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Virtual Asia

Virtual Asia

Virtual Asia is a sim that is owned by Manaf resident. The concept of the sim is a very interesting one because most of the residents of the sim have a home there free of charge and there is so much to do on the sim, aside from shopping. It’s a real community where the residents all know each other. It’s also a fantastic place for city pictures. This is just a quick raw snapshot I took for this post, but I will go back to take more real soon.

I found this sim because I was contacted by Nova2009 Avril to be interviewed for the new Virtual Asia show that is sponsored by the sim. Now that I look back and listen to the interview, I’m rather embarrassed cuz I realize I say “well…ummmmmmmm” way too much. LOL But in any case, it was great fun and I was honored they asked me.

I’m embedding the video below but you can also find it on youtube here:

Thank you once again to Nova and Manaf for a different experience in my SL. It was great fun to meet you guys and hang out for a bit. Also a big thank you to Manaf for showing me around your gorgeous sim, I will be back soon to take more pics!

You can see more pics and videos of Virtual Asia on Koinup:
Also check out more of Nova’s great youtube videos on her channel:

Teleport to Virtual Asia:


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

4 thoughts on “Virtual Asia

  • Great post!i am happy to see this post on your blog ,i know Manaf from a while ,always admired his work ,Virtual New York and now Virtual Asia . i also loved the interwiew ,Nova did a great interwiew and i was really intrested on your answers:)

  • A pleasure to do work with you, Berry. Your “well..umm” had made the chat looked casuals and relax which is good.

    Ruby , the host for the show is Nur resident. Although I had asked her in the last minute to replace me due to my health and it was the first time she hosted a show in SL , she was brave and did a great job.

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