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Stud Finder

So you know that bit when you buy a new male corset and it has gold and black studs, and you think “Hmm… I wonder what else I’ve bought recently that can go with this?

TWO MONTHS. This is just the last two months worth of gold studded leather.



Yeah; sure I’m a vampire and the whole “wardrobe stolen from Joan Jett” look is deĀ rigeur, but I’mĀ wonderingĀ at which point this becomes aĀ sickness.


Actually – you know what?




Find your studs here.

Antlers – Eternum by Half Deer

Headband – Crown of Thorns by Remarkable Oblivion

Shoulderpads – Spiked Shoulder Pads by Glam Affair

Corset – Pride Men’s Corset by NV Corsetry available only at The Renaissance Galleria

Gloves – Men’s Studded Gloves by MotivAction

Bracelet – Gaga Bracelet by Miss LT

Pants – Biker Pants by RicielliĀ 

Also wearing

Hair – Ewing by Tableau Vivant

Skin – Nathan by Tableau Vivant

Eyes – Protagoniste by Miamai

Feet – Barefeet by SLink


Winter Jefferson

YES I have my own blog at incoldbloodsl.blogspot.com but sometimes I like to be outclassed over here too. It's fun dragging the median quality of Berry's blog down! You may know me as the blogger/model/producer/publicist pale vampire with the white hair, but you more likely know me as "UGH not that guy, I hate that guy."

9 thoughts on “Stud Finder

  • Eve Petlyakov


    This is the perfect thing to wake up to, thank you! <3

  • UGH not that guy, I hate that guy.
    LMfAO, actually I’ve never seen or heard of him before but looking at those pics tells me everything I need to know about male vampies … not that I ever wanted to know anything about that cheesy, tasteless subscene.
    But this was such a refreshing post, very straight in our faces, kinda obnoxious. Super! I loved it.

  • Every time you blog I smile knowing your inventory has to be as big as mine! :p Thanks for the chuckle! Awesome as usual!!

  • Kamalin Bailey

    His sense of humor is so sublime. Great surprise post here, Berry!

  • Winter, you are one tacky bitch, you know that?

  • I need to get me that corset! …course noone can pull it off like that skinny bish

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