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Happy Social Media Day!

In honor of Social Media Day I thought I would blog about two new social networks I just joined yesterday –> Google+ and AvMatch.


Google+ is google’s new social network that is predicted to leave facebook behind in the dust. I think this will be a great alternative for Second Lifers who have been kicked off facebook (read my blog post about that). Currently Google+ is invite only. I got an invite because of some of my empire avenue friends. I sent out a bunch of invites to SLers on my plurk timeline last night, however now I am out of invites. If you are on Google+, feel free to add me, this is my profile – – I am wondering if Google is going to give us a way to personalize that url? Is there already a way to do that? Let me know if I am missing it!

Learn more about Google+ on the following websites:
Google Plus
Engadget – Google launches all out social networking assault with Google+ (video)
PCMag – 6 Things Google+ Can Do That Facebook Can’t

Here’s a few ways you can import your facebook contacts into Google+:
Girlfriend Social – Through Yahoo using csv file
Chrome Extension – Facebook Friend Exporter

Please note I have not tried the above two methods and I’m not sure what Facebook’s reaction will be regarding taking that information from their site but I just thought I would share the options in case any of you wanted to know how to do that.


The other social network I joined recently is AvMatch. AvMatch is actually not a social network, but more a dating site. I figured since I’ve been SL single for a bit now, it would be fun to see what the dating scene is like in SL these days. To be honest, this is more of an experiment for me. I am not looking for a relationship or to actually date someone in SL, but I’m looking more for funny content to blog about. I thought it would be amusing to chronicle my SL dating adventures on my blog some times.

Before y’all start yelling at me that I am toying with the site and not using it for what its real purpose is, please note that I have clearly stated on my AvMatch profile that I will be using it for these purposes and it’s up to the person contacting me to take that risk. I think it should be an interesting social experiment and might even result in some hilarious blog posts. Or maybe I won’t get any responses or dates LOL, we will see!

I’m not going to give my AvMatch profile address, but it’s really not that hard to find me on there! 😀 Y’all should sign up for AvMatch too and join the fun.

AvMatch was created by Mason Kingsford, who also created 2ndHub – a facebook-like social network that is JUST for SecondLifers. Add me on 2ndHub if you’re on! I try and login there to bother everyone whenever I remember to!

My 2ndHub Profile –
My Google+ Profile –
My Social Media Connections Page –

Happy Social Media Day!


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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