My SL Pet Peeves Meme

I took this image about a month ago and just decided to reuse it today because I figured the frustration on my face suited the theme of this meme! :P

My SL Pet Peeves Meme

I have a feeling this meme might cause a bit of drama, but I figured that I’m usually pooping rainbows so I should be allowed to vent my grievances sometimes, no?

Meme instructions: Share your top five SL pet peeves. Don’t forget to link your post in the comments so I can come read!

  1. Random teleports & “hi” offlines: To be quite honest, I am actually kind of afraid of just “hi” offlines because I never know what to expect from that conversation. I much prefer if people IM me with a full sentence of what it is they were looking for. So even when I login and all my ims are capped, I’ll remember to look you up in my email and respond because you actually said something. I will add though that I do prefer communicating via email. As for random teleports when I AM online, I cannot tell you how many times I have accidentally clicked accept and teleported into a room full of people dancing around at a party and I’m completely naked and possibly bald. Please don’t do that to me. Just ask me if I want to come by first, ty!
  2. People who don’t read profiles: I think SL would be a much better place if people just took two minutes to read someone’s profile before contacting them. This is especially geared towards those fashion bloggers that spam designers (and their managers) with lots of notecards begging them to send items to blog or sponsor them (unless it’s written in the designers profile that it’s ok to do that). I feel that it just makes the rest of us bloggers look bad and is one of the main reasons I never ask for review copies myself. I do not want to be placed into “that” category of blogger that is just in it for the free stuff, because I’m not! My first few YEARS of blogging I PURCHASED everything I blogged. However, this doesn’t only pertain to bloggers, it’s also to those people that don’t check if the person is already partnered or in a relationship or doesn’t wish to be in a relationship before contacting them to flirt or have sex with, etc… So yeah, I would love it if people read profiles more often (especially my real world tab).
  3. Pushy people: I am in SL to relax, take some pictures and do the work I enjoy doing. I get frustrated with people that IM me every day with the same thing over and over or when they try to sell me their latest “idea” because it’s going to make me rich and famous. I’m not in SL to make money or get famous. I am very financially stable in my real life and I don’t wish to become a hollywood or bollywood cinematographer or real world photographer. When I am logged in, I am usually in a photoshoot so if you want to IM me to just chat once in a while, that is very cool and I can totally do that but please don’t IM me to say the same thing every single day.
  4. Morphs: I usually don’t care what other people are doing to their images or their avatars, I figure it’s their second life and I’ll let them live it. The only reason morphs are on this list is because since I started offering my photography services I get requests once in a while asking me to do morphs. I find that a bit irritating and my answer is always, NO! In my personal opinion, I think morph photography is not very attractive. An example of morph photography would be what I did to Mr. Jefferson in this photo. I took his face and I plastered it all over a real life image of Crocodile Dundee (which was probably copyrighted). Now obviously I did that as a joke because I was trying to get revenge for something he did to me. But it’s a good thing I didn’t sell that image to him or I could get myself into a lot of trouble. Anyhow, with all that being said, I DO have friends that have morphed images as their profile pictures, but I do not judge them or say anything because in the end, it’s their taste and their choice.
  5. Facelights: I guess this is a given but it honestly doesn’t bother me as much anymore since I’ve just started to keep my local lights off in graphics settings. However, what I miss is going to a sim and really discovering the ambiance the sim designer was trying to create because now I can no longer see any of the lighting they have incorporated. I’ve had to keep it off because it’s happened that one too many times someone with a massive facelight teleported right beside me and completely blinded me. It’s even worse when you have ultra graphics and shadows on. I’ll also be honest and say when I used to see a person with a facelight or bling, I would automatically assume that they were new to SL and just didn’t know how to adjust their graphics settings (like me when I wore bling and facelights as a newbie). I know some computers may not be able to handle higher settings and I understand that, that’s why I never complained to anyone or said anything about it. I just adjusted the local lights on my end. But I do wish that the facelight trend never began. (The brilliant Sasy has left a solution for this problem in the comments and I’ve just tried it out and it works! I no longer have any issues with facelights, yay!)

Now that I’ve whined and complained, please keep in mind that all of these things only mildly irritate me because they don’t fit in to my own personal set of standards. I would never expect anyone else to adhere to my standards and if you do any of these things, I hope you don’t take my comments to heart and just know it’s my opinion and I’m not expecting anyone to change their behaviors/attitude because of it. I am a “live and let live” kind of person, so I do hope you don’t get offended and just see this as an exercise in sharing and I hope you share your pet peeves as well! I’m sure there will be lots of things I do that’ll show up on your lists.

Please remember that you can participate in any of the memes at any time. You’ll find them all under my memes category. I have also gone ahead and added them to my Blog Challenges category as well. If you go back further in this category, you will find older challenges that I did a couple of years back. You are free to participate in those as well if you like!

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125 thoughts on “My SL Pet Peeves Meme

  1. LOL! This is going to be a tough one for me because you just posted five of my top pet peeves. I’ll have to think hard to come up with something new!

  2. I know there will be A LOT of overlapping in the pet peeves because we all get irritated by similar things so feel free to reuse mine and share your own reasons, etc.. no biggie! And thanks, I am excited to read everyone’s posts! <3

  3. hiya, great post, in regards to number five though, you can go to your Develop menu (ctrl alt Q or just turn it on in advanced menu) then go to rendering and you can turn off ‘render attached lights’. That way you keep your ambience, and you are not effected by facelights.
    I hope that helps :)


  4. Hey Sasy, thank you! Someone else just told me that too but they weren’t sure if it was just in Firestorm or in other viewers as well. I use the Beta Viewer and had not noticed this setting before. I’m going to check it out for sure when I login tomorrow morning. Really excited about this! I would love to turn my local lights on again! Thank you so much!

  5. Mine’s going to be rock-bottom nasty… you’ve been warned.


  6. Derry McMahon says:

    The blogless one and her five pet peeves. Ohhhh Berry – love your memes! And thank you for mentioning the first couple!
    1) Like Berry, folks who insist on saying “hi” or nattering on about something in IM when I’m obviously not there. I do have my IMs going to email, but you’d be surprised how quickly that fills up a mailbox. A quick question that I can answer is fine, but I am involved with lots of events that require significant planning. The folks who try to do that thru IM are nuts, and usually the ones who forget the arrangements. I always give out my email to organizers, that’s the only way to keep track of gallery dates, storytelling sessions, etc. And I don’t understand why folks are reluctant to do that…gmail is free, just open a mail account for your avatar. Trust me, your ability to keep track of things increases a thousand times with email.
    2) Also like Berry…random teleports. Seriously, if I wanted to be at your event, I would be. I’ve been known to drop people as friends as soon as that happens. They might be lovely people otherwise, but I don’t find I miss them. Funny that.
    3) People who open IM conferences in chat with everyone on their friends list. If you want to drop everyone a note about your RFL gig, a bid for votes for a contest, a request for a storyteller for your event, etc, that’s fine. But don’t go on and on about something in chat– it annoys me especially when I’m in the middle of a photo shoot and you clutter up my screen.
    4) Talking pregnancy bellies. Ugh. Gross. Annoying. Pathetic. Don’t stand around wanting everyone to look at you and oooh and ahhh…truth is – we don’t care.
    5) People who don’t move away from an entrance, or off the landing zone when they TP somewhere. Sure, I know you can’t see, and things haven’t rezzed, etc. But at least take a couple of steps in any direction. Even if you bump me while doing that to let others in, I’m less annoyed. But if you don’t move, you clog the way for everyone. And for crying out loud, do not just leave yourself there and go afk. Get out of the way.

    Thanks Berry!

  7. @Derry – 3 is easily solved. Defriend those noisy assholes.


  8. I did a twofer so I could catch up (a threefer since this was also a challenge!) and I’m not sure what I think of it, but here it goes!

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  10. I feel self-conscious about the facelights, though! I use them for photoshoots (since I don’t do any post-processing) and sometimes I forget to take them off! OMG!

  11. Khloe Nitely says:

    Yyaay I’ve been waiting to rant! Great post idea :D

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  14. Sasy I wanna kiss you! I just logged in and tried it out and found the setting and it works! I have now turned my local lights back on! YAY! Thank you again so much! <3

    Derry, I have to agree with all of your pet peeves as well. It's funny how so many of the same things irritate us.

    Thanks to everyone for participating so far. I am having a good chuckle reading some of your posts. For all you lolas haters, I'm totally going to bust mine out around you next time! :P Muahahaha

    Thanks so much! <3

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  16. :D I wont touch this meme with a 10 foot pole, but love your comments! Especially the one from Derry McMahon about the pregnant bellys. I once told my friend Draakje Dailey if I was pregnant and my baby started talking to me while in utero I’d grab a priest and exorcise it. (and I’m not Catholic) Those things are sooooooo annoying! But then I guess I just don’t “get” it. Most of those babies end up “tucked in the closet” when they aren’t convenient anyway. Oh wait, being able to put the child in the closet when he/she isn’t convenient to our lives… Brilliant!

  17. I don’t have a blog to post my pet peeves on, but I’m having a blast reading what everyone else is posting. I’d just like to add one of my own:

    My very worst pet peeve in SL is when people don’t understand how much work goes into the things people create here. I’m always so frustrated when I get questions from people asking if I can make something custom for them. As if I can just whip out a mesh dress in an afternoon. The very worst is when I get messages from “friends” asking if I can make them something custom and full perm that they can then edit and resell. Um…no.


  18. Makes note to ONLY tp Berry (every 15 to 20 minutes just cuz) and ask her for everything in her inventory :P

    juuuuust kidding!

  19. Hi…

  20. Fun to read all the others, an although I was a bit hesitant – as I never like to blog ‘negative’, but hehe..apparently I had almost 5!

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  22. […] I’m getting back on the 50 Shades of Sexy challenge, with Intoxicate Me AND I almost forgot Berry has another meme this week: Top Five Pet Peeves. More after the […]

  23. haha, I was all set to write that I don’t have any – till I got to #5 – Facelights! OMG! How many photos have those damn things ruined! Regions with funky windlight are a bit of an annoyance too, but that’s far more easily “fixed” than facelights. I guess what I don’t get about facelights is – in whose viewer do the blown out, detailless faces look good? Maybe the answer to my own question is that if your graphics settings are really low, you may be barely aware of your own facelight. I know if you’re on LOW graphics you don’t even see Glow, which is one source of some peeps obnoxious glow settings.

    Mostly though I really don’t want to have any peevs. — haha — I thought when I first read it that this was going to be LL complaints, rather than other users. Either way though, of course there are sorts of little things that we’d each change if we were Queen for a Day… (no doubt my utopia would be your dystopia…)

    I do think thought that the time we spend being frustrated by “stupid things” mostly just generates frustration. I know I and others wrote more than a few pissy words about, for example, SL Viewer 2, back in the day. My complaints felt legit, but mostly I think I just made myself bitter.

    My attitude now is that like RL, SL is not perfect and never will be. IRL you can focus on waste, hate, brutality, senseless violence, needless destruction and cruelty… or you can focus on poetry, charity, unexpected kindness, and love…

    Neither the service provided by Linden Lab, nor the alternate grids, nor the residents, are ever likely to be “perfect,” but for the 4 years that I’ve been around, it’s always been pretty good. It’s compelling enough to continue to be a resident. It has been and continues to be as flexible and creative a platform as I know of.

    hahaha – sorry to be preachy / philosophic on rant day! :P

  24. /me high-fives all the ladies who have responded! omg…lolas, weird characters, foul-mouthed djs, folks at big events with tons of scripts!! ack, it’s so nice to know we are not alone!

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  26. […] I just need to talk about this for a minute… I love video games, like ALL video games. I like first person shooters, I like MMO’s, I like Kinect yoga, I like old school 8bits, zombies, assassins, arrows to the knee! I love them all, I love movies about games, Tron, Cloak and Dagger, The Last Star Fighter, Existenz, ect… I’ve never fit the profile of a gamer which amuses me greatly, because when people find out, they just look at me like… really? My response is always just to smile at them and think, man it must suck to grow up. Ok, I just needed to say that, now on to what I was actually going to do in this post lol. Berry has posted a new Meme and I aim to take part in this one, because as a pacifist people often ask me what would it take to get under my skin so here you go My SL Pet Peeves Meme […]

  27. Oh, I had fun with this one. If you don’t like foul language, however, you might not want to clicky. This one got my ire up. ;o)

  28. Omg.. reading the comments here I FORGOT ABOUT LOLAS wow… shame on me, but u know girls…. its good for us coz those who wear them looking so ugly comparing with us…who doesnt wear :P, here is my post

  29. Ohh I forgot to post mine earlier! Here it is:

    Now I’m going to read all the other posts! We’ll all be pooping rainbows again tomorrow!

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  31. Caoimhe I can totally understand your hesitation about doing this post, I wasn’t too sure about doing it myself, lol but I figured I don’t rant that often on my blog so people will hopefully give me a pass just this once.

    Kellie, I cannot believe people actually ask you to make things full perm for them. That is pretty bold and absolutely ridiculous!

    Kilolo and Don – Both of you are FIRED! :P

    Vaneeesa, no need to apologize about being preachy. I totally get what you’re saying and I’m not one that usually rants, complains or dwells on things either. I figure life is too short to get overly frustrated over silly things, even if they do bug me sometimes. I was actually pretty unsure about doing this post to begin with and had a backup meme planned in case I chickened out the last minute, lol. But I figured, it’s all in good fun. I think everyone likes to let go and rant once in a while, as long as we’re not too hurtful and others understand that it’s just our opinions and nothing they should take to heart. I know a few of these ladies mentioned how much they hate lolas and I totally LOVE my lolas and now I’m planning to show up at all their parties with my lolas on full bright! LOL So yeah, I hope the post isn’t taken to heart and is seen as just sharing our own opinions. I promise to make next week’s meme a lot more positive!

  32. I agree with ALL of Strawberry Singh, and for my peeve, I have to say, I am so piffed when I log on, and I get a dump load of IMs right away, can you just let me read my NCs,notices, and offlines before your up my arse, give me 2 seconds please to friggin get my sl together before I have to answer questions or see how I am doing, which is sweet, but, the answer is always the same, I am GREAT, and working, so whats up?,
    Thanks Strawberry, made my day to know others are piffed about sl annoyances! XoXo

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  34. Mmh I don’t know if I can come up with *five*, specially because you’ve covered a few of my pet peeves already…

    Still… my main pet peeves are about in-world conversation about topics and things we’ve heard over and over and over again. They were interesting once. They are not any longer.

    – A/S/L. While this depends a bit on the community, I still get that occasionally. It’s more rare these days — newbies were all about A/S/L, and these days it’s rare to find a newbie anyway.

    – “Second Life sucks”, “Linden Lab sucks”. If it sucks so much, why are you still here? Duh! There are variants of those, like “LL doesn’t know how to run their business” or “if I were LL, I would do X”. Well, LL is still a profitable company, and if you wish to run your own grid and show your entrepreneurship, you can grab the latest copy of OpenSim, lease a dozen servers, and show how much better you are at running a grid!

    – “Second Life is doomed and will fail soon”. Yeah, right. We’ve been hearing that for a decade. Why should you be better at predicting SL’s end than the thousands who did so before you? Not to mention that most of the doomsayers have long since gone…

    – Lag Police. You know, those types that read somewhere that hair/meshes/AOs causes lag,and make sure that everybody runs around their sims naked with a white skin and absolutely no attachments. Lag is part of SL — get used to it! While you’re getting familiar with lag, enjoy the sheer amount of personalisation that you can do on your avatar which is impossible to do in any other virtual world platform :) I just keep away from those sims with their lag police, no matter how enjoyable their events are. There is plenty to choose from in SL. So I stick to where freedom of expression in one’s avatar is still allowed — and that doesn’t necessarily mean laggy sims!

    – “The 2004 Look”. Well, I know, this is something that doesn’t affect everybody. I’m no fashionista myself. And I understand that a lot of people couldn’t care less about the economy, the amount of work creators do in SL (see @Kellie Iwish’s comment; it’s one of my pet peeves as well!), or how they look like. Well, in some cases, it’s meant as an art form, and that I respect. In others it’s ignorance. But nowadays even newbies get good-looking default avatars. There is no excuse to invest a bit to look around for inexpensive or free, good-looking items. Even if you hate shopping and couldn’t care less about how your avatar looks, The 2004 Look just spoils a picture when you wish to give an idea on how great SL looks like…

    A variant of this are the buildings using a mix of photosourcing and synthetic textures. It’s impossible to use both techniques and still expect good results. Synthetic textures will almost always work far better. With a lot of work, however, photosourcing might work out fine, although it’s been a very long time since I saw someone doing a photosourcing-only building.

    This applies to me too, of course. Some of my old 2005 clothes, still on sale somewhere, were photosourced. They look absolutely ugly. Do yourself a favour and don’t buy them :)

  35. […] Strawberry Singh has another meme and I was going to participate.  Though the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I really have no major complaints.  Perhaps because I am one of those people that when I get upset, over the course of the next five or ten minutes I’ve forgotten about it and I’ve moved on.  Then I have always seen two sides of things.  What may be frustrating for others, it’s not always enough to put myself into a whirl over things that are minuscule in nature.  Like any other platform I have ever been involved in, expecting perfection is totally out of the question. […]

  36. I have to say I rather agree with your pet peeves, Strawberry, yet…somehow I still managed to come up with five.

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  38. Did it. Pretty much same as always… some things will never change.

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  40. If it weren’t for these blog memes I’d still be trying to decide what I wanted to do with my blog! Just as much fun to read all the other lists too!

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  42. I read this line in one of your posts and I thought it was dead on so I wanted to highlight it here in the comments:
    “Let me assure you that pet peeves are just that nothing more. They are not things that should lead you to lash out at someone or make your existence unhappy or uncomfortable. They are purely those things for you to shake your head at and continue on your way.”

    Thank you everyone that has participated so far. I have learned from reading all your lists that I also do a lot of annoying things! LOL This has been a good learning experience for me, so thank you!

    Gwyneth Llewelyn I was pleasantly surprised and excited to see your response here and I have to agree with your #2. The constant “Second Life sucks”, “Linden Lab sucks” attitude and statements are so tiring for me as well…you gotta wonder why those people are still logging in!

  43. hi Strawberry, it was again a fun to take part on this meme. Thank you.

  44. Let there be pet peeves!

    …and “Hi”

  45. Ha! Love it. As Estate Owners Lizard and I do have a few (actually Lizard has only 1). We have posted them on our blog

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  51. Petpeeve of mine is when people start conversation in im’s with the sole purpose of getting money from you. I mean… how stupid you think I am? This is happening more often than bots nowadays and it really screws my shopping experience.

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  53. Hey Berry! I have been wanting to do some of your “Meme” posts for a while and finally got around to doing this one! Feel free to check it out :)

  54. I did this without reading the other posts. Going to grab some popcorn and have a good read.

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  57. errm Berry ? Whats happen if my petpeeve is exactly the same as yours ? lol
    I’ll do mine but hope ye will not be offended if they same alike :(

  58. Satine, I will definitely not be offended. Like I said earlier, I’m sure most of us have similar peeves. Can’t wait to read yours, still trying to catch up on reading everyone else’s!

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  60. I left a few out, being diplomatic, but my what a can of worms you opened chick!

    I wonder how you’ll top this one?

  61. Posted peeves:

    Very timely as I’m struggling with really questionable customer service issues.

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  63. Pandora Kenyon says:

    OMG, you have officially saved my sanity now that I learned how to turn off the render attached lights lol

    The worst is when its late at night and you are sitting in a dark room with the subtle computer screen lighting, wandering around sl then all of a sudden BAM some asshat with a jacked up facelight blinds you.

  64. Here is my go! I think I am enjoying the Blog memes waay to much berry! lol

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  66. So I find alot of inspiration when I read your blogs. So I couldnt pass up on this one. I learn a lot of things from your blog. Its nice to see that others care enough to share you know. So thank you for that.

  67. Skell Dagger says:

    In brief on the image, in detail further down:

    #2 has happened so many times now, it’s becoming a standing joke!

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  69. I don’t usually do blog challenges but I am bored so here is mine: Thanks! :D

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  71. Love a good excuse to rant about stuff… Thanks for giving us that chance Miss Singh!!!
    So many people get peeved by so many things… LOL This is what peeves me!!!

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  74. Since it’s a cold foggy kinda blue morning, my contribution is more about SL “saddenings” than peeves, but here they are. Great idea, Berry.

  75. […] meme.. and for my first time (bluuush~), i decided to start with strawberry singh‘s my sl pet peeves […]

  76. I don’t typically like to rant on my blog, but I have to admit that this felt kind’a good! LOL

  77. Thank you so much for participating you guys, it’s been so much reading what pisses everyone off, lol! The next meme is up now and I hope you guys get a chance to participate. This time I’m asking you guys to share your first sl moments, if you like. <3 Here's the link to the post and feel free to participate in any of the memes at any time!

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  81. Starlight Composer says:

    Lol Am I annoying you yet getting all caught up in one day?

  82. […] a few are worthy enough to garner a real rise out of me. After reading a lot of the responses from this meme I’m gonna take a stab at it. However I don’t want to just repeat what everyone else […]

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  84. I kind of surprised myself with this, once I started I couldn’t stop!


    Joining the party a little late, took me ages to set up my post because I kept trying to write less for peeve #1… I still have an essay, I really got up on my soapbox about this one but unlike all the others, which are just minor irritations, I’d say this far outranked a peeve and is fast becoming my SL nightmare!! Hope the length doesn’t put people off, thanks for reading and commenting :)

    Strawberry, I totally sympathise with your peeves, although I don’t have much to say about morphs as I don’t seem to encounter them, but I can imagine it’s annoying to be asked constantly to do them for people. My #5 peeve is a bit like your facelights! Have NEVER liked facelights. >.<

  86. Hey there !
    I now i’m super late and errm sorry for the nudity in the picture (but i really like this pose >.< ) :

  87. Just finished mine! A lot easier than I thought it was going to be.

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  89. […] time ago, Berry Singh did a Monday Meme about Your SL Pet Peeves. This was my entry (linking you to the Flickr pic, as that was where the […]

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