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Cinema - Auxiliary
See all 6 Cinema promotional posters here

The Hottie Cooterati Experience is introducing another great event which opens this weekend on Saturday, October 13th and runs till October 31st. Cinema is brought to you by the creative RubyStarlight Writer and her team of very supportive staff.

With a complete mesh theater created by talented designers, Kaz Nayar of Pilot and Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea and concession stand by Anya Ohmai, the build will just dazzle you! There are 7 themes to look out for: Horror, SciFi, Action/Adventure, Film Noir, Fantasy/Musicals, Romance, and XXX. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing all the XXX! 😛

A few things to remember before you take that slurl on Saturday: the build is all mesh so make sure you are using a mesh-enabled viewer, and also, there are lag gates all over the sim. So please remember to keep your script count below 50 and de-prim as much as you can to ensure an enjoyable experience for all.

I was asked to collaborate with the very talented Anya Ohmai and create some promotional posters for this event. The one I was actually photographed in is featured above with the lovely Harlow Heslop posing with me. We had a lot of fun shooting these. To see all 6 of the posters you can view my flickr set of them. RubyStarlight Writer is the brains behind the posters. She did all of the production, setup, poses, etc… and then she bossed me around and told me how she wanted it photographed. I did all the photography for the posters and Anya Ohmai did the editing and typography adding her special touch and really bringing these posters to life. All of the clothing Harlow and I are wearing in the poster above is from Auxiliary.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars and here are some websites for more info:

Cinema Event Info & Slurl:
Cinema Flickr Group:
Promotional Posters:
(Please note, you may not see all of the 6 posters because I had to put 2 of them on moderate due to sexual content. If you can’t see them, then check out my post here about flickr settings, it might be able to help you out.)


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3 thoughts on “Cinema

  • This is great to know! I will def be there. You did a Great Job as always on the photography♥ I’m wondering…what are they looking at?? lol

  • Looking forward to visiting often! Have no doubt I will love it! Your Pics are the best as always.

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