also that of others in a major way. Up to this day I am proud of myself that I made the step although it ment I had to stand up for myself and my believes. I knew it was right then and looking back it still was the right step. That way I am lucky I guess. But once you re not sure if you did the right thing or looking back you feel it was wrong to do that… you should tell yourself: what you decided back then was done with the best intention and with your best knowledge at that point. It was the right thing to do then. You can t really do more than that neither can you ask more of yourself than that.
    Hugs 🙂

  • I’ve made a lot of decisions in my life that in hindsight, weren’t the best choices. I wonder how my life would have been different if I’d chosen a different path. I think, as I’ve mentioned in one of my blog posts, that my fear is that those times – even if they weren’t the best times – may end up being better than my future. But making a decision – whether it is the right or wrong one – is better than not choosing at all. Inertia has been my biggest failure (probably because I tend to over-think, too) so I’m doing my best to move forward and accept the consequences, no matter what they may be. I made a decision about five years ago to never live without laughter again, and that has been my saving grace – no matter how badly I stuff up!

  • For me, personally, regrets are worse. But some of my regrets are because I didn’t do something, and I don’t consider those what-ifs because I know it would have end up better!

  • I made a lot of bad, very bad, decisions in my life. Many of them were lifechanging and not to the better. My decisions cost me serious amounts of money (very serious) and some friends as well. Most of those decisions I should regret … BUT I’m happy and content with me and my life as it is right now. And I know I wouldn’t be at this stage had I decided in a different way.

    It’s better to do and fail than not doing it.

    And overall it’s way better than to live with a “what if?”

  • Hi, Strawberry.
    First, congratulations on seeking something new for yourself. A new direction, a change in location or career or personal life can be empowering. Such things take some forethought and courage. Courage comes from the heart and when we find it, we’ve really found ourselves – the heart of ourselves. That, in and of itself, is a beautiful thing.
    Nobody’s perfect, and we all make mistakes and missteps. Sometimes, even those turn out to be good in the end if we discover something important – or just learn from them.
    Life – RL and SL – is an adventure, first and foremost, and considering our steps by the values that mean the most to us and then acting…well, to me and to Mireille, that’s what adventure is all about.
    As for regret or “what if,” both of us hope to avoid too much “what if.” Dreaming even fantastical things is energizing, but taking a well-measured step (or even a huge leap of faith) is even better. So what if there is a taste of regret now and then? Learning is inherent in a life well-lived – at least from our shared perspective – and forgiving oneself for mistakes (and even asking it from others when needed) is an important process for learning.
    I do go on! Sorry for that… Maybe I should just go write this all up in my journal and have yet another rich conversation with my brilliant and wise wife on the subject. 🙂
    Mireille will be back in action this coming week sometime, as her wrist injury is coming right along. Still kinda slow on the typing… 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your journey. Best to you at every step!

  • Thank you all so very much for the continuous support, advice and wishes. I really appreciate it. <3

    Bumblebee, you're definitely right, keeping up with it and continuing to go through with the decision really is the hardest part.

    Peep, "never live without laughter" that is such excellent advice. I plan to do the same.

    And you guys are all right, it is better to live with a regret, at least you learn from it. What ifs can haunt you forever.

    Aeon, thank you and please give my best to Mireille. Glad to hear that she is feeling better!

  • What if ? I pretty much think that everybody struggles with that question so often but we should start stop ( I know it sounds awkard this start stop thing ) questioning so much about the future in another version and don’t regret a thing from the past ; To make a choice is difficult but no mather what is or will happen our lifes goes on and we might waist to much time on thinking and not acting. I rather wish to act impulsive because our primary instincts kind of protects us even without knowing at that time. I often realised later how much saved my ass this instincts of mine.

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