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Ozimals Pufflings

Ozimals Pufflings

Something exciting is coming to Ozimals…very soon. Meet the adorable Pufflings!

The Pufflings were created by Glinda the good witch for Princess Ozma (the ruler of Oz) for her birthday celebration! They live in the Palace at Emerald City on Magic of Oz.

Every year on Ozma’s birthday there is a public holiday in Oz and the people hold celebrations. Ozma’s friends always plan special surprises for her birthday, and because magic is common in Oz, these surprises are spectacular! This year’s biggest surprise was when Glinda the good witch waved her magic wand and turned all of the cream puffs into these adorable little Pufflings.

If you have had the Ozimal bunnies, the Pufflings will be familiar but with several added tweaks and intuitive evolutions to the way Ozimals-style breeding works. They are fantasy based, and they are going to be very interactive with personalities.

On Sunday, August 28th at 2pm SLT there will be a preview of the Pufflings. So save this slurl and be the first to see them in action! (Rescheduled because of Hurricane)

*Pufflings by Ozimals (Coming soon – Watch the blog for upcoming details)
*Skin: CheerNo Femme Emilia by Kira Ahn
*Hair: >TRUTH< Ricci – strawberry by Truth Hawks
Dress: Purple Moon Edelweiss in Red by Poulet Koenkamp
*Pose: oOo Studio by Olaenka Chesnokov
*Promotional copies


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

2 thoughts on “Ozimals Pufflings

  • I’d want just for the cuteness but I really couldn’t get my head around the bunnies 🙁

  • Gloo

    You DO realize these little cute things eat, right? That means, expense for the end user, profit only for the maker. The animal of 5K today is the one people are begging for you to buy from them for 5 lindens tomorrow. Whoever invented breeders is a genius of pyramid scam and whoever buys them, a total idiot.

    In time: I used to work for them. Decided to invest my skills on something better than sucking dummies dry. Yes, the merciful ones still exist.

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