My SL Movie Poster Challenge!

There's Something About Berry!

Before I start talking about today’s Monday Meme I just wanted to address something. Every week I have someone messaging me saying that what I’m doing every Monday on my blog is not a meme, it’s a blog challenge. I absolutely understand that these are not “typical” internet memes, especially the ones I’ve been doing lately. I admit, I did start with typical BLOG memes that consist of a series of questions that people can answer, but now it has evolved into poetry and other challenges. I don’t mind that because it’s something different and refreshing to see and read. So from now on, to make those that are annoyed with the fact that I keep calling them memes, lol, I will change it up and sometimes write meme, or challenge or nothing at all. I do however like the idea of calling these “My Monday Memes” because it has a nice ring to it and keeps me disciplined about doing them every Monday.

Anyhow, now that we have gotten the explanation out of the way, let me go on to the challenge for this week. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but I was afraid it might be frowned upon for copyright reasons or something. However, I’ve spoken to a few people about it and since I’m just inspired by the movie poster and not actually copying anything directly from it (I’ve used my own images, logos, wording and even changed the fonts) and also since I am not “selling” anything, it should be ok. My SL movie poster is of course inspired by “There’s Something about Mary” one of my favorite movies!

Monday Meme Instructions: The challenge for this week is to create a movie poster for your SL Avatar or SLife. You can base it off an original movie poster or think of a completely new idea of your own! Get creative and have some fun with it! Remember to leave your link in this meme’s comments so others can come by and see your poster as well.

A big thank you to Rogan Diesel of Diesel Works for making this custom pose for me. It is really hard to get the avatar to bend like this without a lot of distortion and I also had to adjust my shape quite a bit. I had to make my legs really small and put my arms at 100 to reach my knees, lol! I definitely won’t be wearing this adjusted shape anywhere. Check out Diesel Works for more awesome poses and props! Thanks Rogan! <3 So that's the challenge for today. I hope you guys participate, I think it'll be a riot to see everyone's posters! Please remember that you can participate in any of the memes/challenges at any time. You’ll find them all under my Blog Challenges category along with other memes and challenges I’ve done over the years. If you put your poster on flickr, feel free to share it in the Blog Memes Flickr Group.

*Skin: Glam Affair – Cleo – America – 05 C by Aida Ewing
Hair: [LeLutka]-SCARLET hair by Thora Charron
*Dress: coldLogic dress – bailey.watermelon (XS) by coldLogic
*Mesh Feet & Hands: SLink by Siddean Munro
*Skin Appliers: Glam Affair America by Aida Ewing
Sandals: Slink Ilena Sandals Large White by Siddean Munro
*Pose: Diesel Works custom pose by Rogan Diesel

210 thoughts on “My SL Movie Poster Challenge!

  1. anderian sugarplum says:

    Can not wait to try this out!!!

  2. […] not as much as I used to do before but I won’t quit my blog! I wanted badly to do one of Strawberry‘s Meme, because I didn’t have time  I’ll post it today, trying to keep […]

  3. […] not as much as I used to do before but I won’t quit my blog! I wanted badly to do one of Strawberry‘s Meme, because I didn’t have time  I’ll post it today, trying to keep […]

  4. […] well, that’s funny….just when I was making this blogpost, Strawberry Singh published her new Monday Meme for this week, about creating your SL Filmposter with your favourite […]

  5. […] trying another Monday meme, this time a Movie poster challenge I went with Amelie which mean’t changing my shape to incorporate the giant […]

  6. […] is at it again with her Monday memes and challenges. This week the challenge is to do with movies. The instructions are seemingly easy, as Strawberry […]

  7. OK… I had to give it a go. Just wish I was better with a graphics paintbrush…

  8. […] new idea of your own! Get creative and have some fun with it! Remember to leave your link in this meme’s comments so others can come by and see your poster as […]

  9. AWw this is going to be fun!

  10. Actually, when Richard Dawkins coined the term “meme” in his 1976 book “The Selfish Gene,” he was using an analogy to the concept of a gene. Genes are biological “life” or “units” that use human hosts to reproduce themselves… and Memes are cognitive “ideas” or “units of culture” that use human hosts to reproduce themselves.

    So, while all your “challenges” may not exactly fit the form of the “internet meme” circa 2010’s, I think your use of the term “meme” is actually correct, since a “challenge” is an idea that propagates from person to person, not by “genetic material” but by “idea material”

  11. Berry!
    What an original and creative Monday Meme! I had so much fun putting this together! Thank you!!

  12. Great poster Berry! And what a fun idea! HEY! What about setting up a space, a “gallery” at LEA11 and letting peeps put their “memes” (haha, or “challenges” or whatever they’re called… their Movie Posters! up on display?

  13. Here is my first attempt – I may be tempted to make a couple more later on.

  14. Yeah, it’s kind of ironic now that people are claiming what you do isn’t a meme because it doesn’t fit the non-academic use of the word (meaning unit of media people pass around). I think the structure of what you do is very memelike, as it changes as different people interact with the ideas.

  15. Van & Deoridhe, yeah, LOL I dunno tbh, I think sometimes some people just need to find something to object to. Oh well, I’ll still call them My Monday Memes and I’ll put challenge or meme whenever I feel it appropriate.

    Van, I would love that! However, I am really busy in RL this week cuz of my exam so I dunno how to arrange it or whatever. If you want to help me out with that or something, let me know. I just won’t be around much this week.

    I am loving the memes so far, thanks everyone! :D

  16. Fun meme/theme :P

    Here is mine for this monday! Hope i whont get a biggy bill ! xD

  17. Great Berry, let’s do it — should be easy — I’ll make a space near the ABC Gym… and just like decorating Treadmills, peeps can use the VB Friends tag to rez there. I could make a stock poster shape that they could “Buy for L$0” and put their poster on (and stretch as needed) or they could just rez fresh… I’ll put up your poster to get it started… back in a bit with an LM! :)

  18. […] Meme Monday everyone! I love Meme Monday and today Berry has an awesome challenge for us although my blog title sort of gives it away so I can’t be all TA DA about […]

  19. Okeee, I m addicted to your memes, Berry and addicted to movies anyway :) Awesome fun!
    Here`s mine:

    Cheerio, Hills :)

  20. […] Strawberry Singh has chosen movie posters as her challenge this Monday, and at first I had no idea what I could possibly do as a movie poster. It must have been only a few seconds later that it dawned on me; I have mohawks. Mohawks. Then the wheels began to churn and churn and I started assaulting the Web until I finally located it, my brilliant idea. […]

  21. kk, I set up your “Movie Poster Art Gallery” here:

    My sister Fiona has some stuff with transparency etc kind of overlapping there ATM… but there’s lots of space nearby… so hopefully she can come on in a bit and move it over and then peeps can come by and post their movie posters! Yay!

  22. My Little Work for the Monday meme.

    Greetings Sherazade Szuster.

  23. […] new idea of your own! Get creative and have some fun with it! Remember to leave your link in this meme’s comments so others can come by and see your poster as well. Building for me is often an exersize in prim […]

  24. I’m in! Will have it ready to show soon.

  25. […] offered a challenge to all us bloggers, to make a picture with our avatar in a movie poster. I finally decided to go with a good old […]

  26. Alright, here’s mine…well, two as I’m undecisive :P

  27. Aprilmae Devin says:

    I don’t usually do Berry’s meme’s (although I read them all) ’cause I am too lazy and usually too naughty ;-) (don’t want to shame poor Berry or anything LOL) but this one caught my eye. So here goes:

    this one is pg, btw so safe to peek at.

  28. I couldn’t resist this time so here is mine:
    There’s a link to read the post in English.

  29. […] that said, I couldn’t resist participating in this week’s Berry blog challenge which involved taking inspiration from a movie poster. To me, the ultimate iconic movie poster is JAWS and, since I’ve been loving my Sugar Glider […]

  30. […] or think of a completely new idea of your own! Get creative and have some fun with it! Remember to leave your link in this meme’s comments so others can come by and see your poster as […]

  31. Took me all day, between RL stuff going on, but I finished it! It was actually supposed to be my entry for tomorrow, but I hit “Publish” instead of “Schedule”. DOH!

  32. […] Monday Meme Instructions: The challenge for this week is to create a movie poster for your SL Avatar or SLife. You can base it off an original movie poster or think of a completely new idea of your own! Get creative and have some fun with it! You can see Berry’s fabulous post here: […]

  33. Thanks for the great Monday Meme! And here is mine:



  34. I gave it a try, but i am not as good as others

  35. […] Miss Berry has chosen to challenge us to create a movie poster – read all about it here at her blog – and hey – I love movies, I love making posters and I love strong women doing Martial […]

  36. […] This is my entry for Strawberry Singh’s SL Movie Poster Challenge. […]

  37. […] THEN…there’s Ms. Strawberry Singh, up to goodness again at her fantabulous blog! Her MONDAY MEME/CHALLENGE is really something, this time…and I’m all over it! I want to make a TON of these film […]

  38. This one really got me going, Strawberry! What fun! I think I’ll make a whole set of these…just to see what I can come up with in the process. As usual…this is totally brill!
    I am enjoying seeing the others from movieville as well – so creative, everyone!
    Hugs all around!

  39. Just wanted to add that while I am a big supporter of copyrights, I believe our posters (assuming they are made by US) are covered under the parody section of copyright law. More on that at wikipedia here:

  40. […] Miss Strawberry Singh set a new monday meme called My SL Movie Poster Challenge! Well i couldn’t resist giving it a go myself and so i created a movie poster for my favourite […]

  41. I’ve actually done two. Because.. well…. one was for hair fair before the challenge, and I wanted to do Breakfast at Tiffany’s: So it fits.. and I couldn’t help it, I saw it, and I worked on this.. I love the last Hermione Harry Potter poster, for the last movie, so I did my own spin on it, using pictures I took on my trip to Universal and Canada! First time I actually cut out a screen, and quite happy with the results, finally one that fits:

  42. […] new idea of your own! Get creative and have some fun with it! Remember to leave your link in this meme’s comments so others can come by and see your poster as […]

  43. Berry this was an awesome challenge I Love seeing all the creative juices flowing all over everyones blogs/flickrs!!! Great job !!

  44. […] like dozens of Monday’s before it, our own Strawberry Singh issued her weekly “Monday Meme Challenge.” This week’s treat for her readers is to create a movie poster for their avatar, as […]

  45. […] bloggers are aware of Strawberry Singh’s Monday Memes. Her latest challenge […]

  46. […] Look, I did a thing. It’s for Strawberry’s Monday Meme, where she had us do our own movie posters! Boy was this right up my alley, eh? I’m such a movie buff, not to mention the fact that I’m a video editor in real life. Needless to say that I was all over this. I decided on Men in Black because I’m on a 90′s kick lately and freaking, every single 90′s movie was amazing. Best decade of movies in my opinion (Besides the glorious golden age back in the 30′s to 40′s that is) ~ I was able to grab a lovely person from my plurk timeline to help me and it was so much fun to set up for. The credits are a bit messed up but my eyes hurt after an hour of just doing those, so I kinda was like SCREW IT by the end. I’d like to also thank my plurk timeline for providing me with names that I could use in the credits! If you wanna take part in this challenge, find out more here! […]

  47. Kailee Soulstar says:

    *takes a deep breath* I gave it a try. Here’s my attempt!

  48. Well not sure if machinima posters count as well, but I made a few posters for previous machinima I made. :D Here are the links!

  49. […] terrible film d’horreur REC, en réponse au challenge lancé par la très célèbre blogueuse StrawBerry Singh. Berry lance chaque lundi un nouveau […]

  50. Greetingsssss

    woot woot…well first of all I have to thank lot Miss Strawberry for everything she do or post I red and wanted to participate and today i didnt think twice…I really really lovedd idea and here its my contribution hope you like it all

    well..I didnt think of my best movie -which are thrillers hihi- but I followed some tuto

  51. look like my link didnt apparear..I will paste it here and see

  52. […] new idea of your own! Get creative and have some fun with it! Remember to leave your link in this meme’s comments so others can come by and see your poster as […]

  53. […] this week? i am totally all over it!! i can handle making a movie poster.. and i picked one of my favorite movies to parody, […]

  54. I just had to do this poster. How much fun is that!

  55. […] I also had to mod my shape a bit too, I made her SUPA TALL, like, I maxxed out the height stuff. Strawberry Singh issued this challenge and since I was already making movie inspired pictures for the Hair Fair Contest…I thought […]

  56. […] week’s Meme from Strawberry Singh was just too fun.  This week you have to make an SL Movie Poster using your own avatar.  You can […]

  57. […] couldn’t wait to do the Monday Meme put forth by Strawberry Singh this week! I knew immediately what I would want to do, and exactly how I would do it. I love when […]

  58. […] Anyways, I decided I was gonna do this one, after I like FINALLY something that -I- can have a rather decent interest in! YES! I am a big movie buff my main genre evolves around Horror, Japanese Horror, Korean, and etc. Gore, just bring it on! SO, I picked I Spit on Your Grave as my movie meme, staring Synful Ghost.  If you don’t know what it is, I was suggest you watch the original first, then the remake.  For more Meme’s visit Strawberry Singh’s blog: […]

  59. Khannea SunTzu says:

    There’s something inside Khani :)

  60. […] You all be sure to read Strawberry’s original blogpost with all the info and details on this MEME! […]

  61. Max and I had so much fun with this Berry! Great idea and good timing with all the plurk stuff going on!

    Here’s our blogpost

  62. […] week the challenge from Miss Berry is Movie Posters. I’m not the best photo editor in the world. I’ve never been able to get the hang of […]

  63. This was a fantastic idea! I had too much fun with this!

    <3 Maci

  64. Love reading your posts. I tried the movie poster challenge, and as you can see. Not as good as yours, but it’s my first.

  65. […] Hump Day!! This past Monday Strawberry Singh (or troublemaker in some circles lol) issued an “SL Movie Poster Challenge” and OH MUH GAWD did people rise to the challenge! You can check out the creative and funny […]

  66. I loved this meme but struggled with it because there are so many movies I love lol! I settles on one finally: Great job with this challenge Berry! I really enjoy your crazy ideas!!

  67. Hiya I did the challenge! I did it using Kill Bill Vol. 1 as inspiration here’s a link

  68. […] I N K Y . L I N K Y • Strawberry / Movie Poster Challenge • LEA11 / Berry’s Monday Meme Gallery • iRez / Posting your poster […]

  69. OMG so many amazing projects!! Wow!! Here’s mine:

    Meanwhile after being open for 24 hours… 25 peeps have come by Berry’s Monday Meme Gallery @LEA11 in SL to post their posters. Very cool! The first batch of posters got filled up quickly yesterday, and we’ve now put a fresh batch out for peeps to post.

    Congratulations on all the fantastic work everyone! And thank you for the awesome challenge Berry!

  70. […] day looking around for couple poses for a shoot i wanted to do,the movie poster challenge from straweberrysingh monday meme and i found that GLITTERATI  has a close down sale until jun 30th with 50% discount […]

  71. […] past Monday, she did one called My SL Movie Poster Challenge and this is my entry. I based mine on the movie About Cherry (click the link to see the original […]

  72. […] Singh created a blog challenge to “create a movie poster for your SL avatar or SLife.” So here’s my […]

  73. What a great idea!!! My selected movie was obvious, but some of the entries here were surprising. Here’s mine:

  74. […] …Strawberry Singh! […]

  75. After being a silent admirer of your Monday Memes for weeks, I decided to put my SL duties apart and have some Photoshop fun :)
    I like horror movies so…. here you go:

  76. […] have to forgive me the pun… Ever since Miss Berry issued her weekly blogger challenge… I’ve known it was going to be Hepburn. Had to be Hepburn. With the help of the always […]

  77. […] Strawberry Singh has a new challenge to bloggers, Movie Posters! […]

  78. I couldnt resist this challenge. Here is mine, inspired by The Great Gatsby :)

  79. […] My SL Movie Poster Challenge is an ode to one of my top 10 favorite chick flicks and […]

  80. As a very classic Audrey Hepburn worshiping fashionista, I did Breakfast at Tiffany’s, of course:

  81. […] saw Berry’s SL movie meme and so many well done entries in the Flickr group that I decided to do one of my own. This is my […]

  82. Here’s my first attempt at doing a meme. Thanks for this great idea. It was loads of fun.

  83. I couldn’t help but do another one. lol (Rashdance)

  84. […] The Fabulous Ms. Berry had a challenge this week.  Movie Posters!  Check it out here! […]

  85. There is mine. Wow.. so so many. I couldn’t make it through them all, so not sure if anyone else tried this one. One of my current fav movies, but harder for me since I don’t really Photoshop. Very fun though!

  86. Oh, I forgot to mention, Art Box, has some VERY fun premade sets, some even with free props, that you can put yourself in and pose in. Some of the posters I did see in here had some of the same themes. That is a great place to play and fun for people who need a little help or who don’t Photoshop. It’s located at:

  87. […] highly creative Strawberry Singh brought bloggers another challenge this week Sounds straightforward and fun I thought so I  jumped into it..or at least tired. I […]

  88. I just finished my response to your challenge. I focused on the film Emmanuelle. My blogpost about it is at

    and the photo is posted to the Blog Memes for Second Life viewers FLICKR group.

  89. […] Singh posted her latest challenge on her blog which was to create a our own movie poster. I felt so inspired from all the posters I […]

  90. Loved the idea, which why I attempted it! Hopefully I will do more of these.

  91. […] was so thrilled when I noticed SS’s new meme challenge because it is always fun to create look-a-likes. I even asked from my FB friends what movie they […]

  92. Diarmuid Miklos says:

    I never really do memes, but this was too good an opportunity to miss. Here’s mine :)

  93. […] had to do it even though I am so far behind on so many things I had not planned to do Berry’s SL Movie Poster Challenge at all. However, when I was trying to finish things up for our Blogger Carnival at SL10B and SL […]

  94. I could not resist – So here is my poster, The Silence of the Prims.

  95. heres me and my lovely wife posing for our sl movie poster :) from the movie cheech and chong up in smoke :) all credits goto fiona cloudring ( my wife) for doing such an amazing pic

  96. heres a pic of me and fiona my darling wife its based on the movie cheech n chong up in smoke it was really fun to do and all credit goes to fiona

  97. I had a look in the poster garden this morning when I was installing mine… some amazing work and so many!

  98. I’ve made a few movie posters featuring my own and my friends avies. But I go the extra distance and make the actual film also lol. Here’s My latest


    Many moons ago, Nov 2009 actually, I made a movie poster for the excellent Maxwell Graf’s Rustica Island, remember that? Sadly the island group is no longer with is, but here is the Movie Poster and a little blurb about the Islands/

  100. Berry, I hope you do not mind, but I had to make that second one. It was impossible for me not to:

  101. Gah Im late getting my movie poster out here but

  102. […] Hai y’all. So I did this meme that Berry started with doing our avies into our own little spin of movie posters. This is basically what I […]

  103. inkie Loudwater says:

    Berry this challenge was the most fun till now I really love to see all the work done by others

  104. Hello! This was fun. My first time on a blogger meme. I posted in the Flickr group also. Very fun!

    Here’s: Windlight in the Garden of Good and Evil

  105. OMG. this seems to have almost meme proportions!!! Here’s mine:

  106. I really had way too much fun with this. Thank you so much for the inspiration, Berry!!

  107. October Poe says:

    Posted to my (new) blog:

  108. […] I’ve been meaning to do one of Strawberry Singh’s blog challenges for a while, but I’ve never got around to it… However, when her most recent challenge popped up on my reader, I got started almost right away, sorting through my small collection of DVDs to find a simple cover I could recreate in Second Life for the SL Movie Poster Challenge. […]

  109. I’ve loved seeing everyone’s movie posters this week. I gave it a go too, so here’s mine

  110. […] I decided to go along and do the Strawberry Singh SL movie poster meme. It was hard for me to decide on which movie to choose because I love wayyyy […]

  111. […] today’s post is brief, but not exactly phoned in.  Strawberry Singh ‘s weekly meme presented a fun challenge and I wrestled with which movie poster to mimic.   I chose […]

  112. I played with it. Loved it. Thanks Strawberry for bringing inspiration when mine is waning!

  113. […] Singh issued another challenge/meme which sparked my interest – creating a movie poster. A huge thank you to Aranel Ah for doing this with me! <3 Click this link to view her cooler […]

  114. […] I did my first ever meme today, Strawberry’s Singh’s SL Movie Poster Challenge =D Read about the challenge here and see all the other amazing posters other bloggers have done. Hope you enjoy reading why I chose […]

  115. […] Blogpost zum Bild: My SL Movie Poster Challenge! […]

  116. Here is my movie poster for the challenge :) It was a fun one!

  117. […] is my response to Strawberry Singh’s challenge to make a movie poster starring your Second Life avatar. Bay has been in quite a few machinima, […]

  118. Never knew we had so many movie stars in SL! Here’s mine.

  119. […] I am excited to switch it up with this post since I decided to partisipate in this weeks Strawberry Singhe challange.  It was such a fun idea that I new I had to get in and blogging can get repetiscious without new […]

    I so enjoyed this! Your blog, meme’s, challenges and personality are becoming addicting! seems I am not the only one though, keep up the good work. I went with Black Swan, hope you enjoy.

  121. […] … for the SL Movie Poster Challenge. […]

  122. You guys I am totally blown away by all of the posters. It was great to see so much creativity coming from the community. I really appreciate you guys participating and I hope you had fun doing so. Feel free to continue doing this meme or any of my memes at any time, there is no end date to them and I’d love to see more posters! I’ve posted this week’s meme now, you can see all of them at this link:

    Thanks again! <3

  123. And here’s mine, I’m so late tho lol!

    LOVED this challenge. :)

  124. […] To read the original post: […]

  125. […] Singh has been running a movie poster blog challenge and I thought I would have a go.  I just had to be James Bond of […]

  126. I’ve never tried one of these before but this was a lot of fun. I just had to be James Bond of course.

  127. Sofiya Algoma says:

    I wanted to try this challenge for a long time, so here its, and one of my fav movies

  128. […] what better way to get the creative juices flowing than doing a fun little meme right? Thanks to Strawberry Singh I chose to do a meme for a movie poster. Mine was inspired by this 50′s move Attack of the […]

  129. Thanks Strawberry for thinking up this meme it was so fun!

  130. […] pictures using Photoshop > Most Popular Meme/Challenge: What’s Your Digits Challenges and My SL Movie Poster Challenge! > Most Popular Blog Post (not including tutorials or memes): Maitreya Mesh Body and Mesh […]

  131. […] of you have been contacting me requesting that I do older memes again, such as this digits one, the Movie Poster one as well as wanting me to create another Flat Person to tote around the grid and some others. I […]

  132. With the entire world currently having some 7 billion people living in it, finding ‘the one’
    may seem like such a difficult, if not impossible, quest.
    However, while the image is formed of dark-coloured dyes, the final image does not reproduce colour.

    Chances are, you will not be able to handle intense, frank correspondence with more than two-three ladies at

  133. […] Monday and for this week’s Monday Meme I have decided to bring back my Second Life Movie Poster Challenge that I first did back in 2013. I’ve brought this challenge back today because since 2013, numerous people have asked me to […]

  134. It’s 2016 and I’ve brought back the movie poster challenge! Hope you can participate once again! <3

  135. […] Monday and for this week’s Monday Meme I have decided to bring back my Second Life Movie Poster Challenge that I first did back in 2013. I’ve brought this challenge back today because since 2013, numerous people have asked me to do it […]

  136. Hmm it looks like your blog ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I
    guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything.

    Do you have any recommendations for newbie blog writers?

    I’d definitely appreciate it.

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