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Outside Your Window

Guess where my hand is?

Or as I really wanted to call this post, “This Christmas – Give a Shit!” Hello; I’m the vampire Lord Winter Jefferson. The fabulous Barry Singe is allowing me to take over her blog (again) because… lets face it, she can be pretty slack at times. Can’t style herself either, takes second rate pictures and carries a whiff of curried mangos with her wherever she goes. I’ll admit to being somewhat fond of her, but only very occasionally and after a helluva lot to drink. This post does come out from both of us though, and it comes from some place pretty sincere. In Strawberry’s case it would be her heart but with me I’m not entirely sure as mine stopped beating a good 248 years ago. Self preservation perhaps; I like to maintain my food source in good working order.

This time of year… for most of us, we are so lucky. Sure everyone is doing it a lot harder, I won’t deny. But there’s usually enough to eat, we don’t have to boil our water before drinking it and we are mostly free to live our lives in a safe way. If you have the freedom to be online and read this post then you are doing relatively well. No one begrudges you this and it’s wonderful to see. We’d just like to invite you to take one extra step outside, as Second Lifers have proven themselves to be such a generous community on both local and global levels in this quite frankly crappiest of years.

What we would love is to open up comments to things that you do for others, share and provide inspiration for small acts that can provide cheer where it is least expected – and most needed. As an example, I give my family chickens in a card each year. It’s kind of hard stuffing them in and neither of us seems to enjoy the experience much, but I saw it as an idea on the Oxfam site  and I didn’t really bother reading it closely so I just put my own spin on it… no, really. What happens is you buy the card, and the cost goes towards giving a family in places like Laos a brood of chickens. You can give a friend crabs  (or as I call it “every other Friday night”) and you genuinely can give a shit. I personally recommend sending this one to your boss.

There are lots more ways that can be used to add some extra sparkle. That lonely old widow on the end of your street? Invite him around for some festive nog. That really ugly patch of weeds at the park? Pull an eco ninja and plant some flower seeds there so that everyone gets a Spring surprise. Leave a comment on the blog of someone you do not know. Throw in toll fare for the car behind you. Babysit for your harried friend. Write a letter instead of a text. Compliment a stranger on their style. Pat that strange cat winding its way around your ankles. Create little origami animals and leave them on park benches to delight small children. Reassure Berry that she doesn’t smell like rotten mangos… which means totally lie through your fangs.

I know that we don’t all believe in the same things. It doesn’t matter, beauty is non  denominational. Share with us what you do to make this season special. That’s the first step right there.


Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Plato.


What Berry Is Wearing and She Obviously Took This Picture Too And Was Quite Upset That I Didn’t Let Her Get An Ass Shot Into This Post:
Skin: Glam Affair Linn by Aida Ewing
Hair: Elikatira Early Black by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Boots: Slink Tall Leather Thigh Boots Curvy Red by Siddean Munro
Outfit: B@R Rolled Up Santa Girl Red by June Dion

What Winter Is Wearing:

Lap Warmer: Strawberry Singh by… well presumably Mr and Mrs Singh
Hair: LeLutKa Olja in Arctic by Thora Charron
Antlers: Illusions Florissinae by Siyu Sien
Skin: Tableau Vivant Vincent in January by M4r1lyn Magic
Eyes: Fashism in Pale Silver by Ikon Innovia

Chair + Pose: {.:exposeur:.} Cozy Santa Chair by RubyStarlight Writer


Winter Jefferson

YES I have my own blog at but sometimes I like to be outclassed over here too. It's fun dragging the median quality of Berry's blog down! You may know me as the blogger/model/producer/publicist pale vampire with the white hair, but you more likely know me as "UGH not that guy, I hate that guy."

10 thoughts on “Outside Your Window

  • very nice article. food for thought. i will think of some things i can do. thus far i’ve only worked and really not done anything much else.

    i used to enjoy visiting my old grandparents a lot who were lonely, but they are dead now. i know how much it meant to them and me. perhaps i’ll look into visiting some people who don’t have anyone.

    thanks again for helping me to remember there’s more to life than work.

  • Beautiful article, and the photo isnt to bad either! =)
    I do help throughout the year to the homeless. A sad sight there are more homeless people now, than any previous year I can recall.

    My family are teamsters, and have always extended a hand this time of year. In the past, we hosted a party for a childrens home, complete with Santa’s arrival on a firetruck, siren included! But, with the budget cuts regarding the teamsters, they are lucky they have jobs,and sadly, the parties are now gone. We now give to a few local charities for children privately. I hope someday, peoples jobs are secure enough to afford giving gifts to children we do not know. Just to see there excitement brings me joy. Sad year for so many, I hope next year is better. =)
    Merry Christmas

  • We give flocks of chicks, ducks, geese & honeybees to our sons and grandkids from The Heifer Project every year. We’ve always thought it important to to teach them that giving to those less fortunate is important and a regular part of their life. And we like Heifer’s approach

    All year we support as able, focusing on art & literacy projects in our area.

    But giving isn’t just about $$. My next move will be volunteering time at our local food bank.

  • emorang

    You are both incredibly beautiful people from the inside and out. Blessed be those who have had the honor of calling you friends.

  • Anonymous

    Perfectly put. Had to comment to make sure you knew it.

  • Kaiden

    Very cool blog post. Thank you for the wonderful reminder to continually give of ourselves to others even if it’s something small. 🙂

  • Thanks for reading and listening guys; and more so thanks for those who shared.

    Callie; that’s beautiful. We go and visit my grandmother at the home every other week, she has Alzheimers and is in a ward with 15 other residents. We have to sign her in and out and some months ours is the only signature on the board. It’s really sad, and I think people would welcome a visit from you.

    Laila; there are a lot more homeless this year, yeah. I think things will get better, especially with the Iraq war now being officially over. The countries involved can now turn their focus inwards and help the people. Lets hope it all gets better from here on in!

    Samara; I had not heard of the Heifer Project – thank you! I like how it gives the chance to fund local projects too. And you are right, time is the best donation there is.

    Emorang; its nice to hear from you again. Thank you for your comment, and more so for the thought.

    Anonymous; thanks so much! You made me smile XD

    Kaiden; your comment was very Seussical and that alone made it a win. As I said SLers are so generous, we rally around whenever someone needs help. It was a pleasure to be able to mention this.

  • FloraClayflower

    Wonderful!! A big heart wrapped in a lot of fun.

    This year most of my Xmas presents will go to ‘Charitable Wild Gifts’ Very similar to the Oxfam set-up but run by the Worldwide Society of the Protection of Animals. The money goes toward animals all over the world that are badly mistreated and live in horrendous situations.

    My heart breaks when I see what happens to them. This is the least I can do to try and improve their condition.

  • I have never found a charity like Dayton Donations before. they took my Family to the grocery instead of just handing us a bag of food. They even Fixed our toilet. Thank you

  • Have you ever wondered how you could help those who are less fortunate than you?

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