Moving your own Avatar!

Moving your own Avatar!
(this is a raw shot from sl)

Yesterday I did a tutorial showing how you can move and position an avatar on a sim where you don’t have rez rights. The link to that is here: Moving Avatars. After I did that post, a few people on different social networks shared how you can move and position yourself on a sim where you can’t rez. I am attaching both videos in this post to make it easier and I’ll also give the instructions below that.

Moving & Positioning your avatar on a sim where you don’t have rez rights:

Instructions on how to move your OWN avatar:

  1. Bring up the Develop menu by pressing “ctrl-alt-Q”
  2. Enable: Develop > Avatar > Character Tests > Allow Select Avatar
  3. Press “ctrl 3” to bring up the edit box
  4. Right click on your avatar and move yourself around

Moving & Positioning other avatars on a sim where you don’t have rez rights:

Instructions on how to move other avatars:
See this post: Moving Avatars

I hope that helps you guys out. I know this makes me life SO much easier especially since I don’t need to use the height offset thingamajig anymore!

» For more of my tutorials, check out my tutorials page.

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19 thoughts on “Moving your own Avatar!

  1. […] UPDATE: Watch part 2 of this tutorial with information on how to move your OWN avatar, details here: Moving your own Avatar! […]

  2. I thought the moving your own avatar (allow select avatar) only worked for height adjustments? I’ve never been able to move myself in any other direction.
    Still, a useful trick.

  3. I just tried it and looooove!! Finally I’m able to do adjustments without using poseballs or stuff… Thanks for sharing, Berry!

  4. I am going to have to try this on one of my alts and see how it works for me.

  5. Spanki Moulliez says:

    This is so awesome, I just tried it out. Thank you!

  6. THANK YOU! Both of these tutorials are so incredibly helpful.

  7. You’re welcome, glad it’s working out for you guys! <3

  8. […] only trouble is, chouchou is no rez.. so i employed a few tactics i learned from strawberry singh. in the blog post, she says it works on your own avatar, but i was able to move allarik around too […]

  9. omg…workd perfectlyyy i just tried it now big big big thanksssss

  10. Cougar Sangria says:

    Berry thank you so much. I just used this in a photo to get myself placed just so on my own sim. It’s the bomb! Thanks again.

  11. […] It’s been awhile since I did some in world photos and today’s look was perfect for an in world walk around Small Town Green.  However, without the ability to move my avatar using the edit tool, I would have been in a whole lot of hurt due to the invisiprims above the roadway.  If you haven’t heard about this handy dandy trick, check out Berry’s blog post here. […]

  12. […] avvies sitting down but I feel this one worked out okay. I did use Strawberry Singh’s tips on moving your own avatar in order to position myself right for the picture next to my sissy.  It is super nifty and there […]

  13. […] Finds: xantheanneslife and strawberrysingh […]

  14. […] pics to have your AV actually touching the ground or slightly moved by Edit, refer to Strawberry on how useful this […]

  15. I ran into a problem trying to use this method with a fully mesh avatar (mesh hair, head, body, hands, feet). It keeps trying to select the mesh and move it (which we all know is impossible), instead of my actual avi. Would love to know if anyone has a workaround for that.

  16. Thank you for this very useful trick, Berry – and i too would love to know if you have heard of a way to use this with a mesh avatar:). just with ordinary poses not using this trick, the mesh seems to have the effect of raising the avatar in the air, and with no way to position yourself with being mesh, the pose up in the air cant be used.

  17. Luciole78 Zarco says:

    Iknow this is a old post , I was able to fallow that trick in secondlife viewer , but even if I do all the step in firestorm , it doesnt work. Do not know if you had any update as per today on this.

  18. Luciole78 Zarco says:

    oh I just reload firestorm and it work now lol hahhaha this help me a lot , I just started to come this year in sl , and didnt know about that way to move avatar, I tell you Strawberry you are so helpfull even with old post hahhaha

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