Male Fashion – Lulu Jameson

Male Fashion - Lulu Jameson

So I tricked another innocent guy to pose for my male fashion posts. :D

Ok fine! I admit that Lulu has been asking me to take his picture for about 6 months now but I was too scared to because HELLO! He is THE LULU JAMESON! I was totally too intimated but then I thought of this evil plan to ask him to be on my blog so I can make fun of him. But I was nice and told him ahead of time about my plan and then he threatened me. YES PEOPLE!! LULU JAMESON THREATENED ME! He is doing a picture of me in return and said he would wait to process it and if I said anything mean he would draw mustaches on me. :(

Male Fashion - Lulu Jameson

So you know what that means right? Yup, I’m gonna go ALL OUT! Let’s start with how I actually met Lulu. OH YES! When the talented Miss Gabrielle Sinatra took my picture back in 2008 Lulu was ALL OVER IT flirting with me. But I promised that I wouldn’t link to that picture and embarrass him further. However, I didn’t promise that I wouldn’t link to this picture on my stream. muahaha :D That’s the first picture Mr. Lulu Jameson ever did of me. He was so sweet and shy when I met him that day, it was totally adorable! LOL Then of course, a few months later I ran into him at LE.LOOK! when he was all neko’d out. Look, I have the pic to prove it! :D

So now that I have blogged all of this, I am sure you will be seeing a picture of me soon covered in mustaches, but that’s ok because it was totally worth it! :P

Honestly though, Lulu’s work is incredibly inspiring and he is one of the most sweetest, humble, caring and talented people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is one of the photographers I look up to and strive to be like.

Lulu and his beautiful partner Fauve Beaumont are a force to be reckoned with. Not only are they amazing fashion bloggers and photographers but they are both talented content creators. Check out all their links below!

Lulu Jameson’s flickr:
Fauve Beaumont’s flickr:
Fauve and Lulu’s flickr:
Fauve and Lulu’s blog:

Thank you so much Lulu for posing for me. Both you and Fauve have been absolutely amazing to me and have spoiled me rotten! I love you guys! <3 What Mr. Jameson is wearing:
Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Vincent
Piercing : [ < ] kOwP [ > ] – Obstacle Cross
Necklace : sey – edokin
Facial Hair : Trailerstar – Mutton chops dark
Top : NINIKO – front-tie Shirts
Pants : NINIKO – Crease-crease Pants1
Gloves : SiniStyle Taped Fist & Black Nails
Hair: 3636

8 thoughts on “Male Fashion – Lulu Jameson

  1. Very nice styling!

  2. great look and photo…wowww love it!<3

  3. PhotographysBitch says:

    May I be so bold as to ask where lovely Lulu got his hair from? It really helps the picture to pop.

    Love your work Berry,


  4. Lulu forgot to give me his hair credits, sorry. I have left him an email but I think he’s not around till tomorrow.

    However, these pictures were invited into a flickr group for a store that makes hair so I am assuming that the hair is from 3636. This is the flickr group:

    I hope that helps!

  5. I just love to read your blogs post ,i think you are the only one that makes me read all what you are writing and i can tell you ,you are really good at it .at first i just loved your stunning photos and admired them .. but i enjoy and laugh everytime i read a post of you:)amazing pictures and i loved the article

  6. Jodeci Keng says:

    Just curious where is a good shape to wear with ~Tableau Vivant~ skins?

  7. Hi Jodeci, you can try shapes from Le Forme, they have shapes designed for TV skins. You can check out Bouncer’s blog post where he’s wearing one of their shapes:

  8. Jodeci Keng says:

    Thank you so much Strawberry for your help!

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