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SLink Avatar Enhancement

SLink Avatar Enhancement
(click here for a raw shot)

The day we’ve all been patiently waiting for has finally arrived. Siddean Munro of SLink has released her Avatar Enhancement system. This is an update to the SLink mesh hands and mesh feet. So if you have previously purchased these, you just need to head down to the SLink mainstore and hit the redelivery terminal for your update. Once you’ve picked up the update, check out the customer support page to see which of your favorite skin designers have picked up a developers kit and have created a HUD with their own textures to match their skin lines.

I am wearing my Zoe skin from Tuli in petal tone. The red nails are from the nail pack created by Sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve. Sachi has also created some gorgeous pantyhose for the feet. I am excited to see what other fun accessories designers are going to create with this!

SLink Avatar Enhancement
(click here for a raw shot)

If you click on the raw shot links underneath both images, you’ll see that it matches so well, especially my hands. I just noticed a very slight seam on my right foot, which is only visible in certain lighting. It was very simple to use as well. I first wore my mesh hands and feet. Then I attached my Tuli HUD for my skin tone, pressed one button and voila, perfect match! What I love about Tuli’s is that she has also created the beautiful henna designs as an option, so I just had to bust out my Zaara nizam jewels to show off the pretty henna. I then attached the Adam n Eve nail hud and clicked one button and I got the gorgeous nail design. It’s really such a simple system!

It was just released a few hours ago so I’m hoping more skin designers will have their HUDs ready soon. Rumor has it that Aida Ewing of Glam Affair has a developers kit in her possession as well. I am anxiously waiting for Glam Affair to get in on the action! Skin designers, please check out the Developers Page and contact Siddean for the kit. We need you guys to do this for us, please. It makes life so much easier! 😀 Also, Check out Sasy’s post for more detailed information and pictures!

Thank you Siddean for doing such an awesome job, I am loving it! <3 Credits: *Skin: [:Tuli:] Zoe / petal :: 06 by Tuli Asturias
*Feet: Slink Mesh Feet (Av) Flat S by Siddean Munro
*Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual S by Siddean Munro
*Feet Appliers: [:Tuli:] Slink feet skin applier / pearl :: henna by Tuli Asturias
*Hands Appliers: [:Tuli:] Slink hands skin applier / petal :: henna by Tuli Asturias
*Nails Appliers: :Adam n Eve: Appliers for SLINK Hands Finger Nails Set 3 Rhine & Rose by Sachi Vixen
*Jewelry: Zaara Nizam Silver Set by Zaara Kohime
*Pose: aDORKable Poses: Elegant 3 by Adorkable Peapod


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

15 thoughts on “SLink Avatar Enhancement

  • Chantel Ashdene

    Oooh can’t wait for Pink Fuel’s HUD to come out, then I can finally have mesh hands =) I haven’t so far because I’m terrible at skin tinting, lol.

  • Chantel Ashdene

    Yay, me too! Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention, Miss Berry!

  • omg does glance has one too?? i do hope sooo!!

  • … well… i hope kooqla will make one too. i just love her skins and i wear them all the time. even i got my hands and feet match up really good, it would be nice to have a texture that is 100% fitting.

  • Thank you for the info, Berry! Can’t wait for Aida’s Hud! 🙂

  • This post made me go buy Slink feet today. I have been wanting them for so long but hated the thought of matching them and luckily Tuli was on board with this right away.

  • I love the way you expose this awesome new features for Slink feet/hands. I just tryed them myself and I love them, specially the new hud for nails wich give us to choose from small to large and ponty nails. Awesome post Berry <3

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  • Gala Caproni

    (not so) Patiently waiting for the Glam Hud to be out… i LOVE foot tattoo’s!!!

  • Beautiful pics Berry. I’m having trouble with the hands as I have a big gap. Back to reading the destructions again. I have to wonder if I’m the only one who ever has trouble with stuff like this. Thanks for showing what they should look like 🙂

  • Hi Chalice, someone on plurk mentioned they were seeing a gap as well and she figured out that she was wearing the wrong alpha. She was wearing the alpha to the older versions. She put the avatar enhancement versions on and the alphas to that and then she had no issues. I’m not sure if that’s the problem you’re having, but I thought I’d mention it, just in case. I hope you figure it out!

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