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It’s all in the eyes!

It's all in the eyes
(Raw shot of this image)

Continuing with my photoshop adventures this summer, I decided to focus on learning how to enhance the eyes this week. I love looking at a picture and the first thing that pops out at me are the eyes. So I found this really cool tutorial on youtube however, it’s one of those speed tutorials. He’s not talking about what he’s doing, he just does it and you just got to be quick and follow along. I did my best by pausing often and making the video screen as big as I could. I did learn a lot from this one, especially with the application of the eyeshadow, that was very neat. I hope you guys are able to follow along with it like I was, if not, I can try and type it out for you, lemme know!


I’m kinda totally in love with this dress. This is like the perfect “Berry” dress. It’s red, it’s poofy, it’s just so pretty. I adore it! You can find it at Fairy Tales at the Chantkare booth.

I’m not wearing any accessories in this post. I’m not a big accessory person in RL either, well, unless it’s big heavy traditional indian jewelry. And rings, I love my rings! But I just felt like wearing any jewels would take away from this look and make it less sexy, for me anyways. But then again, I’m not a stylist! 😛

Also, this sim is just gorgeous. I found it on koinup and it’s definitely one of my favorite places to shoot now. And you can rez! TY sim owners that let us rez stuff, I truly love you for it! <3 Let me know if there's any good photoshop tutorials you might know of or things you might want me to cover. I'm going to try and learn something new each week! Credits: *Skin: PXL Faith Olive By Hart Larsson (not released yet)
Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Moelleux” Dark Brown 3 by Kuranosuke Kamachi
*Dress: Chantkare Oscar Enchantment Gown by Applonia Criss (Available at Fairy Tales)
*Poses: Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel
Location: Neva River


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

5 thoughts on “It’s all in the eyes!

  • I do something very similar to that tutorial, except I do it with curves and it’s mask instead of manual selection, and usually lower the opacity so the eyes don’t look radioactive, but yeah the blending mode is the same, color dodge/add or overlay if they’re bright already.

  • Oh that’s brilliant! I’m gonna have to try that too. Thanks for sharing Vlad! <3

  • I love that you share your raw photos. You are gorgeous both ways, raw and photoshopped. And you are so very talented. Thanks for sharing the tips that you do and for helping others like me learn!

  • You’re very welcome Charolotte. <3

    Michele, thank you so much for the kind and uplifting words. I really needed to hear them. <3

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