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Changes to SL Profiles & Farewell to Kirstens Viewer

Sad Farewell to Kirstens Viewer

I haven’t done a Love Thursday post in a while. I think this is the perfect time for it, my Love Thursday today is definitely Kirstens Viewer! <3 For over a year now I have been a strong supporter of Kirstens Viewer, writing many posts about it in the past. Kirstens has been my go to viewer for all my photography. Almost all of the images you see on my blog and flickr in the past year have been taken with Kirstens. It works the best for me for shadows, depth of field and now mesh. I am extremely sad to hear about its discontinuation. But I do understand and I wish them both well. Thank you so much for all the work you put into the viewer, we all greatly appreciate it! <3 I do however hope that someone sets out to create a viewer that is specifically designed for photography as Kirstens was. I will hold on to the last release for as long as I can until I feel I must update. I am so happy I have the latest version S21 build 9 (which supports mesh) downloaded and it works well as I don't see it available for download anywhere now, not even on the Kirstens download page or on this page. Am I missing it?

SL Profile Changes

Since my last post about the SL profiles, there’s been a few changes to them, which I thought I’d talk about. Since yesterday these have been the changes that were implemented:

Follow or Friend: If you go to my SL profile and if you are not on my friend list, you should see a follow or friend button now. This means you are able to follow anyone’s feed that you like, without the need to friend them. As I mentioned in my post before, I don’t mind if you guys wish to friend me at all, in fact I welcome it. But I do understand that some people prefer to keep their friend list inworld small. So now we have the option to just follow those we may be feeling too shy about friending. Yesterday I went on a major follow spree and followed some of my favorite Lindens, bloggers and content creators. Kind of feel like a stalker now, but I think it’s all good! 😛

More Privacy Options: This is the part that I love the most! If you go into “settings” and then the “privacy” tab you will see two options for your feed now. First option is the setting for “who can see your profile feed and your posts” there are four different settings for that. I know a lot of people had concerns about having the feed and have completely turned it off by setting it to nobody. However, I think it can be a very useful feature for content creators. If you set it to everyone, every time you do a release you can announce it on your feed just by adding a few words about it and then linking to your blog post or flickr. It’s a great way to let your customers (that may look up your profile for various reasons) know that you have released new items.

The other option for the feed is down at the bottom and this is the important one. You may or may not want to give the ability to people to write on your feed. You can completely turn it off and turn your profile feed into your own personal announcement feed. I think it’s a brilliant idea for content creators who may not want their customers leaving all sorts of comments on their profiles, but could easily still use their feed the way they see fit.

So far I am loving these changes and look forward to seeing more great developments in the SL profiles. Right now I use my feed mainly to announce blog posts but I do occasionally read my friend’s feeds and input my thoughts here and there. I look forward to seeing more and more people using the profiles and interacting more on there. Remember, feel free to friend or follow me if you like!

Can you please vote for me?
Can you please vote for me?

Finally I just wanted to end this post off with a big thank you those that have been voting for me for the contest on a daily basis. Also a big thank you to Linden Lab for tweeting my contest post. I believe I am in the top 5% now with 524 votes. The contest runs till September 20th and you can vote once a day. I would love it if you can take some time today to just hit that vote button for me. Thank you! <3


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

14 thoughts on “Changes to SL Profiles & Farewell to Kirstens Viewer

  • Some people were asking me where they can download the latest S21 Build 9 and luckily I always save the installation files so I’ve uploaded it here for those of you that might be interested in trying out Kirstens latest that supports mesh:

  • I never thought that Kristen was going to end one day, I think anyone … is a shame because it’s best viewer for photographers.

  • We LOVE you Strawberry you are such a sweetheart and an amazing blogger you can stalk me anytime cuz I will stalk you for sure lol !

  • Hi Berry;

    I tried to use Kirstens since I am on Mac, and it support mesh and shadow, however, not sure why the inventory of mine when i logged on wasn’t updated. I tried to find support from Kirstens support, but no luck, I know you don’t do tech support, but you are so knowledgeable, can you help me ???

  • Priscila I absolutely agree with you, it was my fav viewer for photography.

    Thank you Melina! LOL

    Renee, as far as I know, Kirstens never released a Mac version of the viewer that was mesh compatible, but I could be wrong. Since I don’t have a Mac, I’m not able to assist you at all because I never had this issue. But I will ask a few friends and if I get any info I’ll let you know!

  • ChelseaLuce

    I’m very sad too hear that Kirsten’s Viewer is no longer to be updated for the time being. Though i cannot personally use shadows within SL because my pc is too old too handle them very well lol i was very much looking forward to being able once i get myself a new graphics card.

    Oh and i voted for you aswell, i sincerely hope you win the contest as you would be in my personal opinion be a wonderful asset and face for the about me section.

  • Tess Allegrant

    Here is a link offered by the members of the team coming together to keep it going (until they can get a hold of KL and see what’s to be done about the website and such).

  • Elarys

    Does Kirstens S21 still work at all?

    I’ve tried it, but I can only get the official client to work. The S21 Build 9 fails to login at all 🙁

    I was hoping to see what it was like as a viewer.

  • Tess Allegrant

    Yes, it does work. For help with the viewer, please join “The Official Kirstens Viewer Group!”. Other users can help you figure out what’s going wrong.

  • Me and this article, siitntg in a tree, L-E-A-R-N-I-N-G!

  • Karma Avedon

    I too was very sad to see the end of development for Kirstins Viewer. It is such an amazing viewer, I plan to hold onto my last verision for as long as I can!
    As a memeber of the viewer’s forum, i can perhaps share the development has ended mainly because the designer must commit their full time to RL work as their RL partner is very ill and in need of a lot of medical care.

    A movement is underway to raise funds to contribute to the designer, allowing them to devote their time once again to viewer development. Among the ideas considered are: simply asking every user of the viewer to donate $6 US. also the idea was floated about to selel ad space in the log in screen of the viewer. Normally either of these ideas would have me rolling my eyes, but for this viewer either would be more than a bargain. Let me stress, these ideas were created by users and proposed to the designer who in NO WAY sought or has requested such help.

    more info here:

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  • Alex Clark

    Thanks for sharing more info!

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