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I am Woman – and naked (again)


A few days ago I logged into another wonderful “strawberry” present from Mr. Winter Jefferson. I’m totally adding this post to my Berrylicious category. I love it when he spoils me. 😀 I think he does it because he’s afraid of me. He’s scared because he doesn’t know exactly how I’ll get him back for all the times that he tortures me. So all these presents that he sends me are all his way to butter me up so I won’t take my epic revenge (that I’ve already starting planning btw so WATCH OUT). But for now, thank you Mr. Jefferson, I hate you more then ever. <333

There’s only one more day for you to grab all of the gorgeous locks at Hair Fair. My hair is from Sugar Smack, which is a new store that has made its debut at the fair. Sugar Smack has a small selection of adorable styles at the moment but the creator, Accountant Adzebills, has lots more in store for the future. The store officially opens after Hair Fair.

My skin is Amelie, the latest from Glam Affair. Recently someone asked me how I processed the skin in one of my images and I told them that I really didn’t need to process that much at all because Glam Affair skins are like butter. They are just incredibly smooth and sexy. Pick up a demo of Amelie at the Glam Affair mainstore and try it on for yourself.

*Skin: Glam Affair Amelie Light by Aida Ewing
*Hair: !Sugar Smack: Bunni/French Vanilla by Accountant Adzebills (Currently at Hair Fair)
Hair Wreath: .:Marigold:. Strawberry Hair Wreath by Margaret Milner (ily Mr. Jefferson <3)
*Necklaces: LaGyo_Kenya multi-strand necklaces by Gyorgyna Larnia
*Palm: LaGyo_Hand palms by Gyorgyna Larnia
*Poses: Long Awkward Pose by Dove Swanson
*Promotional copies


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

8 thoughts on “I am Woman – and naked (again)

  • Jenica Landar

    You are beautiful and an inspiration. And now I need strawberries! ♥

  • Lovely and deliciouse! I love strawberries and have even managed to grow some indoors one year when we were stuck in a small apartment. Wish I’d have seen your blog earlier but now that I have seen it I will be back *^^*.

  • Jenica, as are you. <3 Thank you.

    Amethyst, welcome and hope to see you back here again soon. 😀

  • Excellent post, awesome pics 🙂

  • Just so you know, I licked every single one of those strawberries first. And you KNOW the places my mouth has been.

    Revenge, pfffft. BRING IT.

    P.S. nice nips. I mean… pics. Nice pics.

  • Impressive pictures, left me speechless… not an easy fit

  • Thank you guys. <3

    Mr. Jefferson, now I'm going to have to sterilize it. (doh)

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