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6 Years of Second Life

6 years of Second Life

Today is May 9th and it’s also my 6th rezday. Six years ago today I found Second Life and fell in love with a virtual world and its residents. Every year on my rezday I usually do a picture and/or blog post and talk about my second life and thank everyone for being a part of it. This year I wanted to add something to it, something a bit more meaningful. I had picked up this idea about a month ago but it didn’t really turn out as well as I wanted. I was a bit nervous while recording it so I left out a lot of what I also wanted to say and some people that I wanted to mention. However, I’m going to go ahead and post it anyways, just so I can look back on it and it will remind me of all the wonderful memories that I have.

I saw this “Draw my life” challenge on youtube. A lot of my favorite youtubers have been doing it (Like Grace). Basically what you’re supposed to do is draw out your life so far. I wanted to find a way to bring this into Second Life somehow and I figured the best time to do it was on my Rezday.

I tried to look for something inworld that I could use to draw with and I found a few writing pens and utensils (like the Sky Writer) but for some reason, I just had a hard time using them. I figured it might be easier to just do this in Photoshop since it’s the tool I use the most for my Second Life images.

So here we go, I’m going to attempt to draw my Second Life now. Please excuse my goofy drawings, it’s just not what I’m used to and I have a hard time using my tablet. Here is the link to the youtube video, but I’m also embedding it below:

I was thinking about typing out everything I said in the video but I left out so much stuff that I wanted to say and also forgot to mention several close friend’s names that I figured I’d just leave it. In fact, you guys really shouldn’t watch the video at all, it’s pretty embarrassing and you’re just going to be wasting 10 minutes of your life because really, I can’t draw if my life depended on it and then on top of that I can’t even write properly on my tablet so it’s just a mess!

I am going to go ahead and put this in my blog challenges category as I would love to see other SLers draw their life, not sure if any of you will, but it’s set as a challenge anyhow in case y’all want to take it on. I think it can be a fun experience.

So it’s been 6 years of all of this crazyness and I don’t regret a minute of it. I already mentioned several friends in the video that did a lot for me and my Second Life journey, but I forgot to mention many more, such as all those people that support and encourage me that I’ve met on different social networks (especially plurk) and all of you guys that read my blog. You don’t know how much you’ve done for me and how much I’ve learned from you all. Your love and support has not only affected my SL but my RL as well. Thank you so much for teaching me more about myself. <3


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

36 thoughts on “6 Years of Second Life

  • Happy Rez Day, Strawberry! Thank you for your great posts and sharing with us all your amazing experiences, it is always such a pleasure to read them and watch your lovely picks, it makes us realise SL is indeed a beautiful place.

  • Happy Rez Day, Strawberry!And congratulations for your work with this wonderful blog!
    E ora te lo scrivo anche in italiano mia lingua….Tantissimi auguri per il tuo rez day!!!

  • Pauline Clary

    That were 10 very enjoyable minutes of my life Berry! 🙂 Thank you for being here <3

  • Happy Rez Day!! Congrats on not spending any lindens! lol

  • Happy rezz day, Congrats!

  • Happy Rez Day, Strawberry!

    Loving your blog posts and many congrats on this milestone. 🙂

  • Amanda Langely

    Happy Rezz Day to you…Thank you for sharing your experiences in your 6 years in SL..Loved hearing the voice behind the avie..I love your blog and your wonderful pictures

  • Don’t forget, you have been an inspiration to others and made our second lives better by “knowing” you either personally or via your blogs and photos.

    Happy Rez Day, Pretty Lady.

  • This video is so much fun!!! Say what you want about your artistic skills, they are better than mine. Also you know how to tell a story. And your voice is so rich & beautiful.

    Happy Rezday, Berry! I love you!

  • Happy Merry Rez Day!!! You are my main reason of coming back to SL and my idol! Let’s share another great year ahead! 😀

  • Cherie Berry! Happy 6th rez day! We are all the better for having you here. Thank you for sharing your SL journey with us, your talents and most of all your light. May the next year bring you grand adventures and hopefully a large enough train to take us all with you!

  • Happy Rez Day!! I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for years and look forward to every single post …big or small. I happen to have experience with the type of video that you so lovingly made :)) A lot of people in the industry (internet marketing) that aren’t necessarily great at drawing (ME!) use a service called Sparkol. No …I’m not plugging them but felt the need to share all the same. Have a Fantabulous Rez Day … And I look forward to reading more about all your adventures, fashion and otherwise, in SL.

  • Kyra Rosenfeld

    Happy Rez Day! All the best for the future! Thank you for this made me smile. 🙂

  • What a wonderful story of your life on SL. I really enjoyed listening to it. Thank you for sharing, and Happy Rez Day!

  • Happy rezday, mine blessed and beloved friend. Thank you for being in my lives







  • Oh sorry, you thought that was about you? That was another Winter, awkward! 😛



  • It’s been a very emotional but wonderful day. Thank you all for taking the time to wish me well. <3

  • Stormm Firecaster

    Happy Late rezz day! I sat and watched your video, you made me smile, you made me laugh and at the end you touched my heart in the way you described how SL and the people in has touched your life and heart and my eyes teared up because I understand that feeling well.
    Thank you for sharing your journey!

  • A belated Happy Rezday!

    There’s room on the porch sofa for you alongisde the rest of us old SL fogies :).

  • Stormm, I have to admit, I had to fight back tears when I was making the video. Thank you for the kind words.

    Inara, it would be my pleasure to be an old fogie on your porch, lol!

    Thank you all so very much. <3

  • Happy rezz day, Berry!

  • Aww, congratulations Berry! What a sweet, beautiful video!

    My path has undoubtedly been very different from yours, and I’m a barely turned 4-year-old kid, yet so many things you mentioned resonated with my own experiences also. From not wanting to give my credit card to this strange, flaky world (although it didn’t take me quite so long to get over that one!) to evolving to the present where “The Blog” has become the world, or the meta-world, and SL is a tool, albeit a powerful and engaging one, for creating content and experiences.

    And oh-by-the-way, the shape I wear today is still the “average avatar shape” that Vaki calculated from your first “What’s your digits” project. After about 18 months (late ’11 to early ’13) of damaging my skin spending way too much time in virtual tanning booths, I have, in large part because of the encouragement of Yordie & Trill, returned to my beloved Eloh Eliot Pleiades skin. I haven’t heard from Eloh in quite some time now, but she’s another person who has left such a remarkable mark both on our world and on me personally.

    It’s been really great seeing your work all over the grid, and of course, having you share a bit of it on iRez. Happy Rezday and have a wonderful next year of life filled with wonder, curiosity, and new discoveries.

  • The Class of ’07 was a good one. I myself was rezzed in May 2007. Happy Rez Day to us.

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