My SL Guilty Confessions Meme

My Second Life Guilty Confessions Meme

I think we all do things in our lives that we’re not incredibly proud of, but we still do them out of habit or just because it’s something we feel strongly about and don’t necessarily always want everyone to know about them. One of my real life guilty confessions is my obsessive love for Golden Girls reruns. I cannot resist them. If I know they will be on, I will drop everything and grab some munchies and just sit and enjoy them. Yes, I know, I need help.

Anyhow, I thought it would be fun to reveal some of our second life guilty confessions. I’m going to share five of mine, but I’m not putting a number on this meme as I know not everyone will want to admit many so just share whatever you like. However, you don’t need to go overboard on the sharing (like confession bear here), cuz you know, I don’t want anyone going to Second Life jail or anything after doing this meme! (Is there a Second Life jail?)

Meme instructions: Share 1 to 10 of your top second life guilty confessions. Remember to leave your link in this meme’s post so others can come by and read your answers as well!

  1. My inventory number is over 100K (again) – If you are on my plurk timeline you may already know about this one, but for the past several weeks I have been struggling to get rid of some stuff from my inventory. My highest was at 128K and I slowly started to bring it down and I even got it under 100K about two weeks ago but now it’s over 100K again. :-/ I’m going to keep trying but it is just so difficult to keep up with everything and try to keep it low at the same time. I feel soooo guilty about it because I know how much smoother and faster SL runs with a lower inventory number so I’m going to keep trying but I know this will always be a continuous struggle for me.
  2. I am naked or half-dressed most of the time – Because my inventory is such an incredible mess and I don’t have a lot of time to sort stuff out. I am usually naked or mostly naked or just really badly dressed anytime I am not blogging, in a photoshoot or have any other kind of appointment with someone. I also really wanted to do Magenta’s Basics Blog challenge but I couldn’t because I don’t really have any basics! I just remove/detach all and stand around with no AO. In fact (it never fails) I will be bald, shoe-less and probably won’t even have pants on and I’ll teleport over to a store real quick to pick up something I need for a look I’m planning to blog and I will run into someone, “OMG HI BERRY, SO NICE TO SEE YOU HERE.” And I’m all like, “OH HI SO WONDERFUL TO SEE YOU TOO” meanwhile in my head I’m thinking, “CAN I JUST DIE NOW?” Over 100K in my inventory and this is how I travel the grid. THIS IS MY SECOND LIFE!
  3. I usually only wear things once – Because my inventory is the never ending abyss, once it’s lost in there, it’s gone forever. So unless I have saved the outfit right away or for some odd reason I actually opened the box in my objects folder and actually filed away the folder in the right clothing folder instead of leaving it in the root inventory folder like the thousands of other items, most probably I will never find it again. What does that mean? That means that most of the time, I usually only wear things once and then I forget about them. How do I remember them and wear them again? By looking them up in my blog posts. And that is why I make the extra effort of trying to write everything clearly and properly in my credits so I don’t have a problem of searching and looking it up in my inventory when I need to. THIS IS MY SECOND LIFE!
  4. I have to buy all things Berry – It’s like an addiction. If it has a berry on it, I feel like I have to have it. Thankfully, a lot of people gift me strawberry items all the time so I have quite a huge collection of strawberry-themed things (which I rarely blog btw because of course, MY INVENTORY) but yeah if you put a strawberry on it, chances are I will hunt it down and buy it so it can be lost in my inventory with the thousands of other items.
  5. I’m a silent boycotter – Ok this one’s pretty serious and might get me some hate mail but I’m a HUGE silent boycotter. If you are a designer or even a blogger and you are a total douchebag on plurk, any other social network, or to a close friend of mine, I will boycott you without hesitation, I am not even joking! But I do it silently, without telling anyone. I just remove you from every social network, delete any items I have (whatever helps my inventory, right?), never ever blog your store or read your blog (remove it from my reader) and then pretend that you don’t exist. So if you’re the kind of person that is a sore loser and throws tantrums if they don’t win a contest, or if you like to get drunk and spew racist slurs on voice in waterhead or if you like to be a snarky bitch about every little thing that doesn’t even concern you in every single plurk, than I probably no longer notice your existence. But I’m not totally heartless (sometimes). I’ve forgiven people if I’ve seen them do something nice and I’ll blog them again if they show me they are not really the douchebag I thought they were. But honestly, that has really only happened once or twice. So yeah, I may not be very vocal in expressing my dislike for people, but I do not promote them in any way. I just ignore them and go on with my day. I’ve added this as a guilty confession because it may be a bit of a petty thing on my part. I can be mature and not let people’s behaviors dictate how and what I blog or read. But I figure, it’s my Second Life and blog….and why should I? There are thousands of other designers and bloggers to promote and read. Also, it’s not like me not blogging them or reading their blog is really going to affect them any, it’s just for my own satisfaction.

So these are my guilty confessions. Pretty goofy and petty, aren’t I? Ah well, tis my second life. I’m not proud of all these things but at least now that they are out there, I’ll be more inclined to straighten myself up and work on improving them.

I wanted a cute guilty stamp tattoo to wear on my tummy for this post but I couldn’t find one on marketplace so I quickly made this one myself. It didn’t turn out as nicely as I would have liked, but I think it looks ok. I’m going to send it to my Berrylicious group inworld for free later today. If you’d like it, you can join and find it in the notices.

Please remember that you can participate in any of the memes at any time. You’ll find them all under my Blog Challenges category along with other memes and challenges I’ve done over the years. If you do an image for your meme and put it on flickr, feel free to share it in the Blog Memes Flickr Group.

Thank you for participating in my memes. Some of you have told me how much you’ve been enjoying them and it makes me happy to know people like them as much as I do, so thank you! <3 Credits: *Skin: Glam Affair - Margot - India Clean - Dark brown by Aida Ewing (@ Collabor88 May)
*Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sunny Mesh Hair – Chocolate by MissAllSunday Lemon (@ FaMESHed May)
*Top: .: Somnia :. Moustache Top {Black} {S} by Sanura Snowpaw (@ The 100 Block)
*Jeans: :[Plastik]:-Militia Skinnies [S-Cuff]://Dark by Aikea Rieko
*Mesh Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Casual by Siddean Munro
Sunglasses: =DeLa*= Sunglasses “De1” for Ladies on head by Kuranosuke Kamachi
Tattoo: – Guilty Tattoo by Strawberry Singh (Free in Berrylicious Group)
Pose: Pics n Poses-F-I Dunno by Sue Hunniton

70 thoughts on “My SL Guilty Confessions Meme

  1. lol..I can relate no. 4. I bought things that have the word Nieve..usually when it comes to hair.

  2. Regarding #5, I couldn’t agree with you more – although I sometimes tend to be a vocal boycotter. And there’s another reason for which I boycott certain content creators: finding out that they use spyware for “security” and “copybot prevention”. Not only do I immediately classify them as buyers of snake oil (as these systems can easily be bypassed), but I also find these people to be extremely disrespectful towards everyone that visits their shops: to them, it seems that every visitor is a potential copybotter. So, no more L$ from me to them.

  3. Kismet Faith says:

    Great post! I am also a silent boycotter! Glad to see that I’m not the only one who does it.

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  5. Number 5 is the best way to avoid unpleasant people in Second Life !
    Thanks for sharing, my Inventory will seem empty too my now …but not to the point that I am able to find something in it ! ^_^

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  7. Well here we go. I am interested to see what you all wrote now haha.

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  9. Remind me never to complain about poetry again lol This one is gonna be tough! But I won’t back down…I might just procrastinate a bit ;)

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  11. I boycott personally.

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  14. Guilt = need to eat cake… which creates the need for new clothes .. which results in the exploding inventory … which brings us back to guilt.

    Thanks for another great meme Berry :)

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  16. Oooh. This one will take some thought!

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  18. Thank you Berry for another Meme and you really know how to pick them don’t you?? lol. Here is mine;

  19. I think we all indulge in a little silent boycotting! Here’s my meme:

    Now to read the others!

  20. zzpearlbottom says:

    Block all that ask me Real Life personal info!
    Accept friendship requests with those i know i’ll never had time to speak!
    No matter how i try, still let some think i look for more then a casual sex encounter and hate to tell them i can’t be with them ever again!
    Sometimes i let female avatars friend me for more then friendship, knowing all the above and that i really don’t enjoy female avatars but for real friendship!
    Not derrendering all that look ugly to me!

  21. another great meme! hope this one doesn’t earn me time out in the corner :/

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  23. Took me a while and I am not overly sure but there could be more to add here but that will do for now hehe

  24. Strawberry Hello, now I am completely with you in this madness of the meme, gorgeous! Here is my new …

  25. Took a while to think of things – my SLife is too boring haha! But here we go with mine!

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  27. Holy moly, batman! I actually did a post on my PERSONAL blog! ACK! :D

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  31. Sorry mines a little procrastinated but here it is =P

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  34. Done! Another really fun one! And I can’t get enough of reading everyone’s!

  35. Berry made me Meme! Ermagherd. Also.. So jelly at how hard you rock those pigtails and bangs.

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  41. […] thought long and hard about whether to actually do this meme challenge from Berry because I don’t actually think I’m guilty of anything especially bad enough […]

  42. inkie Loudwater says:

    Hello Strawberry sorry being late was in limbo for some time Being honest is not Always the best pollicy but here are my confessions

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