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Suck My Noob!

Suck My Noob

So yesterday the lovely Catherine Fairport (who takes breathtaking pictures, you really must visit her blog and flickr) sent me a strawberry flavored noob to suck on. You can also pick up the Suck My Noob megapack if you like your noobs in a variety of flavors. I couldn’t resist blogging it and adding it to my berrylicious category. Thank you Catherine, it gave me a huge laugh! <3 While I have you here I thought I'd talk about a couple things that I covered on plurk the other day.

  1. Mesh Debug Settings – Recently I was having a lot of issues with mesh: It would not load properly, sometimes when I wore something it would be invisible and I would have to reattach it for it to appear and then other times it would stay blurry. Then a friend suggested I play with the following settings in the debug menu and set them accordingly:
    Meshbytespertriangle: 128
    Meshmaxconcurrentrequests: 128
    MeshminimumByteSize: 1
    Now I’ve noticed that since I did that, things have been running a lot smoother. I’m not sure how this affects viewer performance, but I don’t seem to have any issues with major lag. So I just thought I’d share this here in case it helps you guys out a bit too.
  2. Blog Feed Settings – I recently changed my blog feed settings so if you were reading my blog in a reader such as google reader or even on the fashion feeds you will no longer see the whole post, but just a summary without pictures. The reason I did that is because I am planning to do more nsfw pictures and everytime I do I usually get complaints about them being splashed all over the fashion feeds (like in the comments of my NSFW lust post here). So I figured it would be easier if I just changed my settings so no pictures are viewable unless you actually click through to my blog. I’m sincerely sorry for the inconvenience, I know how irritating that is, but I hope you guys still take the time to click over and read my gibberish. <3
  3. What Not To Wear in Second Life – This is something that’s been all over plurk the past few days and it airs tonight at 6pm SLT so I thought I would share the link to the article NWN just did on it. I’m not sure if y’all watch the show, but you might want to set it to record or try and catch it tonight, it’s on in 15 minutes! If you miss it though, you might be able to catch it on The Learning Channel site later on or maybe on youtube.

Skin: -Glam Affair- Roza – Natural – I’m Crazy – Violet by Aida Ewing (Special Gallery Gift Shop)
*Eyes: FATEeyes by Damien Fate
Eyelashes: MG – Eyelashes – Groomed – BLACK by Maxi Gossamer
*Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Princess Mesh Hair – Orchid by MissAllSunday Lemon
*Top: coldLogic top – swift.sour apple (XS) (B) by coldLogic @ FaMESHed for July
Lollipop: Mad – Suck my Noob ! Strawberry by Eve Kazan
*Pose: aDORKable Poses: My Hair Dork Pack by Adorkable Peapod @ Hair Fair


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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