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When a man loves a woman

when a man loves a woman

You can blame the title of this post on one of my favorite movies which I was watching earlier today, When a Man Loves a Woman (I’m a huge Andy Garcia fan). The opening scene is one of my favs, if you haven’t seen it here’s a link to it on youtube.

FATEwear has released a fabulous new mesh suit for the gentlemen and you will be seeing ManBerry wearing this quite often in all the different colors. What I love most about this suit is all the different ways you can wear it. It comes with so many options and so many colors. Head down to the FATEwear mainstore right now and check it out.

Earlier today on plurk there were a few plurks flying around where people were asking what attire do you find most attractive on the opposite sex. Well, I thought I would share my answer here since I was too shy to say it in the plurks themselves. I love a sharp dressed man in a well tailored suit. This is just one of my preferences, my other preference would be shirtless with just some sexy jeans on but we can save that for another post. 😛

Here’s a picture of the sexy Mr. Bouncer Criss in his new FATEwear suit. I hope more of the boys head down to FATEwear now and share their pics on their blogs and flickrs too. Pleeeeeeeaase? Thank you! <3 What ManBerry is wearing:
Skin: the body co. Fox (08 Dark) w/hair by thebodyco (Sale ends Jan. 31st)
Hair: *Dura-Boy*33(Dark Brown) by chiaki Xue
*Suit: FATEwear Suit – Edward (B) – Crater B by Damien Fate
*Pose: Diesel Works Dante by Rogan Diesel


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

3 thoughts on “When a man loves a woman

  • Tkaela

    ooo…me likes ManBerry…lol, ok ok on a serious note, there is nothing like a man in a well tailored suit. Very nice ♥

  • Stephen Venkman

    Cool.. I’ve been looking for a new suit. Thanks Berry.

  • TKaela, I would have to agree! LOL

    I’d love to see you in the suit, Mr. Venkman. <3

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