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The CTS Wardrobe

CTS Wardrobe

I was recently asked to try out the CTS Wardrobe, by designer Carlyle Theas, which is a fantastic product that will assist you in organizing all your outfits and inturn your whole SLife! 😛

I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive at first because I wasn’t sure I would be able to figure out how to use it and get frustrated with myself. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and in just under an hour I was able to put on and upload several outfits to the website.

Now I’m sure y’all know that my inventory is insane and continues to be insane on a daily basis. So what I do like to do is create cute outfits and save them so I can throw them on whenever I need them. However, after a while my outfits list becomes so long and I totally forget which outfit was which because I can’t see what it looks like so then I just start deleting them. This is when the CTS Wardrobe comes in very handy.

CTS Wardrobe

The CTS Wardrobe comes with a HUD and an actual closet that you can rez inworld inside your home. The closet is texture change so you can match it to your home decor and it becomes a beautiful statement piece. Since I don’t really have a home I just rezzed it on my platform to show you guys, however the closet is not something you need to rez and use in order for this system to work, so I’m probably not going to keep it rezzed. I will just use the website to view all my outfits.

CTS Wardrobe

When you attach the HUD and click on the center yellow button, you will be prompted to go to a website. This will take you to your personal Wardrobe website. At this link you will see all of the outfits that you take a snapshot of like I did. Taking snapshots of the outfits is the easiest part. All you have to do is rez the stand that comes in the HUD, which comes with its own mini-studio like background that is color change and also has built in poses.

I decided to use my own background and my own pose just for speed purposes. Then I hit the snapshot button, chose “send to email” and then in the “to” field I put in the cts wardrobe email address, the “from” field is my name, the “subject” is the name of my outfit and finally in the “message” field I put some tags in. I figured for tags I would use the names of the designers so I can pull up all the outfits by designers if I ever need to. I also added a few other tags whenever I thought necessary like: skirt, jeans, tanks, etc… Then I hit send and it automatically sent it to my Wardrobe website.

CTS Wardrobe

I think it’s a great system for someone who’s lost in a sea of inventory and looking to get organized. Since it’s the holidays as well, it’s definitely the perfect gift for the girl (or guy) that has everything already. Here are a few links with more information for you guys.

CTS Wardrobe Website
CTS Wardrobe on Marketplace
A really great review of The CTS Wardrobe by Blaise Joshua

So there you have it. I hope this brings a little bit more organization in your chaotic SL inventories. I know it will in mine!


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

14 thoughts on “The CTS Wardrobe

  • I’ve had it for a long time. And while I love it, there are still a few things I’d love to see Carlyle add.

    Thankfully, because she’s a reachable content creator, she’s always attentive and does listen to and take suggestions, thinking them over before adding or removing items so the integrity of her dedication to this project is AMAZING.

    Now to just square away enough time to actually update my closet! LMAO

  • I actually got this about six months ago when Cracked Mirror plurked about it. It’s a great way to really clean up your inventory, but you almost have to be vigilant in order to keep up with it. Thanks for reminding me that I have to use it again!

  • Ohhh! someone else that uses it! I haven’t dusted mine off in a few months but I went through weeks and weeks of solid picture taking to try and organise my hairs and skins! It’s super nifty if you can keep it up, but my OCD about tags doesn’t help lol

  • Hi Berry, I have the CTS wardrobe too. Got it a while ago and love it. Thank you for blogging it. I will link this post from my blog.

  • I was thinking of making Pinterest boards for this purpose actually, which would effectively perform the same function, and also bring me some social media boosts to my blog.

    My plan was to save my outfits in my folder with the exact name of my pin (e.g. Maitreya – Nolita Dress – Black), and the board in which they were categorised (e.g. Autumn – Semi-Casual Wear).

    The only added value of this wardrobe I can see is the fact that it comes with poses and a background. Both very easily done though. I’d probably just use one pose and a white or black background and cycle through outfits to get the pics done. The RLV option to wear is cute, but I kind of see it as superfluous.

    Pinterest is free, easy to set up, social and shareable, so I think I’ll be going that route. Great project for the holidays 🙂

  • It’s great to see so many people already using it and finding it useful. I hope others that try it do so as well.

    Canary that is a very good idea, however I plan on cataloging my hair and skins and possibly certain pose sets as well and I think using a social network to do that would make me uncomfortable sharing every detail of my inventory like that with all those that follow me there. I like that the website link to my inventory is only visible to those that I choose to share it with. But if it works for you, then definitely a great idea.

    Carmilla, that is the Frawla dress from Zaara. It’s a custom color made for me though so it’s not available for sale, however you’ll find it in 4 other colors in the store.

  • Angela Kwak

    I know exactly what for clothing I have in my inventory and where I can find it but I always made my own combinations and safed them as an outfit with a name that just popped in my head. After a while I forgot what combination with what name came so I threw them away.
    This system makes it easier and cheaper to help me remind what kind of outfits I made and it helps me with some new ideas.

    Thank you for pointing this out.

  • Great review : o )

    I would like to see a demo version … as I think it would help a lot of people overcome their reluctance to even try it. People are very defensive about their own filing systems, and some very resistant to the idea that there could be something better out there!


  • This is the best thing that I’ve ever bought or gotten on SL! Loooooove it!

    Love the support group too! Everybody is sweet and helpful!


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