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I met Rodvik Linden!

I met Rodvik Linden!

Earlier today I met Rodvik Linden, also known as Rod Humble in the real world! Draxtor Despres asked me to take a picture of Mr. Linden for an upcoming Drax Files episode. I was really nervous, can you tell? After the shoot, I asked if we can all take a pic together for my blog and that’s when I noticed that Rod was wearing a facelight and that made me have a giggle-fit, dunno why!? Anyhow, I didn’t process this picture at all cuz I thought we all looked so adorably goofy so I left it as is!

Rod Humble will be in Episode 7 of The Drax Files which will be released on June 3rd. I’ll blog about it again that day so you don’t miss it.

In this episode, Rod talks about his passion, his second life and how avatar identity and the freedom of SL is ahead a generation in concept. He also talks about creative platforms and how the sustainability is amazing. He refers to the community driven businesses in SL and believes the game industry is rinse and repeat and is possibly envying the success of SL!

I can tell this episode is going to be absolutely epic and I just cannot wait to see it. Make sure to click over to youtube and subscribe to Draxtor’s channel so you can check it out as soon as it’s released:


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