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Baja Norte

Baja Norte
(click here for a raw shot)

Today is day 5 of Avatar Blogger Month and I haven’t missed a day yet, aren’t you proud?

Today I visited the beautiful Baja Norte sim with my friend Magenta Devinna. She took the third image in this post for me. I absolutely LOVE her photography and her writing is so entertaining. If you haven’t visited her blog, you should click over and take a look: Not Quite Pink

Baja Norte

I’m wearing the latest release from ColdLogic. They released the perfect summer dresses today! I loved the cut of this one so decided to use poses that would make a statement. The poses are from the Gown in mesh Set by BeloD Poses.

The leather wedges are from Hucci and they have to be worn with the SLink avatar enhancement mesh feet. Siddean Munro has brilliantly offered a developers kit for the SLink mesh feet to those that would like to create shoes and other accessories to go with them. Seeing all of the collaborations with this is very exciting and I’m looking forward to seeing what else designers create.

I also had the opportunity to pose for the vendor ad to this gorgeous jewelry set. Caelan Hancroft asked me if I’d like to and I was so thrilled because I adore her jewelry. This is the ad on her flickr and it’s currently available at FaMESHed. The set comes in a variety of colors and metals, all scripted to make your life easier.

Berry by Skittles
Photo by Magenta Devinna

One thing I wanted to talk about before I end this post. The last few days a couple of people have messaged me and asked me how I get my pictures looking sharp as the ones they take tend to be on the blurrier side. Aside from a bit of sharpening in Photoshop, the biggest thing I do that I know helps improve my pictures quite a bit is I take my snapshots at the highest resolution possible. Currently to avoid glitches and black boxes, this is the resolution I take it at:

If you take your snapshots at screen size or smaller, they will always be a lot blurrier and have lesser detail in them. This is also why the raw shots you see on my sl profile feed (such as this one) always look a lot blurrier as well, because I take the profile feed shots at a smaller resolution.

I hope that was easy to understand and it helps you guys out with your images. If you have any further questions, feel free to email me.

*Skin: Glam Affair – Cleo – America – 05 C by Aida Ewing
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Glacial River, w4) by Arkesh Baral
*Hair: TRUTH HAIR Charlize – Browns01 by Truth Hawks
*Dress: coldLogic dress – daines.lagoon (S) by coldlogic
*Shoes: ::HH:: Hucci Embessa Leather Sandals – Collection by Eboni Khan
*Mesh Feet: Slink Mesh Feet (Av) Toes S by Siddean Munro
*Mesh Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual S by Siddean Munro
*Skin Appliers: Glam Affair America by Aida Ewing
*Jewels: Cae :: Kasbah set by Caelan Hancroft (@ FaMESHed June)
*Poses: BeloD Poses – Gown in mesh Set by Betty Draesia
Location: Baja Norte


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

12 thoughts on “Baja Norte

  • 4000 x 2142 … I’m gonna need a better video card. O.O

  • I visited Baja Norte just recently and thought it was really beautiful. It has a lot of interesting details. Did you see the goats?

  • 4000 x 2142? NO problem here 🙂

  • I just upgraded my gcard last week and noticed that if I keep the settings I usually use before on TPV’s (graphics slider to high, resolution at 4000×2029), my pc freezes :/ BUT I’ve been using the SL beta viewer again (this current one) and same settings/resolution, and its really fast now, and I can see the work of the Materials project too, its pretty awesome

  • Thank you so much for the photography advice. It cleared my doubts all this while. <3

  • ooh ooh, 5 days out of 5… only 2 to go till you get your FIRST Gold Starrr! 🙂

    Wow, as with all your pix – that beach location just looks so very amazing!

  • Thank you everyone! <3

    Iolanthe Greymoon no I didn't see the goats! That's interesting, now I have to head back to see if I can find them.

    Bumblebee for me the latest Beta Viewer srsly works the best right now and takes awesome images. It's the only one I've been using.

    Thanks Van <3 Can you believe I made it 5 out of 5 so far. 😀 I CANT WAIT FOR MY GOLD STAR! 😀

  • Thank you so much for the photo information. Before, I used to have that ugly streak whenever I take a high defination shot but when I read this post, I thought I’d give it another try and amazingly, this time it worked!

  • Great post! Havig been a teacher myself, I enjoy it when you share your knowledge about shooting photos in SL. I have used a few of the tips with great success! And YAY for Avatar Blogger Month!

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  • Thank you Moon and Lizzie, I’m glad the tips are working out for you! <3

  • At any given time, there’s an SL machinima making the rounds that captures my imagination and I obsess over, watching it pretty much every day. Right now, it’s Erythro Asimov’s laid back “Baja Norte-That’s How It Goes” shot at the Baja Norte sim, with perfect accompaniment by Javolenus.

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