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“Beauty’s sister is vanity, and its daughter lust.”

For my bare series.

*Skin: Glam Affair Layla by Aida Ewing
*Hair: Truth Kalia by Truth Hawks
*Jewels: Zaara Nizam by Zaara Kohime (Annual sale – 50% off everything)
*Pose + Props: oOo Studio Red Light Special Vignette by Olaenka Chesnokov
*Promotional copies


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

13 thoughts on “Lust

  • ebediyet

    I absolutely love this one!!!

  • Really do think this picture should not be on the feed.
    Some of the feeds like style academy are pg and I really don’t need to be consistently seeing your eyes closed ass pics its getting boring, and predictable
    you used to be sweet but now sl for you it seams has got a bit unhealthy.
    im not an anon if you want to email me i would reply but i don’t need a lynch mob

  • Ebediyet, Elu and Alexandra, thank you. <3

    Really, I have your email address but I don't need to email you. Even though with most skin posts on the other blogs you can see a lot more than what you are seeing here, you can still contact the feed owners and ask them to remove me, I don't mind.

  • Very graceful reply, Berry. (: It’s funny, I was -just- thinking how much I really appreciate your modesty while still being fashionable and artistic. I mean, only two rearend pics in the first, oh, ten pages, and no bits shown that I can remember.
    And, gorgeous post, amongst many gorgeous posts! I really enjoy your fashion blog. <3 I was just wondering if I should go buy more from Zaara before the sale ends (I already spent way to much already, heh) and this post just made my mind up on that!

  • Thank you Lore. I didn’t really know what else to say since I’ve always done this kind of artistic nude photography since the very start of my blogging. I wasn’t sure what she meant by my sl has gotten unhealthy? LOL But I can understand that not everyone will appreciate what others do.

    Thank you for the kind comment, you made my day. And you should totally try and go back to the Zaara sale before it ends, shopping fun should never end! LOL

    Thanks again <3

  • Dear Really.

    Berry also blogged a cactus recently. I recommend using that as a prop in your own Second Life. Sideways, and without lube.

    Always remember, the scroll button is your friend.


  • Candy Cerveau

    I think this is a stunning photo and her work of this type as always, is incredibly compelling and erotic, yet tasteful. Berry has a unique ability to communicate through her images and the fact that she does so on a wide variety of topics (including her artistic nudes) is something to be celebrated. Excellent work, Berry! <3

  • I just about died when I saw your post on the Zaara sale. I had just bought both of the Nizram sets for a role play with my rp partner. But it was L well spent. Beautiful picture too!

  • Amazing post! Love the picture very much and I think nudity is more then acceptable when you are doing an artistic photo! A beautiful body of a woman is an Art itself and your picture is a fine example of a true masterpiece! Love your work! Please continue being so creative!

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