My Seven SL Facts Meme

My Seven SL Facts Meme

Earlier today on plurk, fellow blogger Tymmerie Thorne mentioned something about blog memes and that got me thinking and gave me this idea. There’s a real life blog that I follow and she blogs a lot of memes which I love reading but I never participate because well…they don’t really pertain to my SL blog. So I thought it would be a neat idea to take the memes and adapt them to my SLife. This way I can kind of participate in them, in my own way.

The first meme I’m going to start with is the seven SL facts meme. Basically I’m going to share seven facts about my SL avatar or my SLife that may or may not be obvious to all my readers. The only thing I ask is, don’t judge me (or at least just do it quietly in your head)! :P

My SL Fact #1:
If I’m just standing around chatting with a friend or doing something in another window, I can’t leave my avatar just standing there. I have to sit on a pose stand or chair or sex pose ball or something!

My SL Fact #2:
I have OCD about the number of lindens I have at any given time. If it’s not an even number, I send a linden over to my alt to make it even.

My SL Fact #3:
I hate notecards. I hate them with a passion and avoid reading them unless I absolutely have to.

My SL Fact #4:
I’ve never owned any land or a proper home in Second Life.

My SL Fact #5:
I’ve never purchased any lindens. I earned all of them inworld through various jobs…starting as a belly dancer.

My SL Fact #6:
I very rarely IM anyone in my friend list because I’m always afraid I’m going to be disturbing them.

My SL Fact #7:
I’ve never had pixel sex. (I can’t even say that with a straight face.)

Ok so maybe I cheated a bit on the last one, but this was kind of fun. I’m going to make a memes category and try and do a different meme from time to time. If you guys decide to share your seven SL facts on your blogs (or flickr or other social networks), then please link your post in the comments so I can come by, read them and judge you silently too. :P

What I’m wearing in the picture:
*Skin: Adam n Eve Skins – Bethany T5 Bare by Sachi Vixen (to be released at skin fair)
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Deepening Spring, w4) by Arkesh Baral
*Hair: ::Exile:: Beyond the Waves:Maple by Kavar Cleanslate
*Necklace: .Olive. the Folded Golden Paper Letter Necklace – B by naminaeko (@ The Arcade March)

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142 thoughts on “My Seven SL Facts Meme

  1. I wish I could say I never purchased L!

  2. Lia Mistwalker says:

    i agree number 6.. i am afraid im anyone.. i feel i am bother them.. And i wish i dont have purchased L. I sometime i do it once awhile if i like something :). worst part , they have special event… :\

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    I had to do it :P

    I sooo wish I never had to buy L’s. I don’t even want to think about how much my mom and I have spent >.<

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  6. Mine isn’t NEARLY as entertaining as yours! <3

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  10. Dolly Baroque says:

    What a great idea and what fun! We’ll all get to know each other a little better after this meme! Here’s mine:

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  12. TY for this!! Found out about your challenge through MissPainfullyHip’s tumblr XD ahhh, the magic of social networking!

    Mine are not as interesting, but I played along. Love your blog.

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  15. I loved reading about the other Bloggers and hope to find many more links when I return to check on this tomorrow. Meanwhile here is my list of 7 to add to the collection..

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  17. The first meme in ages that’s grabbed me and made me finish it in the spot!

  18. I loved waking up this morning to all of your posts! I wasn’t able to leave a comment on some of your posts for some reason, but I did want to say I’ve read them all and you’ve all made me smile. Thank you so much for participating, it was great to learn more about you guys. <3

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  22. SO with you on #3. Will add mine later on.

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  27. I loved doing this Strawberry, thank you for setting it up… I am so nosy and it really intrigues me the things people say about themselves!!! Here’s mine so I can stand up and be judged hehe

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  29. lol great idea, here’s mine and look forward to the next one <3

  30. YaY … I’m late for bed because of this … *grins*
    it was fun tho ;-)

  31. Nice post, if you ever do decide to take a dive into making your own memes here is a quirky infographic how to!

  32. Thank you for starting this. I am enjoying all the links.:) Here’s mine.

  33. Ok so I had to do it myself. Hope you all enjoy these 7 facts.

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  38. Thanks for creating a fun meme! I’m a little late, but..

  39. It’s been fun reading all of these and getting to know people a little So, I jumped on board and did a post… don’t judge me too much!

    <3 You're awesome Berry!

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  41. Great read Berry. Of course, when actually thinking of seven things…here’s mine:

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  43. I am so loving all of your lists guys! Some of you have commented that you are late to the party here. You’re not late at all! I have another idea for a meme, but I won’t post it till next week so you guys have all week to share your facts before the next one, if you like. Thanks so much for participating! <3

  44. This is fascinating from a sociological / psychological perspective…and I do rather like exploring my own “SL things you don’t know about me.” Informative, to say the least, and I’m going to “spread the word” to friends and relatives in SL so they can join in the fun and benefit too. Merci, Strawberry!
    1 I don’t like to land ANYWHERE but my home when I login! I am very adventurous and you’re likely to encounter me anywhere on the grid, but…landing anywhere but home is just not in the cards.
    2 I have actually brought more than 100 people into SL since I’ve been here (2009); more than half of them are still here!
    3 My “pet peeve” about communicating in SL is grammar and spelling. Not perfect, myself, I just deplore the “how r u” gambit. If you ask me that way, you might not get a response…sorry. I am very friendly and welcoming (and I do often overlook it), but “how r u” really, really, really irks me!
    4 I am a good builder. I might not show off many of the things I create, but I have learnt from the best and building (even if I just create something and then let it go) relaxes me.
    5 Virtual (and actual) space design is one of my passions. I could do that all day!
    6 I am still using my first non-LL-issue shape. I met the BEST shape and skin designer in SL on my first shopping trip and she gave me this shape that day; she has since made it modify for me and I have “tweaked” it, but it’s still me!
    7 I don’t have any alts, but I’m going to get one and I can’t wait! I do have lots of really great friends and that keeps things verrrrry interesting – as does my RL/SL partner, Aeon. He’s even funnier in RL!

    Thank you for this idea, Strawberry – and thank you all for reading. I’m behind in my blogging and I might – MIGHT – post this over there too!

  45. Hi Mireille, that would be very nice of you to spread the word about this as I’ve been immensely enjoying poking my nose into everyone’s SLives and learning more about them. It’s funny how much you can learn about a person just by the little quirks and habits they have in a virtual world. I’ve read your 7 things and would love to read them on your blog as well, so sure hope you blog it too! As for number 7, I think everyone should have at least one ALT, it helps sometimes when you just want to be on your own and do a little exploring or something. I know it helps me a lot!

    Thanks for participating! <3

  46. Derry McMahon says:

    Hi Berry – What great fun! Thanks for starting this. Since I don’t have my own blog, I’ll play here, if you don’t mind.

    1) I chose my name to honor the matriarch of the McMahon side of my RL family, who was born in Derry, Northern Ireland.
    2) Like Derry, I also have red hair, and couldn’t possibly be Derry with any other color. She was my first alt, and I’ve always had a crush on her.
    3) I do look a lot like Derry, but if I was as tall as her (6’), we’d look even more similar. I’ve tried making Derry a human petite size, but it looks so abnormal in SL, it’s uncomfortable.
    4) Speaking of odd SL sizes, does anyone find those overblown busts and bums some women wear to be attractive?
    5) Around a year ago, Bear started mentoring me in SL photography, and I love it! In fact, I now have two pictures in a RL art show.
    6) My inventory hovers near 50,000. No matter how hard I try to pare it down, and how much junk is in there that I should toss out, I just never get around to it.
    7) I admit that I get very flustered when there are too many group chats open and people IMing me. Almost to the point of screaming and logging off, and I have actually been known to break into tears when that happens.

  47. […] Those of you who know me, know that I appreciate fashion as the art it is, and you’ve probably long suspected that I’ve been “blog crawling” for the latest information on what’s new and where to shop. You’d be right if you thought that, and I have some favourite SL fashion and lifestyle blogs (for lack of a better term for these often wonderful words & pictures explorations of life in SL). One of them is written by media maven Strawberry Singh, whose photography and technical skills are top-notch and often generously shared with her readers. Strawberry is into everything cool, and I know you’ve seen her photographs, as they often appear on the SL website splash pages. If you haven’t, you haven’t been paying attention, so…check her blog and her photographs (there will be links at her blog page) at […]

  48. Whispers, your blog is not letting me leave a comment so I’m going to give you a drive-by hug here and say that I also miss talking to the bishes at times. It was nice to have them there, but I guess everyone has kind of moved on. Perhaps we should do some sort of reunion? I think it would be fun! <3

    Derry thank you so much for participating, I don't mind that you shared them here at all! Is it Bear that brought you over to my blog? He's so creative! I'd love to see your artwork as well. Do you have a website or anything for your rl art?

    Thank you all for participating, I'm having so much fun reading all of your lists! <3

  49. I do have flickr! And indeed, I have shunned most social media for so long, Bear has been ‘encouraging’ me into flickr and fb.
    He is sooo creative, I’m very blessed in so many ways.
    Thanks for asking Berry!

  50. I would be willing to fix Fact #7!

  51. Derry, stalking you there now! Thanks for the link.

    Jackson, thanks for the offer, you got me blushing, LOL! I clicked over to your blog, gorgeous pictures and I love that you add the slurls in the posts. Going to add it to my reader, great work!

  52. LOL…I hear the ‘pink panther’ stalking tune playing in my head…

  53. LOL I’m a total stalker, I just stalked you on Facebook too. :P

  54. I Decided to jump on the wagon as well. Thank you for posting this! it was fun to do :D

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  56. Not by far so entertaining as yours but a contribution :) Great idea and so fun to read all others input!

  57. I think your blog is great. You write about very interesting things. Thanks for all the tips and information.

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  65. I’m late to the party but I had so much fun reading everyone else’s I couldn’t resist doing my own.

  66. […] Singh recently proposed an intriguing Seven Facts Meme, in which Second Life bloggers reveal seven little-known facts about themselves. Here are […]

  67. Here are seven thing you may not know about me. Giving away secrets! What fun.

  68. Strawberry, I did get a little note from you at the blog…but this note here is so sweet! Thank you…and I know loads of people doing this meme. What fun!
    Mireille ❤

  69. Berry and everyone, this has been soooo much fun! I love seeing how similar we all are, and how different we all are. Thanks for starting it Berry!

  70. Thank you for posting this! It’s been fun reading yours and everyone elses! And just for the lols, here be my input!

  71. […] I thought I would give this Seven SL Facts Meme a try posted by Strawberry Singh.  The challenge is to create a meme about your Second Life and blog it. So here are all my dirty […]

  72. 1. I picked my name because I was afraid that if I went with anything more complicated I’d forget it.
    2. I came into SL because I was a consultant working with an orchestra that wanted to be the first to perform in Second Life. They did, I stayed and then they folded.
    3. I buy houses. Too many. I can spend weeks and thousands of Linden getting a house just right, and then take it and start the process all over again.
    4. My alt was a security officer at a zombie sim. For 14 months.
    5. I adored long distant camera. It is probably why I liked being a security office, where the now was to “over watch”.
    6. I sometimes TP into clusters of dots, just to see what’s up. Best landing – elves reading poetry. Worst landing – pony sex.
    7. My alt looks like Freud.

  73. elizabeth (16) says:

    #1 i choose my login bc linden said i didnt need a real name anymore

    #2 can never make up my mind about what i like

    #3 i am at level 300 zillion for builder that never finished anything. not even the first thing i ever made. a one prim box. is not finished yet bc i cant decide on the color

    #4 i dont have a blog. well i do but is nothing on it. like i get stuck on do i put A before B or maybe the other way. then i get stuck on what font. then the colors again

    #5 i know it when i see it. on other peoples blogs. and on their inworlds

    #6 i never had an original thought in my life. not that i can remember anyways. i just go better bouncing off other people

    #7 i did have pixel sex once. well kinda. i was trying to put a animation in a sit and make a script. this freebie motorbike rider one somehow went jiggy jiggy (:

  74. […] only recently discovered this meme but I thought it really cool and decided to give it a try! I’ve already revealed some stuff […]

  75. I joined the line as well:) here are my facts:

    Gjo Bing, that actually sounds really interesting! I wish I could find the place where elves read poetry!:)

  76. I’m really late to the party too, but this looked like a fun way to turn over a new leaf and begin blogging more :)

  77. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of these and I’m so happy Gjo and Elizabeth that you shared your facts here, it was so fun to get to know everyone a bit more.

    I’m still nosy though so I’ve created another meme today that is asking some more questions about you guys. I hope you’re able to participate in that one as well. Here’s the link to the new Procrastination meme this week:

    I’ll keep coming back to check the comments on this one from time to time and read your sl facts so if you haven’t shared them yet and still wish to do so, please do! I’m nosy and I wanna know! :D

    Thanks again everyone! <3

  78. […] news. Doesn’t stop me from playing, though. This time, it’s Strawberry Singh’s My Seven SL Facts Meme, which has been quite popular in SL […]

  79. Here is my 7 facts . I hope you will not judge me too harshly, I feel like myself stripped naked in front of everyone. Frightening but exciting.
    Link :

  80. Draconias Timeless says:

    Yet another reason why I should have a blog, I suppose. The list just gets longer, and longer. Anyway, I was poking through your (Berry’s) blog for more Meme goodness after the Procrastination Meme and found this gem. Here it goes…

    #1) To follow a trend, I’ll start with the beginning.. This is not my first Avatar. In fact I had -2- before Draconias. The first only lasted a week and was my original AV (long since deleted out of frustration) the second was my first “true Main” Av, though I abandoned him after a (SL) relationship went to hell and I just couldn’t face that AV any longer. Thankfully, that was years ago, and the effect wore off, though I have yet to log into him for long and can’t bring myself to update him, it’d just take too much work.

    #2) I have about 12 alts, most of which have been created for RP purposes. When I’m on an alt, I rarely tell people who I am, unless I’m quite close to them, because I enjoy the anonymity (not that I’m famous, or even popular, though I have been “known” around certain areas of the grid for a variety of reasons). Also, unlike my main (Draconias), I do tend to use a persona whilst logged in under an alt, this is because each one was created with an RP character in mind, and they are rarely ever active when not involved in an RP sim. At the moment, however, they’re pretty much all gathering dust.

    #3) While I realize that I’m not the snappiest dresser on the grid, I try to be, and I have a great deal of trouble keeping my mouth shut (I wanna help, not be rude, please understand.) when I find a “noob” or someone that has outfitted their AV in dated fashions. For a long time, I thought people like this just didn’t know what they were doing and needed ‘help’. I stopped after a couple miserable explosions and now I just keep my trap shut and sneak off to look at something pretty. I adore it when people take pride in their appearance, use their imagination, and get creative.. Stagnant, ancient looking AVs make me cringe.

    #4) I hate prim breasts with a passion (Sorry, ladies *hides*). Yes, this includes mesh tah-tahs… The same goes for grossly HUGE attachment bodyparts of all kind… though prim breasts don’t have to be huge to make me cringe… Also, tummy talkers.. I can’t stand those demonically possessed belly things..

    #5) I have secret fan-crushes on a handful of content creators, photographers/models (one not-so-secret anymore, thanks to my dear partner), and a number of other creative minds… I have been lucky enough to meet four of the people that I have looked up to and admired (out of the many) over the years. One was recent, short and incredibly awkward but delightful. One let me get close enough to realize that all that glitters is most definitely not gold. Another is still on my Flist (Yay!), and the last imploded after a horrible misunderstanding. One out of four isn’t that bad, right? I think I just have terrible luck with most people *laughs* I don’t know… See #6 as to why.

    #6) I am painfully shy. I tend to hide behind a prickly, grumpy demeanor and vast vocabulary, yet when caught off guard, I often become a stuttering, mumbling, mess… Yes, in text as well. I suck at making friends because of this (even in SL), I also suck at maintaining them because I tend to be rather straight forward and open about most things, something that society tends to frown on while preferring little white lies and sugar coated silliness.

    #7) I type the way I speak, and I speak the way I type. I also emote heavily because I -can not- read emotion in flat conversation and excessive smiley (or ‘txtspk’) use annoys me. So if you catch me rambling off like a Literature Professor that’s had a wee bit too much brandy.. Yes, I really do talk like that. I also speak LOLcat and some forms of typonese, though such dalliances require a certain mood.

    So there you have it.

  81. Fact #1: I speak Portuguese, English, French and Spanish, three of these languages at bilingual level. Nevertheless, I am not the sort of person to strike a random conversation with anyone in SL. It’s not that I’m not an outgoing sort of person, it’s just that I always assume I’ll be bothering people. And, of course, with all the creeps going around in-game, you never know…

    Fact #2: I have been a DJ throughout my SL existence, which is since 2008. I rented homes and skyboxes, but never owned land. This is to say that I decided, after an almost two-year hiatus, not to do either. I don’t want any strings attached to my SL this time round.

    Fact #3: Visions of Danii is not an SL fashion blog. It’s not a photography blog either. I just happen to like playing dolls with my avi and take nice pictures. It’s an independent project – I don’t receive freebies from specific designers, but I will indulge in them when they are available to all – where I exercise my creativity. If it’s good, bad, so-so, or whatever, that is irrelevant. As long as I enjoy it, it’s all good. Having people looking at it proves that this assertion is the way to go ;-)

    Fact #4: I cannot stand SL creeps, weirdos and people who plaster all over the place “No Drama”. Sure, I pass on SL drama just like most people, but if you’re one of those people who like to live in la la land, then we’ve got nothing in common. Same for random people.

    Fact #5:Tied with #4, I am always interested in having long conversations about politics, current affairs, economics and finance, and other boring topics. How’s this about SL? No Drama and no la la land, get it? ;-)

    Fact #6: To me, SL is, at the minimum, a multimedia mIRC chat room, and at the maximum, a community of many and different people. ‘People’ is the key word: we make SL what it is. So, i see it as our responsibility to make it the best it could possibly be. Just like RL.

    Fact #7: The best thing SL ever brought to me was the possibility to make friends all over the world, with whom I share such an amazing connection that makes geography a sidenote. The worst was the coldness of some other people, who have the depth of a wall. Perhaps the worst thing I’ve ever heard from someone was this: ‘I’m just pixels’.

  82. […] idea from Strawberry Singh. Although I haven’t done the first one yet because.. Well.. Well I’ve been procrastinating *sighs* I will do it though.. I promise I […]

  83. […] About Meme? Quan Lavender was going to do Berry’s Seven Facts meme, but  you know how it can go. Working on one thing makes you think of something else and […]

  84. […] current elsewhere and I landed on Strawberry Singh’s meme page where she tells you 7 SL facts about her, and ended up finding her challenge for Blogger Memes. So, I missed the first one, but I will try […]

  85. […] Singh started a meme on her blog a short while ago and I thought it would be fun to do for several reasons. One being […]

  86. Very late. Apparently, I started the procrastination early. :)

  87. Fact 1:
    My av ‘s nickname was named by one of my best friend in RL who wanna make fun of my av’s name Babychampagne sass to BBC-and now this nickname is now the short form of the av ‘s name even not related to the birtish broadcast station lol

    Fact 2:
    I have addiction to taking photos and explore in SL and take millions of photos and not feeling bored.

    Fact 3 :
    Most of the time i was having more than 2 software opened while standing in SL, coz’ my RL mode will be like working in several other software like maya, 3dsmax, photoshop, zbrush,mudpaint, etc. and webbrowser.. and never can focus just on teh screen.. so pardon me if i can’t reply your IM at the spot.

    Fact 4:
    I don’t like people who keep imming me while i m in busy mode, can u just wait ? for my reply? can u read ” autoreponse” like respecting me , while i must be working in the sim as a model in fashion show, or making mesh in 3dsmax or taking photos shot post production in photoshop , can’t u just respect that and stop iming me even i m not replying ?
    i dont’ reply doesn’t mean ihate u , just meant i m REALLY REALLY REALLY busy , or just in the text mode on ipad that i can’t really work, or move in SL . so respect that if you are my real friend.

    Fact 5:
    there are alot of community in SL, and i found out that the model group community is really friendly and united and true to each other, that REAL friendship can REALLY develope if you use true heart to make friends !!

    Fact 6,
    The photographer and beauty contests are really difficult to enter and win, but if you try as much as you can and just enter without being biased by the connection thing, you can really win something if u try million times. coz’ those failures can make your improve !! so DON”T give up and it is True that you can win something , even you dont’ have any connections with the judges.

    Fact 7.
    SL is a place that you can show your creativity and realised dream. as a real life architect , i have a childhood dream to be a fashion designer too, Now i have my own shop {{BSD Design studio}} for original mesh creations, from shoes to furnitures. and NOW my dream comes true! so you can try it if you DO have a dream .!!

  88. I am a friend and neighbour of Carrie Lexington’s and saw this on her blog. I’ve been in SL for close to 5 years, so I couldn’t resist the fun!

    Fact 1: I spent the first two years of my second life living in an all-ladies convent attending book groups and lectures on metaphysics.

    Fact 2: In SL, I am named for John Lennon’s mother, Julia.

    Fact 3: Pet Peeves: People who post TOS disclaimers in their picks so they can record IM conversations. The term “no drama” is tremendously overused. Clothing that resembles latex dishtowels. I could spend hours on this topic.

    Fact 4: While I am mostly known as a poet in SL, prior to 2010, I had gone through a 10-year dry spell with my writing. I am convinced that the creativity and freedom afforded to one in SL helped me push through this.

    Fact 5: I have two alts, but they haven’t been out to visit in quite some time.

    Fact 6: I am a blonde in RL as well and tried to create my avatar to resemble myself as much as possible (height, eye color, etc.) Julie does have a better wardrobe than I, however.

    Fact 7: This is where I humbly decline to comment on some of the dicier activities and aspects of SL, and my involvement therein. I plead the 5th!!!!

    Thanks for starting this thread!

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  90. Starlight Composer says:

    I did mine! Waaaay late but working on catching up. :)

  91. I totally had a go too! I was desperately needing inspiration to blog, and this really helped! Thank you Berry :) Though I struggled to get to 7 facts, in the end I had to divulge a couple of secrets!! haha


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    I totally do the Linden thing… but then when i log on that alt i have to resist the urge! lol.

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