SL™ Gets Even More Social

Second Life Gets Even More Social

I was reading New World Notes earlier and I found out that there is a Second Life® Google+ Page now. I’m not 100% sure if this is entirely official but since Hamlet blogged about it, I’m gonna trust him on it. :P

So I thought I would make a list of all the different social networks that SL has a presence on (that I know of). Not sure if all of these places are official but I do keep an eye on them.

  1. Second Life® Profile:
  2. Linden Lab® Profile:
  3. Facebook:
  4. Google+:
  5. Twitter:
  6. Support Linden on Twitter:
  7. Plurk:
  8. Youtube:
  9. SL’s Official Flickr Group:
  10. Linden Lab on Linkedin:
  11. SL Community Forums:
  12. Pinterest:
  13. Tumblr:

You can also follow me on the social networks I’m active on; listed on my Social Media Page.

Finally, a big thank you to Daniel Voyager for letting us know that today is Rodvik Linden’s first rezday! Let’s all wish him a happy rezday on twitter. Happy Rezday Mr. Rodvik! <3

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3 thoughts on “SL™ Gets Even More Social

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  3. Audry Juliesse says:

    I am in love with your work!!! ty for all the great info and awesome work, you have inspired me :) .

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