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Mesh Breasts

you got me under your spell

What better way to start the new year than get a boob job, right? 😀

I have been seeing massive amounts of mesh boobs all over flickr and blogs for months now and I figured it was something I might try eventually, but not right now. Then last night, I tried it and boy was it an adventure. I’m going to have to blame all this on two of my best friends and some other plurk friends. You can see all the enablers in the following two hilarious plurks:
So do I need to get these boob thingamajiggers?” and “I GOT BOOBS!

Mesh boooooooooobs

So here’s the deal. I tried the Lush demos by Riann Maltese available at this slurl but I didn’t end up getting them (even though I liked them very much and they are L$1050 which is cheaper than the tangos) but apparently they did not have many skin appliers out for them. So I thought I should just skip it for now. I heard the tango clothing appliers work on them though, so you could possibly give them a try.

I purchased the mesh tangos from Lolas available at this slurl. I did that mainly because my current fav skin designers had appliers out for them, such as: Glam Affair, PXL and Al Vulo. The Lolas did not have a demo and they were L$1750…but as my friend Faint Paulse said, “if you want a top notch surgeon, and implants with high quality silicon or some shit, you gotta shell out.” LOL She makes me laugh on a daily basis. She also has a lot of quality clothing with appliers for the tangos available at her store, Ladies who Lunch. I especially love this cocktail dress.


One thing to note is that I made these breasts a lot smaller than people usually would. I made them a size I was comfortable with, but when I did that I got seams. Seams are not visible if you make them a bit bigger. I photoshopped my seams out but they really aren’t that noticeable. I have a raw shot at this link on my profile if you’d like to see.

More and more designers are making skin and clothing appliers for the tangos, I hope they also do for the lush as I find them both quite nice. Mesh boobs are just another fun thing to play with. I always like to try everything, mesh droids, mesh avatars, mesh eyeliner, mesh eyes, mesh hands, mesh feet and I’m glad I tried these mesh boobs as well. I’m probably not going to wear them often but I will definitely bust them out (pun intended) for some nice pictures like I do with my mesh feet and hands.

Finally, one of my favorite things about these mesh breasts is the amount of time it actually saves me in photoshopping. The shape is something I have tried to achieve before getting them, for example: in this picture which is pre-mesh boobs. That image took me hours and hours to do just because I had to shape the sl avatar boobs. The pictures in this post took me 30 minutes tops.

So these are my thoughts on mesh breasts…how do you feel about them?

BTW, this is what I was listening to while working on these pics: Mercy by Duffy

*Skin: Glam Affair – Roza Basic – Africa03 D by Aida Ewing
*Mesh Eyeliner: –Glam Affair– Couture Eyeliner no.03 by Aida Ewing
Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Midnight Hazel, w4) by Arkesh Baral
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * STARLINE 1*/darkbrown by Mirja Mills
*Panties: Zaara : 1 Chanchal thong *ruby* by Zaara Kohime
Ring: Donna Flora ARTURO ring by Squinternet Larnia
Necklace & Earrings: Cae :: Guinevere (C88) set by Caelan Hancroft (@ Collabor88)
Nails: Candy Nail #P024 Magic of Witch Black by peche Bury
Mesh Breasts: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts by Sandi Moonites
*Skin Applier: Glam Affair – Lolas Tango – Skin Applier ( Africa ) by Aida Ewing
*Prop+Poses: Diesel Works PolyWall by Rogan Diesel


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

39 thoughts on “Mesh Breasts

  • I like them for nude pics, like yours, when they are not massive. You did a fabulous job with them.

    I never do nude pics (I’m too prude… or maybe I’d just rather be a voyeur :P) so I personally have no real use for them. I’m fine with my avatar boobs, especially since with mesh clothes you usually get the shape from those anyway, and it helps eliminate the weird angles.

    I find the more… erm… Idk, porn star? looking ones just make me roll my eyes and/or cringe, but hey, everyone has the right to decide how big or small to make their boobs. It’s a virtual world, after all. We gotta do what we enjoy personally, or what’s the point?

  • Vikeejeah

    I absolutely love that hair!!! Also you look gorgeous. I am working on the styling for my post right now. I will be discussing mesh attachments and the clothing appliers. Great post Berry <3

  • ZZ Bottom

    Well aside from the obvious, they give the feel i wanted for so long, so im all for the tangos:)

  • I enjoy them, but like everything in SL it should really be used in “moderation”. When they’re made too big they look simply ridiculous. Trust me I have seen some totally atrocious ones but I’ve also seen some very tasteful ones. The key to the Lolas to to keep them proportionate to your avatar. Much like yours, your avatar is more on the slender curves side so its important to keep the breasts smaller so it doesn’t look like something out of a bad porn.

    See mine here ->

    I’m very conscious about the sizing. I don’t want to go too large with them, so I try to keep them in tune with the shape that I’m wearing and adjust the size to suit. I THINK I did well in not going overboard. I’m also a huge fan of the Glam Affair appliers as well.

    Also, you look lovely. <3

  • Empty Inkpen

    I love the Tangos, but I don’t wear them often…because seams! I shrank them down to a more normal size, so the lines kinda bother me. >.< Good for pictures, not so good for everyday wear unless I've got a clothing applier that disguises it. You look gorgeous btw!

  • I don’t wear mine on an every day basis either, my picture for the feature on them wasn’t edited at all except for the removal of the back ground and adding of the shadow. I try to keep it minimal when showing skins. The reason I don’t wear them, even though I’ve finally fitted them to be seamless is because they take a lot longer to rez. So sometimes I would see them but other people would see my avatar fine but my chest completely grey. Its a bit ridiculous lol.

    Also, the seams of your Lolas also, like most things in SL, depends on your windlight settings.

  • I really like the look of yours. I’ve been anti-mesh breasts because I think 95% of people wearing them look ridiculous and they are in no way proportionate to the rest of the body. They just look silly and I don’t get the appeal. I’m also really into mesh clothing and right now I feel like most clothing available with appliers is a step back from awesome mesh and just very plain and unimaginative. However – if someone were to create mesh breasts that didn’t give the impression of “on my way to my adult film audition” and actually fit your avatar’s proportions without creating seems or lines, I’d give them a try. Maybe. lol ..

    But I really do like the look of yours in this picture. The fit your avi’s body well. Before I clicked, I assumed these were a new brand!

  • SerenaTsukino

    I would like everyone to use them in the way you do. By giving them a size proportional to the body. But all the women I’ve seen until now wearing “Lolas” have make me dislike them.. a lot. xD

  • Great post …when I saw on fb you gave your thoughts about mesh breast I jumped so curious to know…and yes me too I use small size cause they look more beautiful and naturel like that

  • It doesn’t matter to me how people make their avatar look, it is just my personal opinion that most people are going overboard with breast size. But it seems to be the popular fad right now, huge boobs and skimpy outfits to show them off. Nothing wrong with it, just not for me (I was beginning to think I was the only one!)

    These pictures, though, help me see mesh breasts in a different way. They look beautiful when not far out of portion.

    I’m still not going to buy them, but at least when I think of tangos, lolas, etc., I’ll see more than just a porn star image.

  • I may give these try after looking at your pics Berry! They look very natural and just the right size. Great Job!

  • Darling

    I love the tangos! I would also like to see more ‘modest’ clothing for them as there seems to be this assumption that having large breasts is mutually exclusive with the desire to dress like a porn star. This may come as a surprise to some, but having big breasts–in sl or rl–doesn’t mean I have aspirations to be an adult film star and honestly its a little frustrating to be a target of negative comments because I embrace my full figure. There has always been a trend to dress revealingly on sl, and it has nothing to do with the size of someone’s breasts, and everything to do with their personal taste.

  • Check out the Second Life Pic of the Day “TITS OR GTFO ” photo by Strawberry Singh. Don’t forget to check out Second Life on Tumblr, Facebook and Google Plus!

  • Hey , I have a question for the artist in the photos, do you know who makes the skin or was it gifted to you? It is so gorgues !Im wondering if they have a lighter shade! Thanks a bunches and you can contact me on my face-book to respond as well at: Samantha Ann Prater, I dont bite:).

  • And now I feel stupid for not paying attention to the bottom posts ! XD yay I found the skin maker!

    thanks for such a great photo and set idea:).

  • I have been looking at these for a while 😉 purely on a creative basis…cough. Great post & Excellent Boobage!

  • Ahhh….I think your pictures are lovely and tasteful. The lengths that one has to go to… do pardon the pun…to not have the seams show…would leave me more exhausted than real life bra shopping! LOL Me thinks I will stick to my avatar boobs…at least for now anyway! 🙂

  • Hi,
    Can you please tell me what software do you use to design these beauties???


  • Emuna Zamani

    I love my Tangos more than my SL boyfriends.

  • Amazing post. Once some SL model called me a wh*re for wearing appliers and it made me so sad! I’m glad respected bloggers like you are showing different sides of the implants! I have friends that wear them really small, I prefer mine big enough to not show any seams.
    * Forgive my bad english!

  • Calliope Teardrop

    Thank you for the fun review of mesh breasts! One note on price: I don’t think that in this case price tag does not equal quality. I do love Lolas (have been wearing them for years & pre-mesh), but the Lush breasts are a great option for a different look and they look good small. They also have more efficient, low-lag scripting for folks who are concerned with that.

  • Thank you everyone for your input. It’s great to see all the varying opinions. I do like them myself quite a bit, but in all honesty, I can’t see myself wearing them all the time. I will definitely break them out sometimes for some sensual pics though.

    Thanks again for reading and for taking the time to comment! <3

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  • Leilani

    I found that when I made my avatar shape have 0 breasts, wore the undershirt provided with the belleza applier and then wore the mesh breasts, I had no seams, it was only when I left my avatar breasts at their usual size that I had seams. I don’t know why no one seems to give instructions on how to make them fit best but, try it and see what you think?

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  • Sophiea John

    Hey Strawberry,

    I LOVE your look. Personally, I never go beyond my tanned skin tone but you are a chameleon! Amazing pictures by the way. Funny thing is, I can’t seem to find the SLURL working..says that the parcel is not available at the moment so I don’t know what’s up. I got the Lush Breasts and yet, I still can’t get the hang of it. When I wear them, they don’t look the way I want them to.. so I’m looking for a different options..I’ve heard of the Lolas Tangos but I can’t seem to find them and it’s driving me insane! Someone help?! Thanks (:

  • Thank you Leilani, that’s a great idea, I’ll def give it a try!

    Sophiea, Sorry you’re having so much trouble with them. I’m not familiar with the Lush Breasts. I have the tangos myself and they are pretty simple to use. Not sure why the slurl I have there is not working, but perhaps try checking the designer’s picks, her name is: Sandi Moonites and see if she has a new store location or something? Hope you find them!

  • Nice post Tempy <3 I don't like them LOL. For the life of me I can't get them to match my skin. I just don't have the patience for them.

  • kalliopi

    gilrs afriend of mine want to get them to you have a link to marktplace?the url it does not work

  • you obviously forget to mention that Glam affair’s appliers look nothing like the skins they sell or what they look like on the item
    ( with the possible exception of africa one) as shown in the pictures i posted on google
    none of the appliers i bought at glam affair match any of my glam affair skin,so im happy u find the africa one works with your glam affair skin but any other skin ive found they do not match properly

  • Lei, I am pretty sure I have worn the mesh breasts with different tones of the Glam Affair skin, (like the india tone in this post ) and they matched perfectly. Perhaps you are wearing it with the older Glam Affair tones? You should speak to Aida Ewing about it. I’m sure she’ll be able to help you out and figure out what’s wrong.

  • Lillylaiyay

    I have several avatars, all with Lola’s Tangos or Mirage breasts and I *love* them. The Key is in the size and skin choice. Some skins are specifically suited to Lola’s like League and YS&YS. I do Custom fitting for anyone having trouble. Every avatar is “no seam” whatsoever and they are set to “poportional” or “small”…takes massive amounts of time to “fit” them to be no seam…common complaint is “side boob” seam…this can be blended by adjusting Cleavage setting in you avatar Body settings,as well as shoulder width

  • Lillylaiyay

    and Body Thickness

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  • I came really late on mesh stuff. i really didn’t like it. didn’t fit my avie and didn’t want to change it. and i didn’t play SL much these years, so, now i’m searching and researching about mesh witch it is morerealistic than in the past…
    So, i don’t know about these “applier”. why do you need one for your skin? why can’t be provided by the hud on the mesh product?
    is it possible that you need to buy extra stuff if you get mesh body parts or an entire avatar?

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