Farewell to @SecondLie

Farewell to SecondLie

I fully admit to stealing the above image from the one and only Botgirl Questi. I stole it because I was inspired by her post and absolutely agree with her sentiments towards Mr. @SecondLie.

I too have had lots of days where I laughed out loud at his hilarious tweets. One of my favs was when he stuffed a meero for Thanksgiving. Then there was the time where he shared some very valuable information about George Clooney that I used to my advantage. So even though at times he made me cry, I loved reading his tweets so much, I eventually ended up proposing to him. Alas he turned me down (the bastard).

Now the day has come where @SecondLie has announced his departure. Twitter will just not be the same without him, but you can help make his curtain call more meaningful and constructive. For every LOVE to this post on his SL Profile, he will donate a penny to Relay For Life. Botgirl announced that she will match his contribution, and encouraged others to do the same. So Chestnut Rau and I have also decided to match his contribution. Please take a moment to give this post your love and let’s see how much we can raise!

Farewell @SecondLie, you will be dearly missed. <3

One thought on “Farewell to @SecondLie

  1. Sad news. I haven’t been on twitter long but his were some of the tweets I really looked forward to reading. His sarcasm always made me smile.

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