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Zaara Nizam in Silver

Beauty of the East
Photo by Nathan Chaffe

As promised in my post yesterday, the first image you see in this post was created by the talented Mr. Chaffe. When he first sent it to me, I gasped out loud. I absolutely love his work and I am so honored and thankful that he took the time to shoot such an amazing pic of me. Thank you Nathan! <3 I decided to create a second picture for this blog post because I wanted to use one of my favorite poses by one of my most favorite posemakers. The pose in the second picture is by Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose. I was really sad to hear that she's decided to close up her shop. In fact, we all walked down memory lane the other day on plurk, thinking of all the good times, time flies by so fast. Everything at Long Awkward Pose is on a final closing sale now, so don’t forget to drop by and pic up her memorable poses before they are off the grid forever.

Zaara Nizam in Silver

After years of begging, pleading, threatening and blackmailing Ms. Zaara Kohime, she has finally listened to me and made my most favorite jewelry set on the grid in a silver metal now. You have no idea how happy I am about this. I just want to live in these jewels for the rest of my slife now.

You will find the silver pieces at the Zaara mainstore, upstairs right beside the gold pieces. The silver pieces will be clearly labelled silver. Zaara has also gone ahead and put them all in her marketplace store. You will find the fatpacks and also all the pieces available individually on the marketplace. Here’s a link to the silver colored stones fatpack and now the link to the one I’m wearing, the silver white stones fatpack.

Finally, before I go, I wanted to speak about my eyes a little bit. Ever since I blogged the FATEeyes, I have received all sorts of different mesh eyes from many other content creators. I have to admit, they are all amazing in their own little ways. I’m going to try and blog a couple of the ones that I really ended up liking. The ones I’m wearing in the second picture are by Anara Aeon. The great thing about these eyes is, they also come with a hud that gives you many options to choose from. I ended up sticking with these silver/grey eyes, you can pick up a demo here and try it out for yourself.

I love that more and more content creators are making mesh eyes. The level of detail that some of these eyes have is just amazing and cannot be compared to non-mesh eyes. I hope you get a chance to pick up some mesh eyes soon and see the difference in detail yourself! Happy shopping! <3 Credits: *Skin: Glam Affair Amelie by Aida Ewing
*2nd Picture Eyes: Customeyes™ by Anara Aeon
*Hair: Shag Chérie by Sebastien Aries
*Jewels: Zaara Nizam in Silver by Zaara Kohime
Nails: Candy Nail #FP006 Clear Glitter French 3color change by Peche Bury
*2nd Picture Pose: Long Awkward Pose by Dove Swanson


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