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Mesh Rant

Mesh Rant

So it’s ok if I whine and complain and rant a little bit here right? kthx.

Before I start, let me just say, I LOVE mesh. I really do. If I could marry it and have babies with it, I so would. But sometimes it can be very frustrating.

Let’s start with this mesh top I have on. I adore it and wanted to wear some mesh shorts with it, but no matter what size I wore and how much smaller I made my butt, it still refused to stay inside the shirt. No big deal, I switched shorts to some non-mesh ones.

Then I got this mesh hair and mesh hat. I struggled with it for an hour trying to size the hat in a way so it would cover the hair completely without it looking like I have a hot air balloon protruding from my head, but that was a total fail. Cuz the hair is rigged mesh, I couldn’t move a single strand in the front. So I’m wearing the hat but my hair is sticking out from the back of it. It worked ok for the pics, but the OCDness in me is makin me cry inside. In conclusion, I don’t recommend purchasing this hair+hat combo and wearing them together. I’m sure the hat will work with some flatter hair though.

Anyhow, that’s my rant cuz I haven’t had any chocolate today and I struggled with the hat and hair for like an hour. I’m done now though, no worries. 😛

fear is a mirage

The delicious mesh boots I’m wearing are available at FaMESHed right now, have you been yet? You really need to go because it is full of so many goodies. The necklace and ring I’m wearing are also at FaMESHed.

Happy FaMeshing! <3 Credits: *Skin: [PXL] KATE LT NE DEB C1 by Hart Larsson
*Hair: >TRUTH< Marcia w/Roots - chocolate by Truth Hawks (MESH) *Shirt: Jinx’d Inc-Sleeveless Mesh Shirt (M)GREEN PLAID by Jinx Mahogany
*Shorts: Zaara : Denim knee-shorts *indigo* by Zaara Kohime
Hat: [*Meshing Around*]Love Symbols BaseBall Cap Mesh by Lucindy String (MESH)
Ring: MG – RING – Roho – Large – L by Maxi Gossamer (Available at FaMESHed) (MESH)
Necklace: MG – Seahorse – Group – GOLD by Maxi Gossamer (Available at FaMESHed) (MESH)
*Boots: [Gos] Triumph Boots – Fem – Denim by Gospel Voom (Available at FaMESHed) (MESH)
*Poses: Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel
Location: TheFLOWOUT Tobacco Road Found on Koinup Places


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

16 thoughts on “Mesh Rant

  • Ann Otoole InSL

    /me hands you the big bag of choco bars in the cabinet. Qarl’s deformer will be here soon.

  • Croon Nandahar

    Mesh = bane of my life, and yet, je’adore. D:
    Hairs, I’ve been lucky, most I’ve tried fit my avatar. I love them. They move when I move. (squeee!)
    So I have lots of mesh hair.
    Pants and *shirts* on the other hand…I have a thick avatar with chubby thighs and a bit of a bum. Standard sizing? Ohoooono.
    But I’ve found places that allow custom fittings OR don’t use standard sizing (the worst part about SS is that I’m probably a SS XL. Just *one* above the SS L. nyahhhhhgh!)

    Props to SLink for making the bestest favoritest rigged mesh feet that I’m *really* having a hard time taking off (and fitting them to my proportions, both footsize and legsize!).

  • I couldn’t agree more with your assessment Strawberry. Agreed love mesh. Agreed frustrating to mix in your own style pieces from different creators that weren’t originally created to go together. And totally agreed that it is frustrating that you can’t move any of it. I have noticed this with shoes and pants even more than I have hair and accessories. I have a miserable time of being able to fit shoes over pants or vice versa. I literally just today had this conversation with one of my favorite creators and we were lamenting that there wasn’t a way to wear an alpha layer for mesh items as well, but even this wouldn’t be a perfect solution. And when it comes to hair another really frustrating thing is that I am not a fan of hairs that completely split the hair in back and leave nothing there. I frequently will edit normal prim and sculpti hairs to modify or change this. I do the same sort of thing to fix that random hair that is badly placed for my face or figure. Can’t do these adjustments anymore. This frustrates me even more than not being able to add on something such as a hat or hood when wearing mesh hair. Thanks for highlighting such an important issue. Even though I doubt there is much that can be done by creators at this point, the topic needs to be out there, and you are high profile enough to do just that.

    /me respectfully leaves you a massive mixed box of truffles in homage and thanks for hearing her own comments on the matter.

  • The idea of standard sizes is WAY short of what we needed for ‘Best Practices’ for making mesh clothes. Creators are just starting to understand the problems. Which means they were poorly prepared to make standards. So, we see creators making the same types as the Lab that we so often yell at.

    The Mesh Deformer will solve some problems. But, a creator will have to decide if a top is to be worn in or out. I imagine that at some point we will have a basic standard for how far off the avatar skin an in-blouse and and out-blouse need to be at the waist. We will have a standard for how far off the skin pants should be to allow an in-Blouse to be “in” and to allow and out-blouse to be out.

    Without some standard made from a deeper insight into how these things will work will result in VERY limited mix and match capability.

    Hair and hats pretty much have to be made to work together. Mesh blouses and pants are likely to be the same, at least in the near term.

  • I love mesh too, but – and this is something I’ve already ranted about on Vaki’s blog – it really cuts down on my options. I’ve always taken female items and adjusted them to fit, due to the lack of colours/creativity/styles in male clothing. I just can’t do it any more, at least up top. I love boobs, but NOT ON ME.

  • Aprilmae Devin

    I have trouble with mesh cause my avie is lacking “up top” but I found a dress the other day that turned out perfect. Perfect? YES.. Perfect because it had separate top and skirt sections. I was able to mix and match top and bottom sizes to fit. I wonder if this would help with shirts also?

  • The hat & hair thing isn’t just mesh. Like, to buy a hat somewhere and try and wear it with any hair that? Impossible without making it look like you have a balloon on your head like you said. I wish more hair designers would come out with hat/hair designers, girls like to wear ball caps too!!

  • Tracy Redangel

    I love mesh hair and mesh shoes/boots. I’ve had wonderful luck with those. As far as clothes…not so much. I used to think I had a very fetching figure in SL, but since most of the mesh clothes that fit me are EXTRA large…yikes! LOL
    My favorite articles of mesh clothing are the Westbury mini skirt, and the Oxford pencil skirt from Mon Tissu. They fit everyone because the skirt is texture layer with the rigged mesh part replacing what use to be prim skirt pieces. It looks fantastic, and I wish more clothing designers would incorporate texture layers with mesh.

  • What you have said here echos MANY of the same comments I’ve heard (and experienced) all through SL (and SL blogs), especially since the introduction of mesh in general and then the “Standard Mesh Sizing” that has followed.

    I just pasted the url of this post to my SL FB, in the hopes that others (including creators) will read it and together, maybe find some innovative ways to make mesh a more “friendly” option for us all.

  • Ooh! I am so excited to hear about the skirt from Mon Tissu. That is really smart to make the skirt that way.
    I have been told but have not experimented yet that the way to wear two pieces together is to attach one to a different attachment point. I probably should have tried it before posting this comment but c’est la vie. :))

  • Terrilynn, you can wear mesh on different or the same points (if same point just use add instead of wear), but the issue isn’t being able to have them on at the same time it is getting things to line up and layer properly. with mesh since it is more like a sculpti than a texture layer there are a lot of issues with parts sticking through that you don’t want to stick through or that don’t make sense to stick through. So it isn’t so much that the system won’t allow you to wear the items together it is more that you don’t want to because the effect doesn’t work the way you want it to.

    Re: The combination of mesh and texture layers, the idea is actually really good and if executed well can look really good. The biggest problem their remains the large discrepancy between the quality of the textures allowed on mesh and on clothing layers. Mesh has a much higher level of detail and if not careful the combination of the two can leave a lot wanting. The bigger your figure the bigger the challenge with this too because the clothing layer textures stretch a lot more the larger your bum, thighs, boobs or belly are. So if designers do choose to go that route they still need to be conscious in their designing / creating phase of how this will affect different sized avies.

  • Horatia Abonwood

    Another issue: straps on cami tops and sundresses. Likely because extending alpha layers for narrow straps would be next to impossible.

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  • Hi I am so sorry to even ask b/c I’m sure it is redundant. I don’t get on SL much b/c of work but I would like to learn more about mesh, I am a total novice. I had a problem of trying to put my mesh boots on then my mesh hair would come off. This was seriously frustrating. You can send an email if you would rather. I guess my email will go to you w this post.
    Thank you sooo much.

  • Hi Saffron,

    Sometimes that happens because both of the items maybe be attaching at the same attachment point. You should be able to remedy that easily if you are using the latest viewers just by right-clicking on the item and clicking “add” instead of “wear” that option lets you add several items to same attachment points.

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