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Social Media Display

Social Network Display:

This Social Network Display is something I wish every content creator would have in their store. I’ve already seen products similar to this in other stores and I’ve clicked on the buttons to follow my favorite designers on their various social media networks. This particular Social Network Display is available on the marketplace for only L$149.

I set this up for Zaara Kohime at the {Zaara} mainstore and it literally only took me a few minutes. The instructions are easy to follow and setup is pretty straight forward. I’ve placed it at the entrance of the {Zaara} store, you can come check it out if you’d like to see how it works inworld and of course click the buttons and follow Zaara on all the networks! 😀

One thing to keep in mind though, Second Life has a five second delay inworld when you click any websites. So it’s best to click one button at a time and then wait five seconds before clicking the next. This way you won’t get any lag.

My Favorite Android Apps:

I got my android phone over a month ago and I’m kind of totally addicted to it. I’ve even started using my phone for SL related things which I never did before. So I thought I would share my top 5 free apps that I use on my phone specifically for my SL stuff.

  1. Plurka – Love this and use it to check plurk all the time.
  2. Twicca – I tried so many different apps for Twitter from Seesmic to Tweetdeck and this one was by far my fav!
  3. FocusInspire – After searching so long for a good app for flickr, I found this one the best so far. It looks like there are more features that will be added to it very soon, so I am anxiously waiting for that!
  4. Google Reader – I can’t remember the last time I read a SL Fashion Feed. I’ve just added my fav bloggers to my google reader and now with this app I can read their blog posts anytime I want!
  5. Mobile Grid Client – I’ve just recently tried this out and logged into it with my alt and it worked great! You can do so much with this: local chat, IM, group chat, people search, mini map, the ability to teleport, inventory support and more. To my understanding it’s not completely free for android users, there is a monthly fee which I am not aware how much. But when you first logon, you get two weeks free to try it out!

I also use Gmail, Google+ and WordPress for more of my SL needs. I guess I will also admit that I am addicted to Words with Friends and have gotten my butt kicked many times already. If you’d like to kick my butt as well, play me —> strawberrysingh

So now will you please satiate my android addiction further and share yours…what are your favorite android apps?


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

8 thoughts on “Social Media & Android Apps!

  • MGC is L$250 a month for the standard license and $450/month or $4500/year for premium after the trial. I like it for when I’m waiting for someone and don’t want to sit at the pc or when sl locks up hard and takes a while cleaning cache.

    My fav android apps are amazon kindle, plume for twitter, winamp, tumblr, and of course, words for friends.

  • We’ve got these buttons at our 1920s Berlin sim!
    As a sim we are very up to date with social media… but in RL I don’t even have a tv or mobile phone!

  • I also wish folks would display their social media links. I use the Social Network Display because I like the way it looks. However, it’s limited to 6 buttons per board of the 9 icons/descriptions. So, for example, a LinkedIn button will need to appear as either a blog or your personal website.

    So, I use two boards kindof sewn together – the Social Network Display and, at it’s base, the MarketLink from MechanizedLife – L$1 at

    MarketLink allows me to supply my own icons so I use it to extend the SND with connections they do not yet support.

  • shirbit

    Apart from all the ones you mentioned above,
    Evernote, Chrome to Phone, Tetris, Winamp, Whatsapp, Astro file manager..

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