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Strangelings Goes Live!

Strangelings goes live!

Today’s post isn’t really Second Life related, but I figured I’d blog about it since I did a few months back when they were introduced inworld, and also because I am having so much fun playing it on Facebook right now! 😀

Back in November I did a post about the Strangelings. For a quick recap, Strangelings is a real world game of a genetics based pet design where players have 3D pets which breed and produce offspring with unique traits based on genetics. The brilliant team behind Ozimals has teamed up with two former Lindens and a financial expert to form Flying Monkey Interactive, Inc. The team at FMI have been developing the product platform called Toto for several months now and Strangelings is their first game.

Strangelings finally went live to the public yesterday. I’ve been playing it on the web and learning more about it slowly. You can login through facebook and play the web-based version of this game. It is also available for download on iTunes. An android version is in the pipelines and I’m really hoping it’ll be out soon because I’m having a lot of fun with it. I’ve shared a couple of pictures on my Facebook as well, here’s one of me showing off my purple tiger.

Strangelings goes live!

I’ve already breeded mine a bunch of times and had many babies and now trying to learn about all the genetics and how to breed some cool looking strangelings. Once I do that, I’m looking forward to participate in the Auction House and possibly make some real money in the process! The Auction House is in beta right now, but should be going live soon.

Here are a few links for Strangelings so you can get started:
Strangelings Website
Strangelings Web-Based Game
Strangelings on iTunes
Strangelings Community Forums
Strangelings Facebook Page

You can also friend me on Facebook if you want to see my progress. I’m sure I’ll be sharing lots more pictures of the game in the future. Let’s get breeding!


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

7 thoughts on “Strangelings Goes Live!

  • This looks super cute! I haven’t played a game on Facebook in a while, and every time I do play one I wind up getting bored pretty quickly. I liked some of the breedables in SL, but the lag, cost, and land requirements kind of turned me off, so I think I’ll try this instead. Thanks for sharing it!

    ☺ Liz

  • Just looked at this now but sadly it seems to be glitched already? I keep clicking ‘start game’, but it won’t start. 🙁 Shall have to try back later and hope it works then. It looks cute. 🙂

  • Lizzy, lemme know how you like it!

    Ona, what kind of glitches are you having? I had some problems when I was using Chrome but that was pre-launch, it’s been fine since then. Have you tried it on different browsers? You can also leave a comment on their facebook page if you like, I know they are very good at responding there:

  • Is there a release date estimate for the android tablet version yet?

  • The game won’t start for me. 🙁 I was using Chrome, but then tried in IE since a friend of mine said he had the same issue. So, tried in IE, but still not working. I click the ‘start game’ button, but nothing happens. I signed in with Facebook and everything. If I click the settings buttons, that opens, nothing else works. I’ll try their facebook page and see if they can help me. 🙂

  • Thanks for the heads up on contacting the people via Facebook! As it turns out, after an hour + of a poor guy trying to help me find out what was wrong, it turns out I just had the box ‘stay logged in’ unchecked when I logged into Facebook. >_< All good now! ^_^

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