Strangelings & Mesh Oz!

Strangelings & Magic of Oz in Mesh!

Strangelings is a real world game of a genetics based pet design where players have 3D pets which breed and produce offspring with unique traits based on genetics. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The brilliant team behind Ozimals has teamed up with two former Lindens and a financial expert to form Flying Monkey Interactive, Inc. The team at FMI have been developing the product platform called Toto for several months now and Strangelings is their first game. Strangelings will be playable on iPad and the web initially, with a rollout to iPhone and Facebook in Q1 of next year and other devices later in the year. If you’re interested in playing Strangelings and would like more information about them, feel free to sign up at this link.

For fun, the Ozimals team has totally revamped the sim Magic of Oz to serve as the in-world location for information on Strangelings, and have also developed an advanced rigged mesh avatar that is an exact replica of a Strangeling from the game. You can customize it to look like your favorite animal from your collection with an extensive customization HUD. I am wearing my Strangelings Mesh avatar in the first image. I hope you like the color combinations and patterns I chose. I love all of the options for customization, there seems to be a million different looks you can do with the hud! But the best thing about it are the animations. I had to make a video because I was just blown away!

I’m embedding the video below but you can also watch it on my youtube at this link:

If you are interested in purchasing this avatar for yourself it will go on sale on Tuesday the 27th at 2 pm SLT. However, you have a chance to win the complete avatar for FREE by following these steps:

  1. Sign up for Strangelings using my code: (I think my blog post is taking their site down lol, sorry about that. Please keep trying if the link doesn’t work. I’ve also been given this backup url that should work with no problems: backup link.)
  2. Once you have signed up, leave a comment in this post below using your full SL name and then inputting the email address you used to sign up for Strangelings into the “Mail” box when leaving the comment. Your email will not be published for everyone to see but I will have it to verify with FMI that you have signed up using my code. If you had already signed up using my code yesterday, just go ahead and leave a comment below with your full SL name and email in the mail section so I can enter you in the drawing as well.
  3. I will input all of the names of the commenters into this website: which will assist me to choose a name randomly.
  4. The first name in the list will be given the avatar by a FMI team member once their email is confirmed that it was registered using my code.
  5. This contest ends on Tuesday at 2pm SLT (when the avatars go on sale). I will input all the names into the website at that time and pick a winner and once the winner has received the avatar I will say who the winner is in the comments at the end.
  6. Also, my beloved friend Mr. Winter Jefferson is also doing the same giveaway and his runs till Wednesday at 7am SLT so if you happen to miss mine, you still have a chance to enter his! Also, he created some very unique and creative Strangelings, so make sure to click over and check out his pictures!

The Magic of Oz sim is now open, so please take the slurl and have fun exploring the gorgeous mesh build that was created by the talented Tya Fallingbridge.

If you would like more information about Strangelings, there will be a Q&A about them at 12pm SLT and 6pm SLT today. You can check out the Strangelings blog for more information.

Best of luck to all those that sign up and participate and have fun exploring the all new mesh Magic of Oz, here are some pictures I took while exploring. <3

Strangelings & Magic of Oz in Mesh!

Strangelings & Magic of Oz in Mesh!

Strangelings & Magic of Oz in Mesh!

Strangelings & Magic of Oz in Mesh!

SLurl to the all new Mesh Magic of Oz!


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

59 thoughts on “Strangelings & Mesh Oz!

  • Sileny Noel

    Sileny Noel

  • Lindsay Pinelli

    This avatar is way too cute! They did an amazing job it looks like on the sim too. Also great pics!

  • Sileny Noel

    Also, that castle is so awesome!

  • Lindsay Pinelli

    oops LOL. Lindsay Pinelli

  • I was so prepared to not like this, but loved the vid. This is a sooo cute. Also, love Magic of Oz. Very cool.

  • Katya Valeska

    Very cute! Can’t wait <3

  • Athena Wickentower

    Athena Wickentower

  • Fayette Aeon

    I signed up ^.^!

  • Alexandria Enchanted

    Ohhh this is so exciting!

  • Dragon Fang

    These are epic cute!!!
    ~Dragon Fang

  • Renesmee Warrhol

    Renesmee Warrhol.

  • Willowwynn Resident

    I think it worked… never got a confirmation though. These look super cute. Can’t wait to try it out! πŸ˜€ Full name in SL: willowwynn resident

  • Isle Lunasea

    I hope it will also be available on Android soon as well, my tablet would love it! Looks great. (Isle Lunasea in SL as well)

  • xLiliumx Resident

    xLiliumx Resident

  • Dawny Daviau

    They look so cool! Dawny Daviau inworld.

  • maxitone haystack

    Cute avatars, lovely setting and sounds a fascinating world

  • maxitone haystack

    whoops, looks as if i should have put my sl name:maxitone haystack

  • Lake Ireland

    Lakea Ireland there too πŸ˜€

  • Noelani Lightfoot

    The adorable is overwhelming.

  • Tkaela

    Wow! Interesting! They are just so cute! β™₯

  • Rosie Vyper

    Sign me up! Rosie Vyper

  • Empty Inkpen

    sghdgf.. adorable! Looking forward to this new game. Thanks for the heads up, and the giveaway. πŸ˜€

  • Vampire Serenity

    Ahh I ready want one <3

  • Vampire Serenity

    Oh! btw sign me up for the contest Vampire Serenity

  • Whispers Magic

    They look awesome as does the sim! Sign me up! Whispers Magic

  • Annomis DeVaux

    so cute:) i want to play too

  • Blizzard Winterwolf

    Nice article and video. Went to the evening meeting in SL. The Strangelings are really amazing.

  • qamar Kaligawa

    This is well done. I can’t wait to see more

  • Quixotic Criss

    Absolutely adorable. A must have for everyone interested in fantasy creatures!

  • Jodi Nikolaidis

    Amazing work ! I’m astounded by the fluidity and visual quality of these Avatars…. I have never wanted an avatar so badly .. count me in πŸ™‚

  • Kooky Jules

    They’re beyond adorabubble and the sim looks gorgeous. Can’t wait to visit.

    I signed up, too.
    Kooky Jules.

  • SL Name: Godsevil Fall

  • Zoie Reinard

    I signed up but forgot to comment! :/ Zoie Reinard

  • Venus Coudray

    Wow these are so cool~<3 Marionducoudray Resident

  • Sharna Beaumont

    so adoreable, signed up – Sharna Beaumont <3

  • Kobuk Farshore

    I’m going to admit, I want one of these purely to show up at meetings full of too-serious people. πŸ˜›

    Thanks for doing this, Berry!

    Kobuk Farshore

  • Honey Dragovar

    Honey Dragovar!

    Omg, too cute! <3

  • The winner of the Strangelings avatar is Lindsay Pinelli.
    Congrats Lindsay, it’s already been dropped on you!

    The avatar is on sale now at Magic of Oz if you guys wanna go pick one up. And if you still haven’t registered yet, you still have a chance to win with Mr. Jefferson’s contest so good luck!

    Thank you so much you guys for playing. <3

  • Sari Panacek

    This is just so cute! I want!!

  • Lindsay Pinelli

    Thank you! xD I’ve already made a preset rofl. It’s soooo cute.

  • Trage Cline

    really nice.

  • Margo

    these are adorable, love the animations as well as being able to customize the look!

  • Any videos of these things in normal motion:

    walking, sitting on ground, flying, etc?

    – Would love to see how well they move.

  • Hi Pussycat,
    Sorry, unfortunately I never thought to video myself just walking etc.. but those animations are also very smooth like these. Perhaps I’ll make another video once I wear the avatar again and I get the chance. Or if you like, I can show you inworld some time.

  • Yatsumi

    I also have this avatar and am Enchanted and Excited by what is to come!

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  • Olivia

    I dont understand.How do you enter the Strangelings Worlf of oz,because it’s mashed up together.I can only enter the Second Life,and the regular strangelings,do you have too download The Mesh of Oz and Strangelings,please help πŸ™ ?

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