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Truth Model Search

Truth Model Search

I’m pretty sure out of the 100K inventory that I have, at least a quarter of that must be Truth hair. I’m going to admit something that you guys might shake your head at, I’ve never ever deleted any Truth hair. No wonder my inventory is insane, right? Well what can I say, I am a true Truth addict and I just cannot get myself to delete any of it.

However, now that Truth has released new hair today with updated color packs, I may just do some spring cleaning to make room for the new goodies. He has six new releases for us, they are at a temporary location so check his flickr for the details (they are also on marketplace). He has added a variety pack as well for those who like to change their skintones and hair colors all the time, like me! Another thing I love is that he has added the fades in the color packs so now you don’t have to purchase two different packs. You can pick up a FREE DEMO of all the colors on marketplace at this link. You’ll notice that demo pack also comes with all of his hairbases in every color, for free!

Finally, not only has he had a big release today, but he just announced a very exciting contest which I know a lot of you will be interested in. Click over and join the Truth Model Search flickr group. The contest starts today and ends June 1st. You can win gift certificates along with becoming a “Truth Model” and having your picture displayed in the store! Make sure to pay attention to the rules, the picture has to be a minimum 2048×2048 in size. That’s usually a lot bigger than what I upload to flickr so I had to keep that in mind when doing this picture.

He didn’t say anything about nudity so I’m not sure if my picture here will qualify, but I am adding it anyways. The reason I wanted to go nude today was because I wanted to show off my sexy new skin. I’m sort of in love with it. I think it makes me look quite exotic. The skin is Aria from League and it’s a preview of what’s to come. I’m excited to see the rest of the Aria line. I’m wearing the golden tone and I also picked up the appliers for the SLink hands, feet and also for my Lolas tango! I’ll probably be doing more pictures with all the appliers soon. So head down to League and pick up a demo.

Good luck in the contest! <3 Skin: League
*Hair: Truth
Truth Model Search:
Edit: Read Truth’s blog post for more details.


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

9 thoughts on “Truth Model Search

  • Bear Silvershade

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t ever get into Truth during the sale – especially since Truth makes some of the very best male hair. Oh well, just means more money to spend on new designs, hope there is a few in there for the guys.

  • Bear, the sale is still going on, Truth Hawks continued it, it ends on the 19th ^_^

  • anjali Insoo

    sl without truth would be (almost) a no-go, same here, none of the hair i could ever delete.

    i totally love to hear the fades part, i was always in a fight, which one to take, great great news !!

    to get to truth, best for me was to have the lm in my favs and hit it endless, hope it works for you too …

  • Bear Silvershade

    Excellent! I didn’t know that it was extended that long!

  • Awesome snap! And its so nice that Truth extended the sale again! Time to go shopping for a photo shoot!!!

  • He’d be mad not to hire you. You’ve got more looks in your bag of tricks (inventory) than I’ve had hot dinners. I think Truth is a great guy. I once, rather pathetically mind you, whined in a blog post that I would give anything to have a Truth hair named after me…guess what? He did it. Isn’t that amazing of him? Beautiful pic BTW.

  • I just tried the Aria skin from League myself and fell in love. She has always been one of my favorite clothiers, and now she is one of my favorite skin makers as well!

  • Recently I took aaaaaaaaall my Truth hair and boxes every style and kept only the Fudge oclor (I have a Light Browns pack of many of the styles there) and I was down over 2k in inventory count instantly. 😀

  • Thank you guys! You’re all so sweet. <3 I hope y'all are entering the contest too!

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