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I just wanted to write up a quick post about Sleek Radio because I was asked to do a little recording. I am kind of shy about sharing this with everyone but here goes! Please don’t make fun of my dorky voice! :P

Sleek Radio is a very neat new radio station created by Anubis Darkwatch and Betty Page. The grand opening is Friday, September 23rd at 6pm SLT. There will be a huge party at Club Anubis Airwaves. I might stop by for a bit, I hope to catch you there!

Big thank you to Anubis and Betty for mixing this up for me with one of my favorite songs! <3

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8 thoughts on “Sleek Radio

  1. Berry!!! YOU sound Beautiful! You’ve got a sexy lil twist in your voice to. =)

  2. LOL Laila you got me blushing. Thank you! <3

  3. Annabella Donner says:

    “Dorky voice.” Pffft. You sound great, Berry.

  4. awwww thanks Annabella! <3

  5. *Gorgeous* I love your voice Berry:)

    Back in the mists of time I used to broadcast on’s never quite as easy as anyone says it will be and can be really nerve-wracking. But by ‘eck it’s a ton of fun, so I wish everyone involved the very best of luck in the venture!!


  6. Thank you so much Kitty! <3333 /me blushes.

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