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The Haunted Meme

(click here for a raw shot)

I was planning to do this challenge closer to Halloween but I got inspired by RubyStarlight’s poses so I thought I’d just go ahead and do it now and figure something else out for Halloween.

Meme Instructions: What are you afraid of? What are you haunted by? Share some of your fears and if you can, create an image depicting one of them. Don’t forget to leave your link in the comments!

I will be the first to admit that I am a huge chicken and a lot of things scare me. I am deathly scared of: lizards of all kinds, roller coasters, anal sex, heights, falling inside the toilet (that almost happened to me once, don’t ask), eating bitter gourds, Cher, abandonment (and at the same time commitment), ghosts (yes I believe in them), but most of all, cemeteries. The funny thing about that is, I am incredibly fascinated by them at the same time.

I’ve been to a few cemeteries in my life, one of course in the city I live in, then a couple in Pakistan but there is one cemetery that really left an impact on me. Back in my college days a few friends and I went down to Key West. I adore the Keys and Key West is one of my most favorite places in the world. I love their festivals, the Ernest Hemingway House is so interesting to explore, the beaches are absolutely beautiful but the thing that resonates with me the most is the Key West Cemetery. It’s one place that I literally shook with fear while I went there to visit. I found a great video about it on youtube: Key West Cemetery Ghost Tour. It’s a very old cemetery and just the state of it gave me chills. I was particularly affected by the children’s section. Being so afraid of it, I still go back there every time I visit Key West. I don’t know why I do, but I just feel compelled to. Even though each time I’ve went, I’ve felt a presence there, it’s unnerving.

I just find it so incredible that we live these lives and accomplish so many things and no matter how much we do and who we are, in the end we all end up the same way, just dirt in the ground. I guess cemeteries remind me of death and the end of life and that scares me more than any lizard or roller coaster.

So that’s my fear (and at the same time fascination), cemeteries. I’m sure we all have fears we might not want to admit to and it doesn’t have to be anything deep, so feel free to make it funny if you like. If you find it difficult to create an image about your fear, you can also just write about it. Whatever makes it easier for you to share. If you do end up making a picture, feel free to share it in my Blog Memes flickr group.

Also, please remember that you can participate in any of the memes/challenges at any time. You’ll find them all under my Blog Challenges category along with other memes and challenges I’ve done over the years.

*Skin: -Glam Affair – Lulu ( Europa ) 03 A by Aida Ewing (@ Collabor88 July)
Hair: . Liquence . – F2 in Genetics by Villena Swansen
*Dress: [Decoy] Odette – Floral Baby Blue (2: Small) by Annette Voight (@ Collabor88 July)
*Mesh Feet: Slink Mesh Feet (Av) Flat S by Siddean Munro
*Mesh Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual by Siddean Munro
*Pose: {.:exposeur:.} In Motion: Up, Up and Away by RubyStarlight Writer
Location: A Dark Fairies Dream


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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