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My SL Pet Peeves Meme

I took this image about a month ago and just decided to reuse it today because I figured the frustration on my face suited the theme of this meme! 😛

My SL Pet Peeves Meme

I have a feeling this meme might cause a bit of drama, but I figured that I’m usually pooping rainbows so I should be allowed to vent my grievances sometimes, no?

Meme instructions: Share your top five SL pet peeves. Don’t forget to link your post in the comments so I can come read!

  1. Random teleports & “hi” offlines: To be quite honest, I am actually kind of afraid of just “hi” offlines because I never know what to expect from that conversation. I much prefer if people IM me with a full sentence of what it is they were looking for. So even when I login and all my ims are capped, I’ll remember to look you up in my email and respond because you actually said something. I will add though that I do prefer communicating via email. As for random teleports when I AM online, I cannot tell you how many times I have accidentally clicked accept and teleported into a room full of people dancing around at a party and I’m completely naked and possibly bald. Please don’t do that to me. Just ask me if I want to come by first, ty!
  2. People who don’t read profiles: I think SL would be a much better place if people just took two minutes to read someone’s profile before contacting them. This is especially geared towards those fashion bloggers that spam designers (and their managers) with lots of notecards begging them to send items to blog or sponsor them (unless it’s written in the designers profile that it’s ok to do that). I feel that it just makes the rest of us bloggers look bad and is one of the main reasons I never ask for review copies myself. I do not want to be placed into “that” category of blogger that is just in it for the free stuff, because I’m not! My first few YEARS of blogging I PURCHASED everything I blogged. However, this doesn’t only pertain to bloggers, it’s also to those people that don’t check if the person is already partnered or in a relationship or doesn’t wish to be in a relationship before contacting them to flirt or have sex with, etc… So yeah, I would love it if people read profiles more often (especially my real world tab).
  3. Pushy people: I am in SL to relax, take some pictures and do the work I enjoy doing. I get frustrated with people that IM me every day with the same thing over and over or when they try to sell me their latest “idea” because it’s going to make me rich and famous. I’m not in SL to make money or get famous. I am very financially stable in my real life and I don’t wish to become a hollywood or bollywood cinematographer or real world photographer. When I am logged in, I am usually in a photoshoot so if you want to IM me to just chat once in a while, that is very cool and I can totally do that but please don’t IM me to say the same thing every single day.
  4. Morphs: I usually don’t care what other people are doing to their images or their avatars, I figure it’s their second life and I’ll let them live it. The only reason morphs are on this list is because since I started offering my photography services I get requests once in a while asking me to do morphs. I find that a bit irritating and my answer is always, NO! In my personal opinion, I think morph photography is not very attractive. An example of morph photography would be what I did to Mr. Jefferson in this photo. I took his face and I plastered it all over a real life image of Crocodile Dundee (which was probably copyrighted). Now obviously I did that as a joke because I was trying to get revenge for something he did to me. But it’s a good thing I didn’t sell that image to him or I could get myself into a lot of trouble. Anyhow, with all that being said, I DO have friends that have morphed images as their profile pictures, but I do not judge them or say anything because in the end, it’s their taste and their choice.
  5. Facelights: I guess this is a given but it honestly doesn’t bother me as much anymore since I’ve just started to keep my local lights off in graphics settings. However, what I miss is going to a sim and really discovering the ambiance the sim designer was trying to create because now I can no longer see any of the lighting they have incorporated. I’ve had to keep it off because it’s happened that one too many times someone with a massive facelight teleported right beside me and completely blinded me. It’s even worse when you have ultra graphics and shadows on. I’ll also be honest and say when I used to see a person with a facelight or bling, I would automatically assume that they were new to SL and just didn’t know how to adjust their graphics settings (like me when I wore bling and facelights as a newbie). I know some computers may not be able to handle higher settings and I understand that, that’s why I never complained to anyone or said anything about it. I just adjusted the local lights on my end. But I do wish that the facelight trend never began. (The brilliant Sasy has left a solution for this problem in the comments and I’ve just tried it out and it works! I no longer have any issues with facelights, yay!)

Now that I’ve whined and complained, please keep in mind that all of these things only mildly irritate me because they don’t fit in to my own personal set of standards. I would never expect anyone else to adhere to my standards and if you do any of these things, I hope you don’t take my comments to heart and just know it’s my opinion and I’m not expecting anyone to change their behaviors/attitude because of it. I am a “live and let live” kind of person, so I do hope you don’t get offended and just see this as an exercise in sharing and I hope you share your pet peeves as well! I’m sure there will be lots of things I do that’ll show up on your lists.

Please remember that you can participate in any of the memes at any time. You’ll find them all under my memes category. I have also gone ahead and added them to my Blog Challenges category as well. If you go back further in this category, you will find older challenges that I did a couple of years back. You are free to participate in those as well if you like!

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Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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