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Sexy Numbers

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I’ve been drooling over these shoes since Gos started teasing us with them earlier this week. Finally we’ll be able to get our hands on them today! They will be released today at 12pm SLT. So in just a few more hours you can head down to the Gos Boutique and try on a demo for yourself. Don’t forget, Gos Boutique group members get a 10% discount on all purchases, just remember to activate your group tag! The shoes come in a variety of different color options for innersole, straps, wedge, metal and sole. You just attach the HUD and use the sophisticated Gos skin matching system to match your skin and then hit the menu button on the HUD to play around with colors and options.

Sexy Numbers
(these are all raw shots, only cropped together)

The sexy outfit I’m wearing is from Hucci. You can find a lot of original mesh designs at Hucci, with more curvaceous sizes available than just the standard sizing. So if you have a bit more of a curvy figure, I suggest you head down there and try on a few things.

I recently had a chat with Hucci designer, Eboni Khan, regarding her curvy sizes. She told me that some of her customers message her because they have trouble fitting into the curvier sizes that she offers because they are not aware that certain sliders work with mesh. One example of this would be the hip slider, mesh moves with the hip bone. She gave me a few numbers that I thought I would show here so you can get a good idea. The first numbers of the hips and saddle bags are for the curvy CB size that she has. The second is an example of numbers that some of her customers that have a hard time fitting into the mesh have. The final numbers are of course my own hip and saddle bags that I thought I would throw in there for you guys to see. So if you just increase your hip size and reduce your saddle bags, you can still achieve that curvier hip and be able to fit into mesh a bit better. I also think the hucci hips look a lot smoother than the example hips. Also, although the Hucci hips numbers listed there are for her CB size, I am actually wearing medium in the shorts in that image. So you can see that the hip sliders really do move with the mesh.

Now I am a total newb when it comes to mesh and sliders so this information was really eye opening to me. I would love to learn more about sliders and know which ones might assist in giving a better fit to mesh, especially around the shoulder area. So if you guys are aware of more sliders that move with mesh, please do let me know, I really feel like experimenting now with shapes.

*Skin: [:Tuli:] Eva / petal :: 07 by Tuli Asturias
*Hair: Exile::Fire To The Rain AON by Kavar Cleanslate (@ FaMESHed May)
*Mesh Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual by Siddean Munro
*Hands Appliers: [:Tuli:] Slink appliers by Tuli Asturias
*Nails Appliers: Pin Me Down (PMD) – Nail huds for Slink by Shyntae Demonista
*Outfit: ::HH:: Hucci Waukesha – Midnight by Eboni Khan
*Shoes: [Gos Boutique] Ursula Wedge – Classic Collection – S by Gospel Voom (to be released midday Friday)
*Pose+Prop: Gos Boutique Pouffe – Black by Gospel Voom


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

9 thoughts on “Sexy Numbers

  • Two other sliders you can play with are body thickness and shoulders. But like the hips size, all those sliders have bad issues because of how the SL avatars are built. What you actualy do is to add squareness to the shape, not roundness. Square like in too many muscles, knees ridiculously small compared to legs, water retention ankles, ketchup bottle hands, big holes between torso and arms, pony rider legs. So be careful when playing with those sliders. I usualy try to play with all of them rather than going extreme with one. A thicker shape will have more shoulders, for example.

    Now, what is sexy? I am trying to make that famous hourglass shape. Though, what SL allows us to make are heavy bottom shapes with small torsos, otherwise, you’ve got shoulders like an ex east-german swimming champion.

    I have chosen to go with an S size for mesh, sometimes M, because I think it is how the mesh looks the best, it is more fluid. Size M pants and higher sizes often have a worse transition between hips and legs, not as smooth. Also, mesh are not a neutral layer. It is often pretty thick. That is what makes it tough to have thin summer clothes. Mesh is a bit like having a heavy thick wool pullover on aal the time so it makes your shape looks broader than what it is.

    But for looking sexy while naked? Forget about a shape made for mesh clothing. Go for saddle bags and fatness.

  • ugh…but I dont want to have to adjust my body. I want the mesh to adjust to me! any word on mesh deformers?

  • Thank you Tanaquil, that’s very informative!

    Tenly, I have no idea when the mesh deformer is coming out, sorry.

  • My default shape has curvier hips and butt and wider shoulders than what fits mesh. My shape is more in proportion, adhering to the Golden Ratio. I finally gave in and made a shape that adheres to the sliders for the standard mesh Small size. One thing I do know is if you make your legs longer, it will make your butt curvier, but if they’re too long, it throws your shape out of proportion, so there is a trade-off. I think reducing my saddle bags hurt more than my butt size! And I really miss my wider shoulders 🙁 I do switch back to my standard shape if I’m not wearing a mesh top. I can still wear a Small or Extra Small skirt or pants with my usual shape – I just have to be careful about what tops I wear. Dammit, I love my shoulders!

    The one thing I don’t think people realise about standard sizing is that only certain sliders need to be adjusted. You will NOT have a cookie-cutter shape by changing these numbers. My sister was wearing a Large in mesh, but it swallowed her whole. I had her adjust the relevant sliders, and she still has her very statuesque, curvy shape, but a Medium now fits her like a glove.

    There are a lot of other variables that go into creating a shape, and you will still be unique with adjustments to the others 🙂

  • Great, good article and information, time to share tell my friend throughout fb.

  • I am lazy (and very much NOT good with numbers) so I have a shape for mesh and a ‘bikini’ shape.

    And now I need one or these awesome shoes. Not because they do not fit otherwise but because these shoes are truly to drool over and the shape has to do them justice.

    Thanks for this post Berry. I have learned something again, as per usual when reading your posts.

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