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I wasn’t really planning on doing an image for Eid al-Adha today, but some of my friends on plurk convinced me to do it. So I decided to login and take a quick snap, but my goodness the grid was laggy today. Was it just me or does SL just hate my pixel guts?

Anyhow, I was listening to this song called Supreme Ishq. It’s part Farsi and part Urdu and so well done. It tells the true story of Anarkali and her love for Prince Nuruddin Salim. I’ve done an image about Anarkali before on my flickr here. What can I say…I love tragic love stories.

Check out more of my Eid pictures in my flickr set here. Happy Eid al-Adha to all those that are celebrating! I’m gonna go load up on some sugary treats now. <3 You guys don't mind if I'm lazy with the credits today, right? Thanks. 😀 Skin: Al Vulo Veil: Solange Eyes: Mayfly Mesh Eyeliner: Glam Affair Eyelashes: Miamai


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3 thoughts on “Anarkali

  • Gorgeous!…and the eyelashes are to die for ♥

  • Thank you so much you guys, I’m so glad you liked it. It was a really quick pic I did as that day was a busy one. <3

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