So this happened…

So this happened...

I totally blame the plurkers:

So it all started like this. The lovely Shiloh Selene plurked this image and I of course responded with “I would wear a penis hat” because really…who wouldn’t? Then of course people started threatening that they would send me a penis hat to wear, in which I responded with “NO PENIS HATS.” But then the lovely Sash Arabello actually sent me a penis hat because really, who wouldn’t want one? Then I of course had to try it on for everyone because it was a present and it’s the polite thing to do. Then the lovely Arora Zanzibar was kind enough to turn me into a meme.

So yeah….that happened. This is why you should never ever join plurk.

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12 thoughts on “So this happened…

  1. I take credit for finding the hat in the first place. ;o)

  2. Oh yes, it was YOU! LOL

  3. Handwerk has some penis pumps if you want to complete the look. ;)

  4. You have no idea how much I love you right now.

  5. Tracy Redangel says:

    You realize of course, a legion of fangirls are now going to be roaming the grid wearing penis hats? (grins)

  6. And to think that I didn’t even know penis hats existed.

  7. It’s brilliant…see I knew I was right to wear my cock top in my last meme post because penis’ seems to be the word/object of the week. I direct you to my penis hat – which I wore on a consistent basis years ago.

    Penis, penis, penis….who knew it could be Objet d’art de jour.

  8. caramia Mizin says:

    Can you put the hat on marketplace I am keen to buy not just one but a few , some of my g/friends would love one too.

    cara :)

  9. Caramia, I actually linked to it in my post where I wrote “penis hat” but here it is anyways:

    I’m glad you guys are all getting a laugh at my expense! :P
    I’ve been laughing so much all day, my cheeks hurt! <3

  10. OH MY GOD I MUST HAVE ONE OF THESE LOL!!! reminds me a little of a Smurf hat gone wrong LOL…


    Berry, that is amazeballs. You are amazeballs. It’s bloody hilarious! xxx

  12. OMG! Erm. Four! Uh… just say NO to penis hats. hahaha

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