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Today my friend Mr. DavidThomas Scorbal messaged me and asked me if I knew about the trick where you can move and position another avatar without the use of a posestand or other object. When he told me this, at first I was like, “WHAT? YOU LIE!” You have NO idea how much I have struggled with this. I shoot clients on location all the time and sometimes they want their picture taken on sims where I have no rez rights. That’s ok, no problem because I can use my handy dandy PoseAnywhere HUD to pose them. However, what do I do when I need to position them a certain way? I need to ask them to rotate, or move forward, or back or to the side and this goes on for about 10 to 15 minutes until I have them in the exact spot I want them at.

This method is extremely time consuming and also frustrating at times. Now, David just showed me a trick today that will make my life SO much easier so I just had to share with you guys. I did a video tutorial because I figured this was the best way to show you guys. This is the link to the video but it’s also embedded below:

David also did a video tutorial on this, in case you want to see his as well to understand it better:

In case you are not able to see the videos, I’ll write down some quick steps below:

  1. Make sure the avatar that you are trying to position has given you their edit rights under permissions.
  2. Bring up the edit box by pressing “ctrl 3” or by editing any object.
  3. Once the edit window is open, right click on the avatar you want to position and you should see arrows pop up so you can position and rotate them.
  4. Position them and take your snapshot. This will also work great with group or couples portraits to make the avatars fit properly rather than adjusting the pose itself.

I hope my explanation was simple and easy to understand. Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

» For more of my tutorials, check out my tutorials page.

UPDATE: Watch part 2 of this tutorial with information on how to move your OWN avatar, details here: Moving your own Avatar!

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