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A couple of weeks ago I was inspired by this pose and dress and wanted to create an image of a girl falling apart in pieces. I was experimenting with different tutorials I found online and they just weren’t helping me as much. So I showed my plurk friends a work in progress image (in this plurk) and they gave me lots of good advice, which I took and came up with the image you see here. However, it still needs a lot more work and polishing up but I’ve finally given up on it, for now. Real life got me busy so I haven’t had time to look up more tutorials or see how else I can improve it.

In the meantime, a few of you have messaged me and asked me how I did this effect. It’s really hard for me to explain it over IM or email so I promised to do this video and here it is. Not sure if it’s easy to follow or if it makes any sense but this is what I did to get this effect.

I am embedding the video below but you can click over to youtube to view it larger.

You can download the shattered glass photoshop brush that I used in the video from Theme Cavern at this link. (UPDATE: No longer available, try these ones)

If I know myself well, I am sure I am going to continue to figure this shattered image out more in a few weeks when I have more time. If I can think of a better way to do this so it looks more polished, I will definitely share it here!

Let me know what you think of this tutorial and if you want me to share more like this!

» You can view all of my current tutorials on my tutorials page.

*Skin: al vulo– Arya* natural blonde brow milk by Hlin Bluebird
*Hair: ::Exile:: Say What You Want:Sable by Kavar Cleanslate
*Dress: MEB : Lady by MariaElena Barbosa
*Mesh Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Casual by Siddean Munro
*Pose: flowey. Whiskey Monday: Punching Holes in the Clouds by Flutter Memel (@ Pose Fair)

17 thoughts on “Shattered Photoshop Tutorial

  1. Yay! This is an effect I’ve so wanted to learn. I had no idea you could download brushes for PS. So much to learn! Thank you for taking time to put this together. It’s SUPER helpful watching your process. I just wish I could click on your layers! LOL That doesn’t seem to work.

    Thanks, Berry!

  2. Hi Berry,

    What software do you use to make your videos?

  3. Wow this tutorial is so awesome !! I will try to see what can I get !! thank you for sharing it <3

  4. Thank you Whiskey! Yeah I have like literally thousands of brushes downloaded, I love them. Let me know if you have any questions about installing the brush, I didn’t think to mention it in my post but now I’m thinking maybe I should have.

    Kilolo I use Camtasia Studio 7. All of my computer hardware and software specs can be found on this page:

    Thank you Roxi, I hope you have fun with it! <3

  5. This is wonderful! Picture and Tutorial. I’m going to have to try this sometime!

  6. Dear Berry, superglue on the way, do not fret! ♥

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  8. Eve Petlyakov says:

    Yay! Love this! I’m definitely going to give this a try!

  9. I have been anxiously awaiting this post and OMG BERRY! This turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!! Way to go! <3

  10. oh wow, thank you guys so much! I’m glad you like it and hope you find it useful. <3

  11. disappear…i like this

  12. Very well explanation and using very beautiful picture.

  13. i saw a tutorial on utube ages ago to do a similar effect and i soo couldn’t understand it now u have put it really well and is sl related i think i will attempt it now thank you wonderful as ever

  14. omg and im repeating myself now oops not sure what the hell happend there

  15. Thanks guys, I hope you guys are having fun with this and it all makes sense. lol I would love to see the images you create using this technique. Feel free to link them here. <3

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