Photography Contest

Ganymedes Costagravas' Study at Ursa Major

Mr. Ganymedes Costragavas is having a fabulous photography competition that I just couldn’t resist entering and also telling you guys about. You’ll find all of the contest details in this plurk here, but I will give you some of the highlights.

Contest Details: Go to Ganymedes Costagravas’ parcel on the Ursa Major sim and take pictures of his beautiful location.

Contest Ends: April 25th, 2012

1st place – L$4500
2nd place – L$2250
3rd place – L$1125
L$675 to the person who enters the highest variety of pictures

Rules: Read this plurk for all the important rules.

Submitting your entry: Submit your entry by contacting Ganymedes Costragavas inworld.

I’m going to be heading back to the sim soon and try and get some more pics, possibly inside his study. He says he will enable rez on the parcel and allow a 2 hour autoreturn so if you need to setup any lighting or props, you’ll be able to do so.

Hope you get a chance to enter, happy shooting! <3

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6 thoughts on “Photography Contest

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  2. […] are the details as originally shared by Strawberry Singh on her always wonderful […]

  3. hi there…the plurk doesn’t seem to show anything …are the rules anywhere else please?

  4. ah…no worries…just being thick…found it ;o) xx

  5. […] found on Strawberry Singh‘s […]

  6. Ganymedes Costagravas says:

    CONTEST RESULTS can be found here

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