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Book with Berry!

Book with Berry!

Since I’ve started setting up my gift cards around the holidays the past couple of years, I kept getting requests to do a gift card for my couples photography pricing too since a lot of people like to give them as a wedding present. So this year I’ve finally gone ahead and setup two gift cards: one is for single portraits and the other is for couples portraits. Both of them are up on marketplace now:

Book with Berry!

Please note, I am going on vacation and will be away from SL from December 24th till January 5th so I’m not booking any more photography appointments now till the new year. While I’m away on vacation, I will not be blogging but you can follow me on various social networks that I may be active on. Check out my social media page and follow me on the main social networks below:

  • Twitter
  • Plurk
  • Facebook Page – I will not be updating it during vacation but will check it if you guys leave me any comments. <3

Thanks so much for using and gifting my gift cards, I’m really happy to see people are liking them. I wish you all the best during this upcoming holiday season. I made a special holiday card for y’all here (just a warning, it may be a bit loud):

Happy Holidays! <3 Style credits for the first picture: Butterfly Fly Away
Style credits for the second picture: – Music


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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