My life has been so up and down lately that I didn’t get the opportunity to visit SL9B till just today. This is the last day you can visit so please do take a moment and take a look around at all the wonderful contributions from SL residents.

I wasn’t able to check out all of it as of yet, but I’ll be returning shortly to wander around some more. Before I do however, I thought I would highlight three places that stuck out to me because I found them to be very educational and I think everyone should drop by and take a look.

SL9B - Faint Paulse

Faint Paulse of Ladies Who Lunch has done a wonderful sustainable living plot with info about going green and also has an adorable free gift inside, which is of course environmentally friendly.

SL9B - Blogger Carnival

The blogger carnival is a collaboration between seven generous fashion bloggers who have come together under one tent to share some of their tips and tricks for pictures, blogging, etc… A great place to pick up some skills from the blogosphere’s very best!

SL9B - Crap Mariner

And finally we have Mr. Crap Mariner with his 100 word stories display, which are always very enlightening. Mr. Crap has done a lot of coverage on SL9B and has been very actively involved volunteering a lot of his time. Check out the following links to see pictures, blog posts and videos by him about SL9B!
Blog –
Youtube –
Flickr – (I especially loved his Egypt pics)

Other places you can get more info about SL9B:

SL9B official Blog –
Daniel Voyager’s Blog –
SL9B on Destination Guide –

You don’t have much time left, so hurry and go now! <3


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

2 thoughts on “SL9B

  • I’ve resisted posting my Best Of The Best list, but I do have a few faves off the top of my head…

    – Even though it has most of the pieces from her gallery out there, Ginger Lorakeet’s “Inside Art” was very cool.

    – Jo Yardley always does a neat job of condensing 1920’s Berlin into a parcel.

    – Loki’s funny view of Linden Lab as a future kid’s field trip.

    – The build for Bay City is an impressive Art Deco design by Mari.

    – Booshies went from a (grumble) ad build to a whimsical and amusing cake.

    – 7Seas outdid the other fishing game providers by creating a whimsical and funny card.

    – Okay, okay… Callie Cline buried up to her neck in sand… (sand?) that was funny.

    And a whole hell of a lot more. So many more. Too many more. You’ve got today and tomorrow, and then the gates slam shut at midnight on Wednesday.

    Heck, I’m 86ing my usual Wednesday read because I’d rather the regular folks there check out the builds than listen to me ramble for an hour.

    The exhibitors… performers… greeters… stagehands… volunteers… propagandists… everybody… EVERYBODY made this the biggest and best birthday event so far, and I’m proud to have been allowed to help out, and I look forward to being involved in (fingers crossed) next year’s event.


  • Oh what a fantastic list! Thank you Mr. Crap, I’m gonna head to all those places now! <3

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