So I have to admit that I feel rather silly about last night’s blog post. I had quite an emotional day yesterday. It was just one thing after another and I ended up puking all over my blog by the end of the night. (Sorry about that visual :P)

I’m ok though. A close friend always tells me that I’m a lot stronger than I think I am. I know I’ll get through it and sort it out. It’s good to have support to help you up when you’re down though, so thank you for all your kind words. <3 I contemplated editing or deleting last night's post, but I figure I'd leave it up there to serve as a reminder to never emotionally blog again. I have temporarily deleted/disabled about 7 social network accounts (most of them I wasn't really using anyways). I felt it was time for a bit of a cleanup. I might delete two more, but the two that I will never delete are my Facebook and Google+ Pages. So if you’ve noticed I’ve disappeared on a network you follow me on, you can follow those two if you like, I’ll always be there.

Yesterday wasn’t all bad though, one good thing that happened was Ms. Vaki Zenovka asked me to pose with her for her red lipstick Wednesday post. To read that post and also get the style credits to what I’m wearing in this picture, check out Vaki’s blog. Thank you Vaki for asking me to join you. <3 I'll go back to my regularly scheduled ramblings and attempts at fashion posts after this. Thanks again for reading and for all the support! <3


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

9 thoughts on “Strength

  • Please don’t leave Twitter. 🙁

    Also, you might consider setting up a second blog, under a different name if that’s more comfy for you, for your more emo moments. I have such a blog, and it’s a great way to release without going all soap opera with your more public personna. Feel better, lady 🙂

  • LOL @ soap opera on my blog. You totally nailed it there Mr. Kips. To be honest, I almost did disable twitter last night and it’s on my list of ones I just might disable (at least for a while). I figure I haven’t been on there as much recently anyways. I dunno, I’ll see. I just really need to sort some stuff out and I’m trying to reduce all my distractions. Even if I leave twitter though, you still have me on facebook. 😛

    I do have an anonymous tumblr which I sometimes blow up on, lol. I guess I shouldda done that last night. I hope my public persona is not too damaged though.

    Thank you Mr. Kips, for always making me smile. You’re one of my fav people on twitter. <3

  • You should never feel bad about expressing your feelings whether it be here or to your friends. Everyone needs to vent frustrations now and again. You’re a sweet and wonderful person you should never think anyone would fault you for having a personal moment on your own blog. **hugs**

  • I found this poem online.


    The strawberry is rough like a slave’s arduous life
    Vermillion, green, and fuzzy like an inscripted pathway
    It tastes like the first candy bar in a child’s life
    It looks like a cold soda on a hot summer day
    Sounds like the Sirens decepting voice
    As sweet as the song of a Blue Jay in the tall oak trees
    Smells like a new blossomed rose on a luke-warm spring day
    Inside the strawberry is sweet like cotton candy at the State Fair
    Smooth like the back end of a bowling ball
    Tastes as sweet as winning your first football game against the best in state
    Looks like a glass of water after a trip from the desert with no supplies
    And smells like the bakery in the early morning

    Jacob McGregor-April 30, 2007


    Love you, my White Hole. Always will.


  • Sending you a big hug and my support Berrykins.

  • Úsahtiel

    The ride is bumpy, ups and downs, highs and lows, lights and darks, the secret is to just hold on and ride it on through, and trust and believe in yourself. (easy advice to give, not always easy to take or live myself)

    Never ever regret feeling and expressing your emotions, they make you the person we love. <888888

  • Do not fear to show who you are. Yes it is raw and naked to reveal intimate aspects of self, such as emotions especially when we are all in such an idealistic virtual world. Reality is often forgotten behind the many masks in our grand masquerade of SecondLife. If you reveal the true persona behind the mask, the avatar, the real you and others look away or ridicule then you should turn your beauty, your shining inner soul from them for they do not deserve your light. But do not allow it to diminish your light, for one day when they find themselves in the darkest of places, your light may be the only that shines for them. I found your sharing of emotions and reality beautiful and that only made you shine even more in my eyes.

  • You guys have no idea what your love and comments have done for me today. Thank you, so much, from the bottom of my heart. <3

  • I don’t usually comment on blogs (i’m laazzzzy) but I just wanted to say it’s ok to emotionally blog, I mean most ppl don’t and don’t want to and that’s fine, but don’t ever feel bad for letting your emotions out, wherever you choose to let them out. We’ve all been there, and will all be there again!

    It’s a nice reminder to serve to people that we are people too, behind the screen we are just all big ole balls of emotions, we have good days, we have bad days.

    Never apologise or tell yourself you won’t be you again!!!


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